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!! OMG, anti-LGBTQ Nigerian politician’s son comes out as gay !!

The son of a homophobic Nigerian politician has come out as gay in a dazzlingly defiant social media post.
Bolu Okupe, based in Paris, France, posted a very cute shirtless selfie with pride flag stating, “Yes I’m Gay AF.”

Speaking to Attitude today about the response, Bolu said: “I’ve had mixed reactions, many negative, as you can imagine, but also a whole deal of positive.

“I think it’s shined a light to issues that we have been avoiding in Nigeria. There are gay men there who exist and they deserve the same respect and treatment as everyone else.”

As you can imagine, this must take a lot of courage to do. We need more voices like Bolu in this world! I bet it’s a real thorn in his hateful father’s side and “cause”.

!! OMG, have you heard? Years & Years cover The Pet Shop Boys’ ‘It’s a Sin’ !!

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!! OMG, have you heard? Biden taps PA trans health official for Assistant Health Secretary !!

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