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!! OMG, Karlie Kloss got called out on ‘Project Runway’ last night by a contestant !!

On last night’s Project Runway, a judge said “I can’t see Karlie wearing that, TBH” to which the contestant quickly responded with “Not even to dinner with the Kushners?”. It did not go over well and judge Karlie Kloss knew it was a diss! Find the video after the jump!


!! OMG, why Trump was edited out of CBC’s ‘Home Alone 2’ broadcast !!

Trump blames Justin Trudeau after some reacted angrily when they found out CBC TV’s broadcast of Home Alone 2 was missing a scene with him in it. When CBC acquired broadcast rights to Home Alone 2 in 2014, several edits were made to adapt the movie for television and the Trump cameo was among several cut for time.

Earlier this year at a NATO meeting Trudeau was caught talking about Trump and saying he does long press conferences and his team was shocked at what Trump was saying. Trump later called Trudeau “two faced” for the remarks and was then caught on a hot mic praising himself for the insult.

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