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!! OMG, quote of the day: Friends co-creator addresses the show’s lack of diversity with a $4 million apology !!

“Friends” has long been criticized for its lack of diversity and Friends co-creator, Marta Kauffman, says that she regrets that she didn’t know any better at the time. The creator recently pledged $4 million to her alma mater, Brandeis University, to fund an endowed chair in the school’s African and African-American studies department, one of the oldest in the country. Find her apology after the jump!


!! OMG, WATCH: Blink 182’s Tom Delonge talks UFOs with Steve-O 🛸 !!

You probably know Blink 182‘s Tom Delonge from being an angsty teenager in your parent’s basement, growing up listening to him make songs about being sad and gross toilet humor – but what you didn’t know is that Tom is now at the forefront of UFO research and technology. Seriously! And apparently genuinely hooked up with the powers that be through his UFO research organization…

Check out Tom chatting with Jackass star and podcast host Steve-O after the jump! (And BONUS: SHITTYSOUP over on ONTD broke it all down in lil bits for y’all who want to read the cliff notes too.)


!! OMG, have you heard? Biden administration outlines Monkeypox strategy, including increased testing, vaccination and community education !!

Have you been vaxxed for Monkeypox yet, OMG!? Get on it. [towleroad]

Cameron Diaz is coming out of retirement for her first film role in 8 years [socialites life]

Machine Gun Kelly smashed a champagne glass on his forehead for attention [dlisted]

Jonathan Groff remembers his first gay kiss like it were yesterday [instinct]

Travis Barker has pancreatitis, he was in extreme pain & ‘could barely walk’ [celebitchy]

Madonna‘s FINALLY ENOUGH LOVE show at Terminal 5 [boy culture]

Andrew Garfield wants to go surfing [ruin my week]

Emergency object personification with googley eyes! [sad and useless]

!! OMG, Marvel Studios is really teasing us with more shirtless Thor side-butt and pelvis-peeks !!

If there’s one thing IMAX does… it shows you more of EVERYTHING! Which includes Marvel’s tactic of showing Thor-skin by teasing us with its trailers!

Their new trailer for Thor’s latest addition to its MEGAVERSE is an Imax trailer that shows audiences a bit more pelvis & mega-side ass. We’ll take it – and also, it’s working… take our money.

Find it after the jump!


!! OMG, coming up for air: Professional British swimmer Dan Jervis comes out !!

British swimmer Dan Jervis, 26, has come out as gay ahead of competing in the Commonwealth Games! The swimmer who hails from Wales, won 1500m freestyle silver and bronze at the 2014 and 2018 Games. He also competed for Team GB in the Tokyo Olympics last year, and placed fifth. Talking on the BBC’s LGBT Sport Podcast, Jervis said he didn’t tell anyone else that he thought he might be gay until he was 24 years old:

“It took me 24 years to be who I am. I was adjusting to everything else, just trying to fit in – until I thought: ‘Just be you.’ You know, we’re just before the Commonwealth Games and there are going to be kids and adults watching who will know that I’m like them and that I’m proud of who I am.”

He continued, “For so long, I hated who I was – and you see it all the time, people who are dying over this. They hate themselves so much that they’re ending their lives. So if I can just be that someone people can look at and say, ‘yeah, they’re like me,’ then that’s good.”

He also talked about being a devout Christian, and said his faith had meant it wasn’t easy to embrace his sexuality at first. When speaking about telling a friend when he was 24, he said:

“I said to her: ‘I think I’m gay.’ I couldn’t even say: ‘I’m gay.’ I was basically punching the words out. She was quite shocked but great, and it was exactly the reaction I wanted. I’ve had all good reactions, and the way I’ve described it is I’m not going to change as a person.

Everyone’s journey is different, but I think I’ve always known. It was something in the back of my mind, bugging me. I thought I was bisexual and had girlfriends that I loved – but it came to about three years ago where I knew I had to deal with this. It wasn’t affecting my swimming, but me as a human being. It sounds quite drastic, but I wasn’t enjoying my life. Yeah, I was smiling, but there was something missing to make me properly happy. I’m still the Dan you’ve always known. You just know something else about me now.”

Congrats on living your best life, Dan and welcome to the club! Now go get the gays some shiny new medals 😉

!! OMG, have you heard? The Denver Zoo’s same-sex flamingo couple have broken up !!

PRIDE DRAMA clearly! [dlisted]

The Sanderson Sisters are back in the Hocus Pocus 2 trailer coming this fall [instinct]

R.Kelly sentenced to 30 years in prison over sex crimes [socialites life]

Drake look-a-like challenges ‘real Drake’ to $1M celebrity boxing match [bet]

Cassidy Hutchinson testimony: Donald Trump assaulted Secret Service chief on Jan. 6th [celebitchy]

Avril Lavigne‘s clone Tiktok [lainey]

WHO warns ‘sustained transmission’ of monkeypox risks vulnerable groups [towleroad]

PTO denied horror stories [ruin my week]

Review: Broadway Bares XXX [boy culture]

Cats silently judging your poor life decisions [sad and useless]

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