!! War might only last two hours !!

once this exciting new Pentagon program is complete. After all, if everyone is riding a Segway(TM) Human Transporter, the batteries will run out in that amount of time and the fighting will either have to end or the soldiers will have to engage in the far less convenient method of fighting on their feet, which is so pre-2001.
An even more exciting idea is that of robots powered by Segway technology. If these are developed, then all fighting will slowly grind to a halt after two hours and humans will have to carry the drained machines off the battlefield. It will be like going back to the Revolutionary War days when steadfast men scewered themselves on enemy bayonets and their comrades fetched the bodies. It will be about rules of engagement, a limited window, and victory being decided by a body (broken Segway) count. However, before these Segway-powered battle robots can really take off, developers are going to have to overcome the whole “pushing it over onto its side” tactic that may be employed by clever wartime opponents. I, for one, have faith in the power of science and in the genius from which the Segway HT was originally spawned, and will sit back and continue to be amazed.

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