!! When I get married !!

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I want the church to be even bigger than this one! Wait, that is not possible. So sorry this is a little late-coming, but this is Pensacola grandeur at its most obscene, and I thought you would like a peak inside the world of a powerful super-church: the kind that rules the Bible Belt, and secretly rules the rest of us as well.
And for those of you who haven’t heard: Wet Palms (the new gay soap opera put out by Jet Set Productions) will premier on NakedSword.com on September 30. A couple days ago their new website was launched so you can look at all the actors and stuff. I think it will be neat, and will maybe post a review after it is launched. Stay tuned.

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  1. It seems all the good things happen to Americans…sigh.. is there any way you could record the season of wet palm and send it my way to south africa? Gimme a shout on my site for a reply please. GREAT SITE by the way!

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