!! Undressing the Canadian candidates !!

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With the Canadian federal election coming up on Monday, isn’t time to figure out once and for all which party leader rubs you the right way? Take Kevin’s innovative quiz at Dose to find out whether Jack Layton’s moustache gets your fire going more than Stephen Harper’s tiny lips.
Sometimes off-color, and always to the point, here is a sample question:
7. You’re away at summer camp and your best friend wants to fool around, you:
A. Tell him you are saving yourself for ‘marriage’ – the definition of which is the ‘lawful union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others.’
B. F*ck the shit out of him and take all his money.
C. F*ck the shit out of him and then blather on about the so-called ‘NDP budget’ afterward.
D. Re-affirm your sovereignty and then masturbate.
I ended up being obsessed with Jack Layton. As I’ve said before, he is kind of sexy.

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