!! Yesterday was the first !!

day of my journey to being totally rich! I’m working in the payroll department of my temp agency now and my new responsibilities include such pleasures as using buggy database software from 1985 (the bugs are still there), sharing a cubicle (more on this below), and drinking flavored coffee from the Flavia(TM) coffeemaker in the “kitchen” area. And they give us cups, unlike my last office.
Yesterday was my first day and I met Katie, the other new hire with whom I will be sharing tasks, and it turns out she is an aspiring actress! How fantastic to be surrounded by the theater at all times, from my roommate to my coworkers to fabulous NYC itself! It makes me want to go see the musical 42nd Street, which, as far as I can tell, is a musical in New York about loving to go see musicals in New York. The only thing better would have been to be in the audience for the farewell performance of Cats, a true turning point in our city’s history as the center of American arts on stage.
Okay, I’m sorry for the entire paragraph of cynical mockery. Katie is actually very nice, and I think I will enjoy working with her, except when she talks in a fake Irish accent and comes in exhausted from having waited in line for three hours at 4am to get into an audition. Okay, I’m really done with the negativity now.
My job is also fun because I’m sharing a cubicle with Curt, an ambiguous gay who has intense conversations with his SO while I’m sitting there. Like yesterday around 4:45pm he called his lover (to use a not quite gender neutral, as much as hippies would like it to be, word) and continued to say, “It was an apology, what did you think it was? Do you want me to apologize again? It won’t happen again. I’m never going out again. I’m sorry, Baby. I’m sorry.” I really didn’t catch that much of it because my database was so much more interesting than this little piece of drama, but you know, I got the essentials. At the very least I know who, other than me, didn’t get any booty last night.

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