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!! OMG, gossip: ‘Black Panther’ star to produce live-action Barney movie !!

Actor Daniel Kaluuya from GET OUT will produce… a live-action Barney The Dinosaur movie?! [dlisted]

Kerr Smith recalls his Dawson’s Creek gay kiss “It was a crazy experience” [instinct]

Lady Gaga falls off Vegas stage after fan drops her [socialite life]

Hillary Clinton believes Russia is grooming Tulsi Gabbard as third party candidate, calls Jill Stein a ‘Russian asset’ [towleroad]

Trump VS Trump: The Kurds [boy culture]

Helen Mirren flexed HARD at the Catherine The Great premiere red carpet [celebitchy]

When the Riverdale boys talk about ‘Dropping the soap’ [gay fleshbot NSFW]

!! OMG, gossip: The Mormon Church strikes at LGBTQ conversion therapy ban !!

Mormon Church strikes and is not pleased at the conversion therapy ban for minors [instinct]

No, Nicki Minaj and Adele are not collaborating [socialite life]

Man drops lawsuit claiming iPhone made him gay [towleroad]

Rep. Elijah Cummings, longtime congressman and civil rights force, dies at 68 [boy culture]

Barack Obama endorses Justin Trudeau for re-election in Canada [celebitchy]

A$AP Rocky says he’s a sex addict [dlisted]

Are silicone balls the lewk, or nah? [gay fleshbot NSFW]

!! OMG, gossip: Are Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal headed to the altar for reals? !!

A boy can dream! [instinct]

Prince‘s estate is NOT pleased and blasts Trump for playing Purple Rain at one of his rallies again. [socialite life]

Queen forces removal of Trump‘s ‘We Will Rock You’ campaign video [towleroad]

Trump‘s supporters make a violent propaganda video in an attempt to incite violence [celebitchy]

KJ Apa VPL alert! [gay fleshbot NSFW]

Naomi Campbell says that designers have requested that she fall on the runway [dlisted]

Who invented college wrestling anyway!? AAHOOOGA! [boy culture]

!! OMG, gossip: Rihanna covers VOGUE, talks Fenty, the new album and Trump !!

Rihanna dishes on new album, the Superbowl and what she thinks of Donald Trump [socialite life]

Lil Kim got into it with anti-fur protesters in NYC [dlisted]

Oprah says she didn’t think she’d live past 56 [celebitchy]

Whistleblower’s lawyers torch Trump [boy culture]

Elizabeth Warren has a plan for LGBTQ equality [towleroad]

Hozier waves a trans flag at his London show [instinct]

Chord Overstreet is 30 and his body is still banging! [gay fleshbot NSFW]

!! OMG, gossip: The teaser trailer for “The Little Mermaid Live” is here !!

And Queen Latifah is URSULA! [dlisted]

Miley Cyrus is now rubbing on some dude who wears a “Los Fuckin’ Angeles” hat. So there’s that [socialite life]

OMG, it’s Angie and Michelle Pfeiffer together at last! Mothers, lock your doors! [celebitchy]

MJ Rodriguez & George Salazar get all SUDDENLY SEYMOUR [boy culture]

Judge orders Trump to turn over 8 years of tax returns [towleroad]

Why are black and latino men statistically less likely to use PrEP? [instinct]

Swimmer Abrahm DeVine claims he was kicked out of school for being gay [gay fleshbot NSFW]

!! OMG, gossip: Nina West made HERstory at the Emmys !!

Turns out, Nina West was the first person to ever walk the Emmy red carpet in full drag [instinct]

Is Elizabeth Warren a dominatrix? [celebitchy]

Martin Scorcese says Marvel movies are cinema, they’re theme park rides. He’s right?! [dlisted]

Chase Crawford gets a lot of DMs about that reveal THE BOYS promo photo [towleroad]

Rachel Maddow cast in ‘Batwoman’ TV series as Vesper Fairchild [socialite life]

Cameron Dallas thots it off on the gram! [gay fleshbot NSFW]

An evening with Debbie Harry [boy culture]

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