!! Who are the Strategists? !!

As the hour approaches when President Bush will outline his “clear strategy for Iraq,” I just finished reading the most horrifying article about the war. The AP has just released an exclusive report about an American attack on an Iraqi wedding party, and while it may not be your thing to read accounts of women and children being killed in large numbers, complete with interviews with their family members, I was happy for the perspective.
It’s kind of like how I was happy last year, at the beginning of the Iraq war, to read an article that interviewed working class people in the outer boroughs of New York, asking them about how many people they know who are going to Iraq, whether their children are going to Iraq, and what kind of impact the war is having on their community. The tone of these articles is always a little maudlin, very personal, and ultimately touching on some very basic level. As pandering as they can be, I’m grateful for them because I need to remind myself occasionally that the war is not only a losing battle that was based on a false pretense, but that its consequences are gruesome and, now more than ever, we really do need a “clear strategy” to stop the climate of death that we have created. I can’t wait to hear it.

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