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!! OMG, Fox News anchor calls out George Santos live on air: “You just can’t tell the truth.” !!

Okay! Kettle-black, but – aside from the fact that Fox News is being hugely hypocritical – this clip of George Santos is still so ridiculous:

The new report by the House Ethics Committee says a congressional probe found evidence of “alleged violations” by pathological lier George Santos that go beyond crimes detailed in the Justice Department’s indictments. The committee referred their report to the department.

Investigators say cash contributed to Santos’s election effort wound up being spent on personal expenses, including botox treatment, purchases at Hermes and Sephora and “purchases at OnlyFans.”

Check out a rare FOX News moment, where even the usual propaganda pusher/host has had enough of George’s lies and can’t help but say it to his *face* when he lies to her about knowing what Onlyfans is.

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!! OMG, Republican GOP doesn’t bother trying to hide his racism, refers to ‘colored people’ on the House Floor !!

Disgusting yet somehow, not shocking behaviour on the House Floor *while* the room assembled to hear about amendments to stop bases named after confederate traitors from getting new names. That really says it all.

Good for Joyce Beatty for shutting that down quick. Good Lord. Check out what she had to say after the jump.


!! OMG, Trump-loving Caitlyn Jenner takes a dig at DeSantis fan’s ‘man-boobs’? !!

Happy Hump Day!? Not for these two! And it looks as if Cait is getting embroiled in some juvenile and gross Twitter drama. Shocker!

Caitlyn Jenner, the trans and MAGA Olympic gold medal winner, waded into the Trump v. DeSantis Twitter Wars Sunday when she dissed a Meatball Ron fanboy about his ample man-cleavage after he deadnamed her on the social media platform.

“My goodness…emotional much – too much estrogen? Are you transitioning? You have bigger breasts than me!” tweeted Jenner with an unflattering pic of DeSantis supporter John Cardillo, revealing the far-right hack’s bra-less man breasts straining under a too-tight cotton dress shirt.

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