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!! OMG, WATCH: Arsonist almost sets himself on fire trying to burn down a Pride flag display !!

In the words of Nelson from The Simpsons: HAAAAA HAAAAAA!

Even after half a dozen attacks on the rainbow flag, one Michigan neighborhood is showing that their community won’t back down to hate and violence. A new security video out of Lansing, Michigan from early Tuesday morning features a man dousing a Pride flag in gasoline before lighting it on fire — and he nearly takes himself with it. Such a shame! Lost opportunity, flag! Check it out after the jump!


!! OMG, Fox chose not to air trans Jeopardy champ Amy Schneider throwing the first pitch at MLB Pride night !!

Over the weekend, the San Francisco Giants had their annual Pride Night game. They chose Bay Area resident Amy Schneider, who won 40 straight episodes on Jeopardy, to throw the first pitch. Instead of airing Amy’s pitch, FOX then edited in footage of Kurt Busch throwing the first pitch at a different game that took place a few nights earlier. Fox claims that they were not being transphobic and that this was done to promote an upcoming NASCAR race. SURE!

!! OMG, WATCH: Alyssa Edwards is frustrated over Texas bill banning kids from drag shows !!

The plan to introduce a Texas bill blocking children from attending drag shows is sparking debate (cough… between people who would rather ignore the glaring problem of gun violence/laws in America and turn our attention elsewhere by scapegoating ‘dangerous’ drag queens for their problems instead) — but “RuPaul’s Drag Race” star Alyssa Edwards is GOOP and GOBBLED by the bill and says the move and the timing of it make her embarrassed of her home state. Alyssa says that drag is her superpower and prides herself on the positivy she can lend to the world as a queen and educator and mentor. TONGUE POP! Check out Alyssa using her voice for good after the jump!


!! OMG, WATCH: Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s latest rant about ‘government surveillance and cheeseburgers’ is even more bonkers than her last !!

The first-term Congresswoman, who last week won her Republican primary, delivered her latest fantasy-paranoia-babble during a broadcast of “MTG Live,” her social media streaming broadcast. Green calls a petri dish a “peach tree dish” and claims Bill Gates will zap you via fake meat! You can’t make this shit up– oh, wait. Yes you can!

“They want to know when you are eating,” she said, “they want to know if you are eating a cheeseburger which is very bad because Bill Gates wants you to eat his fake meat that grows in a peach tree [sic] dish.”

Find the clip after the jump. Real kooky!


!! OMG, go off, cis! Don JR’s latest crazy video rant screams: ‘Cut me another line, stat!’ !!

Donald Trump Jr. shared this WILD self-recorded rant about Monday’s leak of the United States Supreme Court’s draft majority opinion ending abortion rights – and it may be his most unhinged rant YET!

Unconcerned with the reality that millions of Americans may soon lose their rights, Trump instead frothed at the mouth over the leak itself, demanding a “criminal investigation” despite no evidence of a crime having occurred.

The crazy train really picked up momentum when Trump argued that the FBI should lead a probe because it once investigated a suspected noose hanging from NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s garage door, which ended up being a non-story. And either way, that logic is a bit hard to follow.

Check out the video after the jump. You kind of have to see it to believe it. GURL, that HAND!!


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