!! Waiting For Guffman: The Missing Monologue !!

poseyguffman (12k image)Were any of you disappointed with how small Parker Posey’s role was in Waiting For Guffman? I enjoyed her performance of “Teacher’s Pet” and of course the impeccable delivery of her few lines, but there was an entire monologue, written by Ms. Posey herself (and faxed to Christopher Guest the night before filming) that was cut for time reasons. Apparently it is in the “deleted scenes” section of the new Guffman DVD, which I guess I will have to buy now! You can read the transcript here. (via Naked City Boys)

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3 Comments on "Waiting For Guffman: The Missing Monologue"

  1. Who’s On Top and Who’s On Bottom NOW!?
    btw, the dvd with the scene’s been out for about five years… But Not that it’s not amazing.

  2. and to think, she ended up "back at the dq" after that brilliant monologue. broadway is shedding a tear.

  3. I was disappointed…dito for A Mighty Wind.

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