!! Uh oh, Karl !!

Last week Valerie Plame, the wife of former ambassador Joseph Wilson (remember, the guy who made it known to the world that Bush lied about Saddam Hussein seeking uranium from Africa), was outed as an undercover CIA agent as an act of revenge by the Bush Administration. Conservative columnist Robert Novak revealed her identity (and is now trying to gloss it over) in his column and claimed the information came from two senior White House officials. Karl Rove, Bush’s senior political advisor, is suspected of being involved in the scandal, and he is currently being investigated by his good buddy John Ashcroft, for whom he used to work in 1997. Sound fishy? The worst part about all of this is that Valerie Plame’s CIA operation was about tracking WMD and preventing them from getting into terrorist hands. Was it really worth it to Karl Rove to simultaneously jeopardize the lives of Plame and her colleagues and risk national security all to get back at Joseph Wilson for proving Bush a liar? Apparently the answer is yes, and he will get away with it unless we make a united demand for an independent investigation. John Ashcroft’s conflict of interest prevents him from being impartial in his inquiry.
There are two online action campaigns demanding an independent investigation of the White House. Take part in them at MoveOn.org and People For the American Way.
Another tidbit: Rush Limbaugh resigned Wednesday as ESPN’s newest sports commentator after talking about how the media was celebrating quarterback Donovan McNabb only because he was black. Besides quelling the outrage of thousands of people, his departure also means we don’t have to look at his fat face anymore on TV (not that I really watch football, but whatever).

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  1. It is amazing that this is what gets all the headlines, after reports that Bush and Cheney had pressured the CIA to tailor the intelligence to their objectives got little attention. Oh well. Whatever sticks, I guess, so long as it exposes the liars in this administration.

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