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Over the weekend !! omg blog !! migrated to Movable Type and its own domain! I would like the inaugural post to express my outrage at Dolly Parton not winning the Oscar for Best Song last night. Granted, it wasn’t the best song she’s ever written, but really. The song that won was really bad. It was a REALLY bad rap song. But it was a rap song, and I guess that was enough for the Academy.
Maybe Dolly is a little too weird for everyone’s taste, and that was the subject of her song anyway, but a greater talent you will not find. At the tender age of 59, I’m sure Dolly has some more songs for the big screen up her sleeve, so perhaps we’ll see her again; or rather the rest of you will, because I’m never watching the Oscars again after Crash won Best Picture. But that’s the subject of another post.
Image courtesy of Oscars.com

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