!! Very special insights !!

can be gained from this, which is the ONLY quiz that I will ever post, because in general I do not condone the posting of quizzes and/or quiz results on blogs because they are generally stupid and a cheap cop-out instead of posting actual blog entries. HOWEVER, this “which member of the Babysitters Club are you?” quiz was created by Bennett and happens to be the best/funniest/most clever quiz on the Internet. So, for your enjoyment, here it is. And in case you were very curious, I am Stacey McGill.

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1 Comment on "Very special insights"

  1. omg! this quiz rules the school.
    also, why is your blog always the most amazing blog?
    i am off to amazon.com right now to buy you the anniversary edition dvd of dirty dancing.
    in spirit, of course.
    keep on blogging…

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