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!! OMG, Caitlyn Jenner is promising to CANCEL cancel culture if elected as California governor !!

Hey, Buckeroos! By now you must know that ole’ Cait is a hardcore right-wing Republican who voted for Trump – so it’s no surprise that Jenner has promised something unaccomplishable to her growing FOX News following by saying that she’d cancel ‘Cancel Culture’ if elected Governor of California.

Check out Cait’s tweet after the jump! You know, Macy Rodman‘s version of Caitlyn was really not that far off! Do you hope Cait cancels Cancel Culture, kiddos?


!! OMG, Gwen Stefani to PAPER Mag on whether she’s Republican, a feminist, and that past appropriation stuff !!

Gwen Stefani has been in the media for over 25 years since No Doubt dropped their album Tragic Kingdom. But with her silence on politics and a relationship with singer Blake Shelton (who states that he didn’t endorse anyone during a time when the world really needed to get Trump out), it had her fans scratching their heads a little as to where Gwen stood on things…

Well, Stefani sat down with Paper Magazine recently, and she may (or may have not) have answered some of those burning questions. Find some excerpts from her interview after the jump!


!! OMG, Alabama Republican busted looking at trans adult pics online after voting against trans rights !!

Alabama State Sen. Tom Whatley (R) has liked an explicit tweet by the account “Bambi Hardcore TG 18+,” who describes themself as an “enbi trans girl faerie princess.”

“I love my new, fat, G-cup tiddies,” their tweet said, with a picture of their breasts. The tweet was posted on February 15, 2021, it appears in Whatley’s “Likes” feed, and his work-associated account is listed in the tweets’ likes.

This might be a shock, considering that Whatley voted in favor of S.B. 10 in the state senate, a bill that would criminalize doctors who provide gender-affirming health care to young people in accordance with established transgender standards of care. The bill would put into law that a doctor who prescribes puberty blockers could get 10 years in jail for doing their job. According to the AP, the bill would even cover talk therapy for transgender youth.

“We don’t want them affirming that, ‘Hey yeah, you’re right, you should be a boy if you are a born a female,’” said the bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Shay Shelnutt (R).

Tommy boy! Get it together – your self-hatred and inner conflict seem to be showing. Why not embrace the love and the G-cup tiddies!

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!! OMG, CRINGE! Christian woman tries to convert teens she thinks are a gay couple in incredibly awkward video !!


here’s the vid with the captions for those who wanted it. #fypシ #foryou @defnotjordanjames

♬ original sound – Kaiden🏳️‍⚧️

Oof! This is LOLs for all the wrong reasons. But these kids handled it great! Check out a “Christian woman” trying to convert teens she thinks are a gay couple above! The latest viral TikTok sensation!

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