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!! OMG, the only two words I needed to hear: Mule Nannies !!

Did you even know that in Italy there is an ancient practice called transhumanza, wherein donkeys—as it they’re not cute enough already—carry newborn lambs to mountain grazing pastures in custom-made saddle bags?!

Neither! Did! I!!!

True vers here, I can’t tell which I want to be more, the donkey, or the lamb.

See more pics of quite possibly the cutest thing ever, after the jump!


!! OMG, have you heard: Lucas Gage and Zachary Quinto to get ‘Down Low’ in new film !!

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!! OMG, watch: co-directors of ‘The Stroll,’ a documentary about trans sex workers in New York’s meatpacking district in the 80s and 90s !!

Discussing how trans pain is “not the sum of our stories,” Kristen Lovell and Zachary Drucker, co-directors of The Stroll, a documentary about trans sex workers in New York’s meatpacking disctrict in the 1980s and 1990s, sit down with IndieWire for an in-depth conversation about the genesis of the film, and the need for stories that share the breadth of trans experience… including joy.

Watch after the jump, and look out for the documentary on HBOmax soon!


!! OMG, Art: the paintings of RF. Alvarez !!

We recently came across the paintings of Texas-based artist RF. Alvarez, including Honky Tonk, above, and are swooning over their soft, queer subtleties.

In his own words in New American Painting:

My work deals with impermanence, indulgence, and belonging: three interconnected pillars of the queer experience. I am a gay man whose father immigrated from Mexico and whose mother comes from a family of cowboys. My work responds to the fallacy of masculinity central to both. I center images of a world where things are beautiful, temporary, unfurled and tender. I show men in love. I show groups of queer friends drinking and talking. I show flowers in full bloom, at the edge of wilting, fighting for their own beauty. And I show windswept landscapes of the place I am from: a place of deep thunderstorms and dried grass and conflict. I hope, by presenting these images in often monotone, shadowy composition, to present a vision of queer resilience.

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!! OMG, gay, Black and country…twins: The Kentucky Gentlemen !!

Meet Brandon and Derek Campbell a Nashville-based singer/songwriter duo who are gay, Black twins! And also hot.

Smoothly mixing ’90s country and RnB, check out their videos for Vibin’ and Whatever You’re up For after the jump.

With catchy lyrics like this, yeah, we’re up for it too:

I’m down for whatever you’re up for
Stayin in, sipping wine on the front porch
Or downtown, we can burn up the dance floor
Hit the blacktop don’t stop till it’s just us around
Hang back, slip your blue jeans off
Or put the bottle on ice in my truck bed toolbox
I’m all in, yeah, whatever you’re up for, I’m down


!! OMG, Art: Diedrick Brackens opens a solo show at Kestner Gesellschaft, in Hanover, Germany !!

LA-based artist Diedrick Brackens, known for his “intricate, handwoven tapestries and textile sculptures that reexamine allegory and narrative through material, autobiography, the broader themes of African American and queer identity” has opened his first solo European museum show at Kestner Gesellschaft, in Hanover, Germany.

See more images of his tender and tactile work after the jump, including his take on the famed Unicorn Tapestry.


!! OMG, getting his due: David Robilliard, an artist and poet that we lost too soon !!

Famed art-loving homosexual Russell Tovey has teamed up with WeTransfer to shed light on English artist and poet David Robilliard, one of many gay cultural producers whose life and work was cut short by HIV/AIDS.

In this feature length documentary actor and artist Russell Tovey is going to introduce you to one of the UK’s most important artists that you’ve probably never heard of, his hero: David Robilliard. He is one of the most significant people in Russell’s life, and yet they never met. David was dead before Russell hit double digits. Embarking on a highly personal journey to discover who David Robilliard was through the people David drank with, worked with and, in his words, ‘shagged’, Russell will retrace David’s steps to uncover just why his work touched so many, while re-examining the attitudes around the AIDS crisis in the late 80s and asking the poignant question: “what could have been.”

Watch the trailer after the jump!


!! OMG, don't miss these !!