!! OMG, they lost their pants: Top 5 bottomless actors !!

Fernando de Simone and Jordán Romero in Horseplay

What is it about seeing a man exposed down below while he’s wearing a shirt that’s so hot? Maybe it’s the casual nature of the reveal. Maybe it’s because you can picture him in your own personal domestic fantasy.

Whatever it is, the appeal of bottomless boiz inspired us to hunt down the five hottest scenes of naked actors missing their pants. So let’s raise a glass: Bottoms up to bottomless!

Check out all the fun below the waist after the NSFW jump!

Click to enlarge. Watch the full scenes here.

First up, it’s Christophe de Coster in Vida. This stud can’t help but giggle as he watches what goes down at a sex party. The joke’s on him, as even though he’s fully accessible with no undies on, Christophe opts out of any physical activity. This one likes to watch,

Next, we have funnyman and full-time exhibitionist Adam DeVine in his raunchy boys comedy Game Over, Man! Adam found this to be the perfect opportunity to show off his big one, letting it all hang out during a hotel room freakout.

In third we have Alec Secareanu in God’s Own Country. This Romanian sexpot has the distinct pleasure of going pantsless next to a fully nude Josh O’Connor (star of the sexy film Challengers, currently in theatres). Always one for practicality, Alec wears a sensible wool sweater while allowing the rest to breathe freely. That’s putting the sac in Secareanu.

The gorgeous Ricardo Meneses comes in at number two, and in a dude’s mouth, in O Fantasma. It’s only one of his incredible unsimulated gay scenes in this explicit indie. Ricardo gets hard as a rando passionately sucks him off like there’s no tomorrow. Any questions?

Finally, for the best pantsless action from movies or television, check out Horseplay, about a group of straight men who push each other to the extreme at a boys’ getaway. Director Marco Berger loves to explore the fine line between male bonding and homosexuality. Here both Jordán Romero and Fernando de Simone entice their pals with their forbidden fruit baskets while sleeping. No shoes? No pants? No problem.

Want more? Watch the full (uncensored) scenes here.

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6 Comments on "OMG, they lost their pants: Top 5 bottomless actors"

  1. Richard E Vestal | May 16, 2024 at 3:29 am | Reply

    Awesome delicious… my favorite movie was and still is God’s Own Country.

  2. so hot

  3. PS: God’s Own Country was great. I wanted to see O Fantasma but the trailer creeped me out.

  4. Yes, yes, yes. It’s kind of like seeing hot guys dressed but barefoot, only more revealing.

  5. Great posting!

  6. Christophe de Coster is hot! Love how Jordán Romero puts it all out there in the last pic! Doesn’t try to cover it up or hide it all!

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