!! Where’s the fan fiction section? !!

keithcuda (13k image)A bargain at only $3.95/month, you can try to recapture a little of the magic of Paradise Hotel by experiencing the website of Keith, the fifth cutest guy in Paradise. Also, if you subscribe, you can send in a photo of yourself and Keith will put it on his website and may even look at it every day while touching himself, but only if you’re as alluring as this lady.
Tara’s fan site has many of the same features as Keith’s site, but is more busted. Still, people love her, like this lesbian. The best part about Tara’s site is that her domain name is for sale. If you buy it for me, I’ll reward you with the ULTIMATE PRIZE.
Oh yeah, Dave has a site too.

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4 Comments on "Where’s the fan fiction section?"

  1. Oh what am I going to do now that Toni is sworn off reality television? Maybe they’ll have some sort of "All Stars" program and she will reappear…

  2. Yeah Keith is sort of fugly, but he can make his boobies dance AND he got to stick it in Tara, the sexiest lady in PARADISE.

  3. I thought at first glance this was a photo of that guy Adam Mesh from Average Joe, after gastric bypass surgery or perhaps an "extreme makeover". It’s kinda of weird how much their faces look alike… HMMMM

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