!! Video games are a means !!

to cross cultural boundaries and resolve difference. This recent article in Salon says so, and I know that it’s a little annoying when I make blog postings about Salon articles, but this one touched me, as someone who plays and loves videogames and also as someone who believes in world peace and other such lofty ideals. The article is also about blogs as a means for social change and positive real-life consequences, which I think we will see them become much more in the next few years, as our media outlets complete their slow transformation into government mouthpieces.
On a personal note, I’ve been feeling alternately frustrated and starry-eyed, angry and optimistic for the past few weeks. I think it has something to do with the New Year, maybe with the Lunar New Year that I celebrated last night with my friend Van at the Excellent Dumpling House in Chinatown. We had these little dumplings in a basket… yum yum. Anyway, turmoil has inserted itself into my daily routine. It’s a sweet turmoil, the kind that makes things interesting and sometimes inspires you and sometimes prevents you from functioning at all, but always makes you sigh. I think right now is the time to make something, to be present in the world, and to not care about my dumb job any more than is necessary to get a raise in March. Oh yes, and it’s the time to dance (dance dance). Sigh.

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