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!! OMG, what a SCHOCKER! Anti-LGBTQ former congressman Aaron Schock seen partying shirtless and getting horny with men at Coachella !!

Aaron Schock, the former GOP congressman from Illinois (who is infamous for his anti-gay voting record and alleged misuse of federal money) was seen partying shirtless witha bunch of gay men at Coachella and with his hands down another man’s pants while making out with him – in public! The GALL of it all!

Schock, who represented Illinois’ 18th District, resigned in March 2015 after he was accused of using campaign funds and office accounts to pay for lavish trips and events. He has been criticized by gay activists for voting against the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and against amending federal hate crimes laws to include crimes where the victims were targeted on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender and disability.

Thanks for all you did to oppress LGBTQ Americans, Aaron! Now go enjoy the community, take that ecstasy and get that Coachella D! Check out Aaron getting hot and heavy with another gentleman after the jump! We can see why gay Twitter has been outraged.


!! OMG, WATCH: Trump says windmills cause cancer and kills bald eagles !!

This is absolutely NUTS! And he’s still obsessing about Hilary Clinton?

“If you have a windmill anywhere near your house, congratulations, your house just went down 75 percent in value,” he told the National Republican Congressional Committee spring dinner. “And they say the noise causes cancer. You tell me that one, okay? Rrrrr rrrrr!”

Check out Trump‘s garbage spew at the Republican committee dinner. He’s so environmentally conscious!

!! OMG, WATCH: Tucker Carlson explodes at Media Matters after they expose his misogyny, racism, and homophobia !!

Tucker Carlson blasted Media Matters on his show Tuesday night after the watchdog organization exposed his past misogynistic, racist, homophobic remarks in a set of videos. Some advertisers have since begun pulling out of his show.

Carlson called the organization “a George Soros-funded lobbying organization whose sole mission is to punish critics of the Democratic Party” and said the FBI should investigate. LOL – Mkay! You’re soooo level-headed Carlson! You serve those faux calm-n-collected vibes hunnie. Check out some of Tucker’s remarks below if you’re wondering why people are upset:

!! OMG, don't miss these !!