!! Veterans Day is !!

a very special holiday, especially when you work at a bank and you don’t have to go to work!! I had plans to wake up early and get all these things done, like my laundry and getting my guitar fixed, but it’s now 3:30 in the afternoon and I am still in my underwear and very hungry because I am too lazy to make breakfast.
I could tell you all about my exciting activities last night, but really all I did was play Civilization III for about nine hours straight, hoping to win for the first time on Monarch level, which I think I will if I can devote a couple more bleary-eyed nights to the effort. It’s so fun, you really should buy it.
I did catch the end of the latest episode of Joe Millionaire, which by the way, is so much better than the first one A. because the guy is actually cute and B. because all the ladies are foreign! Any show is much more entertaining when there are funny accents and customs to be mocked. Also the European ladies are much bigger sluts than the American ones, especially Olinda from Sweden, who got the boot last night. I’ll bet she uses Louis Vuitton condoms.
My favorite to win was Cat, from Germany, because she is very mysterious but also totally easy, but then last night they announced that next week sexy David will get to bring back his favorite lady from the past, who is obviously Linda from the Czech Republic. She is the poor girl whom he taught how to ride a horse. It was very romantic, just like a storybook, until all the other girls were mean to her and she broke down emotionally and asked to leave. Claws will definitely come out if she shows up next week, and maybe David will take off his shirt again! Time will only tell.

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