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!! OMG, Disney+ shares new plan for LGBTQ coming-out story short ‘OUT’ !!

Disney+ has announced that the newest Pixar SparkShorts project, Out, will debut on the streaming service tomorrow, May 22. The new short tells the story of Greg, who is struggling to come “out” to his parents, and his dog. Look cute! Check out the trailer above!

!! OMG, WATCH: The trailer for Matt Wolf’s documentary ‘Spaceship Earth’ has landed !!

Spaceship Earth is the true, stranger-than-fiction, adventure of eight visionaries who in 1991 spent two years quarantined inside of a self-engineered replica of Earth’s ecosystem called BIOSPHERE 2. The experiment was a worldwide phenomenon, chronicling daily existence in the face of life threatening ecological disaster and a growing criticism that it was nothing more than a cult. The bizarre story is both a cautionary tale and a hopeful lesson of how a small group of dreamers can potentially reimagine a new world.

The full, timely film drops on demand on the 8th!

!! OMG, quote of the day: Director Mary Harron says Joker’s reception reminds her of making American Psycho !!

“It was so ludicrous. I was so familiar with that conversation because that conversation has happened around me, because it happened around American Psycho, and it’s always the same conversation. These attacks always focus on some kind of art movie. They never focus on the extreme violence in mainstream entertainment… Marvel, you can blow up most of Manhattan and people love that. People are very uncomfortable with moral ambiguity. If that same violence had been perpetrated by a person [like John Wick] who was seeking noble revenge, they might feel differently.”

– Director Mary Harron on why her film American Psycho‘s original reception reminds her of Joker.

!! OMG, WATCH: The manic pixie dream girl trope in film, explained !!

You know the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, that wild and special woman who lives her life to the fullest, and brings someone else to live his life to the fullest. But who really is she? What’s behind this label, and have we been misusing it?

We all know one! Check out the ‘manic pixie dream girl’ trope explained above!

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