!! Which one of these is exactly like the others? !!

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Last night I saw The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and loved it! Tilda Swinton owned the screen as a low-budget Cate Blanchett, wielding an icy stare and twin swords with equal skill. And that dress she wore when she killed Aslan… Was that a dead turkey on her shoulder? Couture!
However, eldest son Peter Pevensie is who held my attention even when he was wearing a big fur coat and riding a cheesy unicorn. Throughout the movie I kept getting this awful feeling of deja vu as I became repeatedly hypnotized by actor William Moseley’s pillowlike 17-year-old lips. “Where have I seen them before? Where do they belong? I cannot rest until I figure this out…”

Don’t you look at me like that, you little coquette!
Fortunately it came to me on the streetcar ride home so I could finally get to sleep. It must be a comfort to Mr. Moseley to know that should the other six Narnia movies not work out, he could have a whole new career waiting for him right in time for his 18th birthday.
It would certainly expand his fanbase and flesh out his skillset as an actor. But next year. Rest assured that !! omg blog !! only supports pornography that includes teenagers over the age of 18 (preferably several of them).

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4 Comments on "Which one of these is exactly like the others?"

  1. so thats why i thought i had seen him before! the resemblance is mesmerising! i’ve been having wet dreams ever since i saw him in that movie !!!!

  2. I don’t get your comment about Tilda Swinton. She owned the screen, yet she’s a low budget Cate Blanchet???? You like her, you hate her…make up your mind. Both Ms. Swinton and Ms. Blanchet are equally fierce actors, but I give the edge to Ms. Swinton cuz her name is Tilda.

  3. in Teen Vogue it said he was 17

  4. Actually, according to IMDB he is already over 18. That’s the first thing I checked when I got home from the movie.

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