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What if Jesus were gay? Yesterday, openly gay Episcopal bishop Gene Robertson made mention of Jesus’s “non-traditional” lifestyle in an effort to rebuff the idea that Jesus invented the modern-day nuclear family. According to Robertson, JC “played around with many men, enjoyed the occasional trip to the bathhouse, and sniffed poppers” (editor’s note: not an exact quotation).
If Bishop Robertson is correct, can we assume that it is anything less than an Act of God if Ellen Degeneres replaces Ted Koppel as the next host of Nightline? I’ve never seen Nightline before, but I think I would start watching it since I never get to see Ellen’s daytime talkshow, which is by all accounts very funny.

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  1. I’ve heard it all. First Jesus was black, then he was Jewish, and now he’s gay too? I’m just kiddin’, some things are almost too entertaining to be offensive. Gay Jesus… "Like, Oh my Dad, Simon-Peter is totally checking me out."

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