!! Working for the government isn’t such a gay old time !!

anymore, now that all protections for queer federal employees have been stripped from the White House website and complaint forms. Scott Bloch, Head F*ckface of Some Department or Other, appointed by President Bush, made the changes in February that prevent any employee from filing a formal complaint of discrimination based on his/her sexual orientation. Is this tit for tat? A “they want to get married, well we’ll show them!” sort of thing? The change has caused the Log Cabin Republicans to voice their second major objection to Bush’s hate policy in two months, which must be a record or something. I pee on the face of any gay person that votes for Bush in November.

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2 Comments on "Working for the government isn’t such a gay old time"

  1. That’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for the sake of experience (and I know the American people are with me).

  2. some may vote for him just to take you up on the offer.

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