!! What a wacky Thanksgiving !!

was passed at the Cohen’s mansion last night on The OC. Yes, wacky is definitely the word and I generally don’t approve of wackiness in a primetime drama series, especially if it involves Jason Priestley or Thomas Calabro, but even more so if it involves Peter Gallagher. As I said last week, we’ve been getting a little too much Sandy and Kirsten cutesy/sexy time and not enough Seth Cohen naked, even though last night delivered slightly on that front.
Seth made out with two girls as I mentioned he would last week, and it was exciting to see him running back and forth between

Summer, whom he had sequestered in the pool house, and Anna, whom he had distracted in his bedroom playing with his toy horse, Mr. Oats, and in general being weird. I decided last night that Anna’s intelligent/quirky act is starting to wear thin because she just talks TOO WEIRD. Also, as Margaret pointed out, who comes over to someone’s house for Thanksgiving and immediately goes into their refrigerator and starts cooking some old family recipe involving marshmallows? Whatever.
Anyway, at one point, Summer unbuttoned Seth’s shirt and we got to see a little bare naked chest, but only for a second. I thought for the first part of the episode that Seth might lose his virginity sometime soon, but by the end it seemed less likely after the girls found out about each other (duh) and stormed out. I suspect some more action next week though, because Seth is obviously overshadowing Ryan and will soon become the star of the show.
And now the one sentence wrap-up: Julie Cooper and her boyfriend, who is also Kirsten’s dad, came over looking for Marissa, who had gone with Ryan to deliver a stolen car for his brother who is in prison, causing a big commotion during which the turkey burns up and everyone is forced to eat Chinese food and make uneasy reconciliations. Aw, how sweet. All in all a great episode because of all the Seth time, despite the cheesy parts, the highlight of which was Rachel (Sandy’s coworker who keeps coming onto him) and Jimmy (Marissa’s Dad) watching a football game together and “not flirting” with each other as they cheered for rival teams. I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing Tate Donovan naked if I can just pretend he’s younger the whole time. Have you seen Love Potion #9? Totally hot.
Make sure to watch next week’s episode, which is all about secrets, and if you missed last night you can catch the encore showing tonight at 9pm EST on Fox.

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  1. May I just add the fact that the Ryan potion of the plot was completely pointless and stupid as usual. I was talking to my co-workers (one of whom actually fell asleep during the boring Ryan portion of the show) about the fact that the subplot with Ryan’s ex-girlfriend had a ton of untapped potential. This girl could have added some real conflict. Instead he seems to not care about her at all. I guess he’s all set to move on and become a total rich asshole just like Marissa’s mom. I swear to god he is the lamest character. If they’d found someone like Luke Perry to play the role he’d be more compelling and somewhat sexy and a lot less like a frightened rabbit. What teenage girl doesn’t love forehead wrinkles?

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