!! What are they talking about? !!

This week the Federal Antigay Hate Amendment is being discussed in the Senate, so it’s a good time to call your senators and tell them what a bogus piece of crap it is. Also, it’s a good time to reaffirm what’s good and what’s bad, since we live in a society of moral black and whites. Writing discrimination into the US Constitution is definitely bad, while ass f*cking is totally good. That’s why I’ve put this solidarity banner on my blog.
assweek_1 (19k image)
In other gay news, New Jersey’s domestic partnership law went into effect yesterday, making it the fifth state to give some rights to gays statewide. Woo!
Right now: I got an e-mail from Moveon.org about an emergency petition to Senate members urging them to vote against the Federal Antigay Hate Amendment. They are voting on it this Wednesday. Make two clicks that could make a big difference.

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