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!! OMG, Cuomo to red-state governors seeing COVID-19 surges: ‘You played politics with this virus and you lost’ !!

Since half of the states and the commander-in-chief would rather kill off hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of people in order to give the economy a small momentary boost, they’ve began to see a HUGE uptick in COVID cases across the red states which flat-out ignored the science.

New York governor Cuomo, who oversaw the deaths of thousands of people in his own state, decided he was the one to make this critique.

!! OMG, WATCH: Poland airs first ever television commercial with a gay couple !!

Ooooh, the leaders aren’t gonna like this. TOO BAD! Check out the condom commercial for Durex changing TV in Poland above! Slowly but surely. The gay couple are played by Dawid Mycek and Jakub Kwiecinski, popular YouTube stars and famous LGBTQ+ activists in Poland, who called the commercial a “historic moment” for queer representation in the country.

According to GSN, it will air on all major television channels in Poland, as well as Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania.

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