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!! OMG Stars: January 2022 Horoscopes !!

OMG Stars by Amelia EhrhardtJanuary 2022 Horoscopes

“And all I have to do today
Is get past remembering”

— Jennifer Castle

An interesting feature of 2022 is that we start our brand new year with two retrogrades: we look back to begin again.

There is nothing astrologically significant about the 1st of January as a regular occurring event. There is no mark of the zodiac that defines this date, there is no post in the heavens that defines this as the place where a year starts.

Time, like astrology, is a human thing. Time, like astrology, is one way of describing our experience in this particular dimension. To think of human life outside of time is dizzying: remove the layer of time and we lose the passage of our lives, the organizing principle of our relationships, the reminders to eat and work and play and sleep and wake.

Astrological events this month:

January 2: New Moon in Capricorn / January 3:Mercury ingress to Aquarius / January 14: Mercury stations retrograde / January 17: Full Moon in Cancer / January 21: Sun ingress to Aquarius / January 27: Mercury (retrograde) ingress to Capricorn January 29: Venus stations direct

Astrology, like time, is a human thing. A system of describing our lives using myth and archetype to help us make sense of it all. A system that we have together decided means something—twelve noon means something, and the sun’s passage through the zodiac means something.

Time and astrology are both imperfect. Living on the border of a time zone shows us that, and the debate between tropical and sidereal astrology shows us that. But deciding to stick to something because we have decided it means something is as human a thing as anything.

There is nothing astrologically significant about the 1st of January, but there is everything significant in deciding to start over, over and over.

Happy new year,

With thanks and credit always to my teacher Julia who taught me these things, that astrology is to our lives what a clock is to time.

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!! OMG, the FDA approves injectable PrEP treatment !!

The FDA have officially OKed a new injectable form of the HIV treatment pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) last week. Named Apretude, the injection will be available for use by at-risk adults and teens that “weigh a minimum 77 pounds and test negative for HIV prior to treatment.”

The treatment’s approval comes after two double-blind studies found that patients that took Apretude were 90% less likely of contracting HIV as compared to study participants that took oral PrEP treatment Truvada. There is also hope that Apretude will boost adherence levels as well since it doesn’t have to be taken daily. Apretude is administered in two initial shots one month apart and subsequent injections every two months afterward.

This is great news for all you forgetful PrEP-takers out there! Now you can just remember to show up to the doctor’s office every 2 months. Hopefully this also won’t be as costly as PrEP is by the pill. Maybe they can work on that next??

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!! OMG Stars: Sagittarius Season Horoscopes, December 2021 !!

OMG Stars by Amelia Ehrhardt

December 2021 Horoscopes

December always brings a revisiting of the past year and an opportunity to see it in a rosy, nostalgic, sometimes regretful highlight. This December gets an extra hit of that kind of revisiting, both for this year and the one that preceded it.

As we face a new variant just at the peak of many parts of the world re-opening, there is an interesting sensation I am noticing in my social circles that people know exactly what that had previously taken for granted. Every gathering with friends, indoor workout, seated indoor meal hits different when it’s been two years and the threat it could be another wait looms overhead.

Much of the predictive astrology I have encountered, in articles, podcasts, and online, has described this as a four-year crisis. I don’t specialize in this kind of global predictive work, so I’ll go by what I’m hearing, but it doesn’t take much deducing to suppose that we are far from out of the woods on this now.

Events this month:

December 4: New Moon/Solar Eclipse and Mercury Cazimi in Sagittarius at 4º Sagittarius / December 8-30: Pluto conjunct Venus at 24-25º Capricorn / December 14: Mercury ingress to Capricorn, Mars ingress to Sagittarius / December 18: Full Moon in Gemini / December 19: Venus station retrograde at 26º Capricorn

This December, Venus stations retrograde and forms a conjunction with Pluto at 25º Capricorn. This late degree of Capricorn was a major site of action of the big astrology of last year, starting in March of 2020 (!!!), and Venus retrograde is naturally a nostalgic time, so not only will it be a look back in general but specifically to reflect on our progress throughout the past couple of years.

December Magnetic Poetry HoroscopesWherever Venus moves retrograde in your chart, while close to Pluto, will be a place where you can look back on how you have transformed since last year.

How have the most frightening things about this time given you space to grow, and given you the ability to treat yourself with more kindness? How have they shaped your relationships? Your creative practices?

