!! OMG, too dumb for TV: Ann Coulter !!

Or for USA Today, which is funnier anyway. Ann Coulter, my favorite horse-faced McCarthyist, was fired yesterday by USA Today as official conservative columnist for the Democratic National Convention before even one of her columns was published! ann_coulter (21k image)Want to know why? Read the column along with comments from USA Today‘s editors here.
As an aside, in vague reference to Ann Coulter aligning herself with the “pretty girls,” I just returned from Pensacola, Florida, where I spent the weekend for my cousin’s Southern Baptist wedding, and during my visit I was confronted with vast evidence supporting something I’ve always suspected: Conservative Christian girls all look like uglier versions of Jenna Jameson, slight differences being that Christians wear more makeup, their roots show a bit more, and they wear less expensive clothes. Compare and contrast.

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