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!! OMG, WATCH: Courteney Cox teases SCREAM 6! !!

Courteney Cox chats with ET’s Matt Cohen at ‘Shining Vale’s For Your Consideration event. The actress shares her excitement for playing Gail Weathers once again in the upcoming sixth installment of the ‘Scream’ franchise. Courteney teases season 2 of ‘Shining Vale,’ and opens up about getting sentimental while shooting on the same soundstage where she used to film ‘Friends.’

Bring the lime green suit back! Rumour has it the film is shooting in Montreal.

!! OMG, WATCH: The trailer for Keiynan Lonsdale and Dylan Sprouse’s gay rom-com “My Fake Boyfriend” !!

Who knew the gays love a twee love story!? Well… Youtube always did. Seems like a no-brainer. Yesterday, we posted about Billy Eichner‘s new Studio gay rom-com and today, there’s ANOTHER!

Bitch, it’s not just Lifetime and Hallmark plopping these out anymore. Check out the new trailer for ‘My Fake Boyfriend’ starring Keiynan Lonsdale, Dylan Sprouse and newcomer Samer Salem above! The film premieres June 17 on Amazon Prime Video.

!! OMG, BROOOO! Billy Eichner will lead first gay rom-com by a major studio !!

Bro! No, seriously, bro. Trust me, bro.

Universal Pictures released Wednesday the trailer for “Bros,” the first gay romantic comedy to premiere by a major studio. The gay rom-com was written by and stars out gay comedian, writer, producer and director, Billy Eichner, and will make the four-time Emmy nominated actor the first openly gay man to ever write and star in his own major studio film. “Bros” will also make history as the first major studio film to have an entirely LGBTQ+ principal cast!

Check out the brand new trailer after the jump!


!! OMG, WATCH: “Friday I’m In Love” doc explores the history of Houston’s counterculture landmark, Numbers nightclub !!

Bars and nightclubs have long been an essential gathering place for queer communities and Numbers nightclub was one such place for LGBTQ patrons in Houston, Texas.

Friday I’m in Love details the nightclub’s long and storied history as a gay disco and alternative music venue, revealed through events like the AIDS crisis, police brutality against the LGBTQ communities and the rise in hate crimes during the ‘90s. Mixing personal stories with those of the legendary musicians who performed there (Grace Jones, The Cure, Björk, Nine Inch Nails among them) this powerful documentary celebrates those who ignited and sustained its musical history and legacy of acceptance.

Friday I’m in Love proves the importance of LGBTQ bars and nightclubs and serves as a call to action in response to the dwindling number of spaces we can call our own.

The film will be playing as part of Inside Out LGBTQ+ Film Festival from May 26th to June 5th in Toronto. Check out the trailer after the jump and grab your tickets (A virtual screening is also available if you aren’t in Toronto) HERE!


!! OMG, cartoonist Jett Allen explains why THE MASK resonated so heavily with them as a non-binary person !!

Jett Allen is a non-binary cartoonist, illustrator, and writer living in Los Angeles, California. Check out their comic detailing why the ‘zany’ 90’s Jim Carrey film THE MASK resonated with them so much as a non-binary person, even as a child! It’s pretty brilliant and makes a LOT of sense.


!! OMG, Milla Jovovich tells the story behind ‘The Fifth Element’ costume !!

Can you believe it’s been 25 years since the release of the film “The Fifth Element”? It’s true! You’re OLD, bitch!

Actress Milla Jovovich talks about her iconic Jean-Paul Gaultier-designed costume and how playing the character of Leeloo immeasurably changed her life. Check her out with VOGUE after the jump!


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