This is a thematic I revisit a lot when writing my horoscopes, because astrology is so very good at it. Particularly when Pluto is involved, we get such a chance to see our own tranformation. Astrology describes the tenor and colour of energies in our lives over time, and when we look backwards we have the added layer of what actually happened from the clear vantage point of the future.

As my brilliant teacher always said to me, the past is the greatest fortune teller, so use this looking back as a way to look forwards for yourself.

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!! OMG Stars: Scorpio Season Horoscopes !!

OMG Stars by Amelia Ehrhardt

Scorpio Season Horoscopes

October 24th – November 22nd 2021

What a delight to come back to writing these horoscopes after a long break and to dive right back into spooky season, to spooky Scorpio season. Scorpio is one of those elements of astrology that is so visible that non-astrology people will casually refer to folks as being “such a Scorpio.” The mythology of Scorpio is high visibility by the weather of its season in the Northern hemisphere, when things begin to die, but also by other phenomena in the natural world outside of this perspective.  Sea turtles lay their eggs for the babies to hatch and run to the ocean, many being eaten in the process, during Scorpio season: the symbology of birth and death and emerging and being eaten is all very in line with Scorpio.

This Scorpio season, we’re seeing major action in three of the four fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius, with the final fixed sign Leo being hit only indirectly), but with a season opener in the mutable signs. From the 27th until the 30th, Venus in Sagittarius formed a square with Neptune in Pisces, possibly frustrating us and making us feel like the things we want (things which have felt like ours to take since Venus moved into Sagittarius on the 9th) are suddenly evading us. Venus ended her transit through Sagittarius with a brief kiss to the moon before entering Capricorn on November 6th, so she’ll be briefly cheerful before Capricorn asks her to get serious.

However the seriousness of Capricorn is a good place for her to be while so much goes down in Scorpio. Scorpio and Capricorn are signs that form sextile to each other — a relationship of amicability, of opportunity, and the Scorpio planets could use that bit of friendship right now.

Scorpio Season HoroscopesIn mid-November, Mercury and Mars join the Sun in Scorpio. Mars is in its ancient ruling sign in Scorpio, and the whip of the scorpion’s sting is an apt metaphor for the energy of this combination. Mercury in Scorpio minces no words and means business, while the Sun’s transit describes our annual traditions and rituals associated with the sign. November begins with a square between the Sun in Scorpio and Saturn in Aquarius, a thematic we see echoed throughout the month: from November 9th until the 12th, Mars also forms this same square to Saturn, and on the 10th and 11th Mercury joins the same pattern. On the 13th Mercury moves immediately to an opposition with Uranus, which it leaves on the 15th to be picked up immediately by Mars who closes off Scorpio season in opposition to Uranus. On the 19th we have a new moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus, along the same polarity as Mars and Uranus, underscoring the emphasis of these signs.

Fixed signs sustain, maintain, contain. The fixed signs also withhold and refuse to budge. The parts of your chart activated by the astrology this month speak to parts of yourself where you come to know yourself deeply and without compromise. Where your self-awareness is at its most firm, but also its most immovable.

This month’s horoscopes, in a new format, speak to this certainty and immovability, and to the struggles and gains you may experience in their wake.

Happy spooky season! Find your horoscopes after the jump.


!! OMG, good advice: Your Friend Dorothy talks MILFs, thirds, and COVID pounds !!

Your Friend, Dorothy

Illustration by Eric Kostiuk Williams

As our second pandemic summer winds down, it’s hard not to reflect on where we’ve been vs. where we are now. Taking a look in the mirror literally and figuratively might surface some things, but worry not: Your Friend, Dorothy offers perspective that puts your sleep paralysis demons back to bed.

This month, one reader is feeling a way about his mom’s new dating habits, another is navigating the delicate waters of adding a third to their relationship, and one more is looking for help feeling comfortable with changes in their body.

Read Dorothy’s good advice after the jump, and scroll to the bottom to submit your own question!


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UFO ParfumsOMG! Do you miss raving, making out, and uninhibited (consensual) touching? We certainly do.

Smart people say that scent is strongly associated with memory, and that’s what we’re digging most about UFO Parfums, an independent perfumery based in Los Angeles that specializes in eccentric, gender-neutral smells “inspired by rave culture, using luxury materials.”

They currently offer four scents, and we had the pleasure of trying them out. Read our full review after the jump!


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