!! When I first started !!

watching “The OC,” I thought it was a sort of fascinating disaster. Having seen my third episode tonight, I find myself becoming more invested in at least a couple of the characters, to the point where I get kind of excited and giggle when they experience their amorous near misses or I hold my breath with shocked anticipation when the bad, poor kid brings a gun to the fancy beach party. What nerve he has! Maybe he should just put on his apron and go back to the crab shack where he belongs!
I do know that I like Seth, the rich kid that keeps trying to ask his new best friend, Ryan (stupid and not cute), on dates to the IMAX movie theater. And Marissa is played by the most charming actress on television since Shannon Doherty. I mean it. Her wavering expressions and capricious sideways glances enchant me every time. She is for real.
I’m not exactly saying that you should watch this show, but I’m finding that I enjoy it in the same way that I enjoy going to the mall (which I enjoy a lot). I think it has something to do with the three years my family didn’t have TV when I was a teenager. The nearest mall was also two hours away, so I think there is some correlation.

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  1. OMG, it’s over: ‘The OC’

    So much has happened since summer 2003. I’ve changed, you’ve changed, Marissa Cooper changed and then got thrown from a speeding car to her death. Seth Cohen has fortunately not become any less cute, but I think we can agree things are radically diffe…

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