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!! OMG, quote of the day: Rose McGowan defends Constance Wu who faced backlash for being upset over her show ‘Fresh off the Boat’ being renewed !!

“When I would get renewed on Charmed I would cry. I was made [fun of] in front by my co-star in front of the crew at lunch for crying. I was painted as ungrateful because I was making money. But what if the money isn’t everything to us, wealth doesn’t justify being trapped in a life you don’t want. Everyone, including you, is entitled to change their perception of what equals wealth. I hope you feel no shame for sharing your true feelings. Do not let them shame you.”

Rose McGowan, coming to Constance Wu‘s defence after the actress seemed less than thrilled on Twitter upon hearing the news her TV show Fresh Off The Boat had been renewed.

!! OMG, get into it: ‘Model Boy’ web series !!

Model Boy by Jacob Brown

Fashion! New York City! Male models! Divas! Threesomes! All in a gorgeously shot new web series by director Jacob Mendel Brown starring Taylor Rosen, Stanley Simons, Victoria Beltran and Jae Ponder with cameos by NYC notables like nightlife legend Sophia Lamar, fashion editor Mickey Boardman and others.

Each six-minute episode is like a yummy piece of sour-sweet candy. You’re going to end up eating the whole bag.

Model Boy is a gritty drama exploring the lives of the wide-eyed young men lured into New York’s notoriously fickle high fashion modeling world. Sexually objectified, paid in little more than social prestige—which of these ‘male ingenues’ will parlay a moment of fleeting fame to achieve their dreams, and which will the industry chew up and spit out.

Model Boy by Jacob Brown

WATCH: Model Boy Episodes 1-4 and the new Episode 5 (just released today) after the jump!


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