!! What a red-blooded woman !!

kylieminogueconcert (70k image)
I have long maintained that Kylie Minogue is the last remaining hope for contemporary pop music, and for that reason alone I’ve fantasized about attending one of her very expensive concerts. It didn’t occur to me that the shows would also have the most outrageous choreography and costumes imaginable. Bent Blog provided this collection of photos to illustrate the hotness of one of her fag dancers, and while he is very flexible and chiseled, I am more fascinated by the spectacle of the show itself. So Grecian, so sci-fi, and so gymnastic! Please join me again in wishing Kylie the best for her long road ahead, and let’s hope it isn’t too long, because I want to see one of these shows before she retires. And for the record, she did not paint her hospital room pink!

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2 Comments on "What a red-blooded woman"

  1. I love how incredibly GHEY she is. Definately a gay man trapped in a woman’s body. Who else would have a dancer in those shorts bending over them?

  2. I would never watch Kylie on stage with that stud behind her and half naked.

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