because it’s SUPER TUESDAY! It sounds exciting, but I’m not really excited to vote myself. Still, it’s important, just because every vote against John Kerry is a vote against special interests, the New Democratic Establishment, annoying rich people who feel entitled to hold higher office, etc.
Since it’s boring to read about someone’s indecision, I’ll tell you that I’m voting for John Edwards, not because I like him, believe him, or really care about him at all one way or another, but because I think John Kerry is dangerous. It’s a depressing decision not to vote for Howard Dean after spending hours and dollars to help him win the nomination, but aside from the fact that I see a vote for Howard Dean as a wasted vote, I am also just kind of annoyed with all the “vote for Howard” people, who are basically the same people I was annoyed with during the Dean campaign who refused to see his flaws as a candidate and who are now hanging on and insist on kicking the dead horse.
Anyway, go vote today; it’s very important. If you don’t know where your poll location is, call this number: 1-212-VOTENYC and Press 0.
In other news, yesterday I signed the lease for my new apartment in the Village! I’m moving in two weeks and everything is going to be different.

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2 Comments on "VOTE TODAY"

  1. Totally respectable… I almost did that too at the last minute after some Kerry supporter said something assy to me when I refused his flier outside the polls. Long live democracy.

  2. I voted for Dennis Kucinich. He may have lost dramatically, but he was the only Democrat who actually says out loud that he thinks gay people should be allowed to marry each other and who doesn’t sound like spoiled rich Republican Lite. It was a symbolic vote, anyway.

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