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!! OMG, gossip: Lucille Bluth confronts Jeffrey Tambor !!

Lucille Bluth says Jeffrey Tambor and he had their own issues [dlisted]

Tom Hiddleston and his dog step out for a strut [lainey]

Who saw this coming!? Trump cancels North Korea peace summit [towleroad]

Chris Hemsworth dances to Wrecking Ball [instinct]

Shailene Woodley: ‘I got BANGS!’ [celebitchy]

Matt Bomer was left naked on a Broadway stage [gay fleshbot, nsfw]

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan step out… In big hats! [fug]

OMG, Dua Lipa is a fashion designer now [v mag]

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!! OMG, gossip: Janet takes the stage at Billboard Awards !!

Janet Jackson does the Billboard Awards [lainey]

Adam Rippon won DWTS [towleroad]

Justin Theroux gets shirtless at Vulture Festival [instinct]

Beyonce bought a church in New Orleans [dlisted]

Katy Perry tries to give Meghan Markle fashion advice, post-wedding LOL [celebitchy]

Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw in a very gay makeout [gay fleshbot, nsfw]

Oh wow, Solange. Yes, she is wearing that! [fug]

The iconic Grace Jones appears in V‘s HEROES series [v mag]

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!! OMG, gossip: Jason Statham apologizes for homophobic tirade on set !!

Jason Statham apologizes after transcript of homophobic onset tirade leaks [towleroad]

Gender-swapped Star Wars pics are here! [instinct]

Murphy Brown is comin’ back! [dlisted]

Jennifer Love Hewitt apologizes for looking like a “mot mess” on the red carpet [celebitchy]

Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin are just friends – DUH! [lainey]

Cole Sprouse gets shirtless! [gay fleshbot, nsfw]

OMG Daddy Hemsworth, please be our daddy [gpb]

Millenials take heed: Don’t make these $$ mistakes [wallstreet insanity]

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!! OMG, Cuba takes to the streets as it celebrates annual parade against homophobia and transphobia !!

Cenesex (National Center for Sex Education) celebrated its annual May campaign against homophobia and transphobia in Cuba this month, and as part of the program, the traditional conga parade was held on this occasion from the intersection of Linea and Paseo Avenues to 12th Street.

Check out the gallery of the events with images by the Havana Times after the jump!


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