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!! OMG Stars: July 2023 Horoscopes !!

Queer astrologer Amelia Ehrhardt. Photo by Krystle Merrow

Photo by Krystle Merrow

Dear readers,

Often when I sit down to write horoscopes I think about whatever I’m seeing people talk about a lot on astro-internet. Sometimes an eclipse, a planetary transit to a new sign, some sort of change worth noting.  In a slow astrological news time it’ll be something rather commonplace—perhaps like a retrograde—so when I began to notice that I was seeing a lot of buzz about the summer’s Venus retrograde in Leo, I got ready to put on my grumpy astrologer hat and mumble about how retrogrades are commonplace.

I picked up my ephemeris for the 21st century and started looking for the last time Venus stationed retrograde in Leo. I found quickly that she was there in 2015—but that she began her trip backwards in Virgo, and only moonwalked (venus-walked?) back into Leo. So I started flipping back… and had to get my 20th century ephemeris down… and after a few hours of tracking, I got to 1900 and she still hadn’t stationed retrograde in Leo.

By this point I’d made a spreadsheet and had three books open around me and was digging around for Internet ephemerides. After some time with more charts, I made it back to 1850 without finding the last time she had done what I was looking for and decided to message Pallas K. Augustine, expert on Venus cycles. She told me that the last time Venus did what it’s about to do was 1812! 1812!!!!

I was so ready to say in these horoscopes, “Venus last did this station in year XYZ, so think about what was going on for you then and what has changed.” I can hardly ask any of you to consider what you were up to in 1812. Engaging in cannonfire somewhere in British North America? Tending to Napoleon’s indigestion? Being born, if you’re Charles Dickens? Anyway, suffice it to say I spiraled a bit.

Part of the magic of astrology for me is the way one can use it to time travel. Horoscopes are forecasts for the future, sure, but I tend to be more interested in historical lenses. As I flipped through the 1910s I started to feel this really viscerally, imagining all these astrological stations in a time when no one I know was alive. It felt a bit like looking through a century-old agenda for the whole world and spying on the mundane, as opposed to the highlights of history.

Anyway—what is this significance for your life? Keeping in mind that with retrogrades, any word with a re-prefix is helpful: re-asses, re-consider, re-do. Venus retrogrades mean a re-x of Venus’ favorite things: values, creative pursuits, romance, and comfort. For these horoscopes, I’m going to focus on the house that houses Leo for each of the rising signs, and talk about how a summer of re-xing in this part of your life might look.

As for me—I personally have Venus in Scorpio, so rooting around the past is nothing if not delicious for me.

Happy summer,

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!! OMG Stars: June 2023 Horoscopes !!

Queer astrologer Amelia Ehrhardt. Photo by Krystle Merrow

Photo by Krystle Merrow

It’s been a minute (almost a year!) since I last wrote horoscopes for OMG.BLOG but I’m happy to be back for the summer! I’ll be sharing astro-thoughts (and being an astro thot) throughout these hot months.

This month, I’ll be focusing on Jupiter and his new move into Taurus. This transit technically started in May but is still in the very early degrees of Taurus throughout this month so it remains news.

Jupiter is about expansion, growth, opportunity. When Jupiter transits a sign I often describe it as being like a spotlight on those ideals; in your chart, it’s a spotlight on the house it sits in. Taurus is about the physical needs we have in our life—comfort, food, resources—and Jupiter in this sign speaks to a focus on these needs.

Uranus, planet of instability and chaos, has been in Taurus since 2018, bringing visibility to the inequality of resources resource distribution. Later in Jupiter’s transit through the sign, Jupiter and Uranus will form a conjunction and this instability will be front of mind worldwide—but now Jupiter is just getting reacquainted and none of those complexities are quite yet in play.

For this months’ horoscopes I’m writing about the impact of Jupiter in the part of your chart where Taurus lives. As always, horoscopes are written for your rising sign, but if you don’t know that, read for your sun sign and see what resonates.

Happy to be back,

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!! OMG, the only two words I needed to hear: Mule Nannies !!

Did you even know that in Italy there is an ancient practice called transhumanza, wherein donkeys—as it they’re not cute enough already—carry newborn lambs to mountain grazing pastures in custom-made saddle bags?!

Neither! Did! I!!!

True vers here, I can’t tell which I want to be more, the donkey, or the lamb.

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!! OMG, have you heard: Lucas Gage and Zachary Quinto to get ‘Down Low’ in new film !!

Lucas Gage and Zachary Quinto to get raunchy in ‘Down Low.’ [Instinct]

Kelly Clarkson on the single path. [Lainey Gossip]

Doing the most with barcodes. [Sad and Useless]

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!! OMG, watch: co-directors of ‘The Stroll,’ a documentary about trans sex workers in New York’s meatpacking district in the 80s and 90s !!

Discussing how trans pain is “not the sum of our stories,” Kristen Lovell and Zachary Drucker, co-directors of The Stroll, a documentary about trans sex workers in New York’s meatpacking disctrict in the 1980s and 1990s, sit down with IndieWire for an in-depth conversation about the genesis of the film, and the need for stories that share the breadth of trans experience… including joy.

Watch after the jump, and look out for the documentary on HBOmax soon!


!! OMG, Art: the paintings of RF. Alvarez !!

We recently came across the paintings of Texas-based artist RF. Alvarez, including Honky Tonk, above, and are swooning over their soft, queer subtleties.

In his own words in New American Painting:

My work deals with impermanence, indulgence, and belonging: three interconnected pillars of the queer experience. I am a gay man whose father immigrated from Mexico and whose mother comes from a family of cowboys. My work responds to the fallacy of masculinity central to both. I center images of a world where things are beautiful, temporary, unfurled and tender. I show men in love. I show groups of queer friends drinking and talking. I show flowers in full bloom, at the edge of wilting, fighting for their own beauty. And I show windswept landscapes of the place I am from: a place of deep thunderstorms and dried grass and conflict. I hope, by presenting these images in often monotone, shadowy composition, to present a vision of queer resilience.

See more images of his work after the jump!


!! OMG, gay, Black and country…twins: The Kentucky Gentlemen !!

Meet Brandon and Derek Campbell a Nashville-based singer/songwriter duo who are gay, Black twins! And also hot.

Smoothly mixing ’90s country and RnB, check out their videos for Vibin’ and Whatever You’re up For after the jump.

With catchy lyrics like this, yeah, we’re up for it too:

I’m down for whatever you’re up for
Stayin in, sipping wine on the front porch
Or downtown, we can burn up the dance floor
Hit the blacktop don’t stop till it’s just us around
Hang back, slip your blue jeans off
Or put the bottle on ice in my truck bed toolbox
I’m all in, yeah, whatever you’re up for, I’m down


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