!! Virgin love !!

tomcruise (14k image)Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are still going out. It’s been almost a month and the word on the street is that she is still a virgin (and will remain one until marriage!). Poor Tom must have to satisfy himself in other ways, unless he is approaching male menopause. I would never say that he’s gay, because I don’t want to be sued or kidnapped, but it does make you wonder what they enjoy doing together aside from shopping. For the record, even if Tom Cruise were gay, Scientology can cure homosexuality, like it allegedly did with John Travolta.
On another note, is young Tom wearing underwear in this picture? Do you think he’s over 18? Is this porn? I don’t know, but I like it.

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  1. OMG, how dreamy: Barack Obama at 18

    (Image Source via Feyfriends) Continuing my tradition of posting high school year photos of attractive men in the spotlight (see George Clooney, Wentworth Miller, Tom Cruise), I present to you “Barry” Obama, who evidently enjoyed polyester, basketball…

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