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!! OMG, have you heard? Jake Gyllenhaal says Amy Schumer’s husband is uncut !!

TMI… or not enough? [dlisted]

Lady Bunny brings her latest show to the drive-in to make us laugh [instinct]

8-year-old organizes ‘Children’s Black Lives Matter’ protest in Missouri [bet]

Zendaya made a movie while in quarantine [socialite life]

The real Lady A speaks out against Lady Antebellum trying to sue for her name: ‘I am not going to be erased’ [celebitchy]

Texas GOP sues to hold in-person convention in COVID-19 hotspot after Houston mayor cancels it [towleroad]

Colton’s famour noodz: A look back [gay fleshbot NSFW]

Helping out-of-work queens during the pandemic [boy culture]

!! OMG, have you heard? The new evidence in the Depp VS Heard case is MESSY !!

Whiskey, cocaine, a tampon application, and Keith Richards CD is apparently a Johnny Depp breakfast [dlisted]

Colin Kapernick signs deal with Disney [bet]

GLEE actress Naya Rivera presumed dead after son found alone on boat [instinct]

Sadly, Kanye West is serious about Presidential bid and he’s anti-abortion, anti-vaccine [socialite life]

Luke Evans serves an old-timey VPL [boy culture]

SCOTUS rules against Donald Trump, his tax returns can be subpoenaed [celebitchy]

Billy Eichner mocks Lady G as host of Jimmy Kimmel Live [towleroad]

Nyle DiMarco posts a tonne of shirtlessly speedo vids [gay fleshbot NSFW]

!! OMG, have you heard? Entertainment Tonight’s Mary Hart signals obvious white supremacy sign at Trump rally !!

The double “okay” hand signal has become unmistakable at his rallies. That hair should have been a dead giveaway. [boy culture]

Mama Ru has quit social media suddenly. Was she hacked? Or just fracked? [instinct]

David Foster is mad he still gets recognized for RHOBH: ‘I have 16 Grammys’ [celebitchy]

Donald Trump Jr‘s GF Kimberly Guilfoyle tests positive for COVID-19 [towleroad]

Wow, horoscopes were harsh in 1979 [ruin my week]

Courtney Stodden shares Brian Austin Green hottub date video, Brain says he’s disappointed [socialite life]

Here is newly-out Ben Aldridge‘s nude scene from Fleabag [gay fleshbot NSFW]

BET Future 40: Chloe Hilliard will make you laugh out loud [bet]

Woman reunites with her long last cat Gucci after 12 years: ‘We’ve got Gucci’ [dlisted]

!! OMG, ‘The world’s gonna know your name’: Student’s viral TikTok catches Disney’s eye !!

“If y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated,”

Julian Bass tweeted. It worked. Twitter users obliged and within 12 hours, Bob Iger, executive chairman and former CEO of The Walt Disney Co., was in Bass’ Twitter replies ― and he sounded pretty enthusiastic: “The world is gonna know your name!” Check out Julian’s TikTok above!

!! OMG, have you heard? Paul Rudd tells Chris Evans he’s got a big one !!

Oh, really? [instinct]

Hugh Downs has died at 99 [dlisted]

Trump surrogate Herman Cain hospitalized with COVID-19 after ignoring CDC guidelines at Tulsa rally [towleroad]

Another racist Karen rises like a phoenix from the ashes of opression [boy culture]

The Sussexes got involved with the Facebook advertising boycott early in the campaign [celebitchy]

Atlanta restaurant targets group of Black male patrons in ‘blatant’ racist incident [bet]

14 ways to focus better while working from home (hint: coffee is not among them) [prima]

Greg Sulkin‘s best Instagram moments [socialite life]

Go behind the scenes of your favorite adult gay films [gay fleshbot NSFW]

!! OMG, have you heard? Lea Michele wasn’t the only terrifying dummy on GLEE !!

Presenting the horrifying dummies of GLEE! [dlisted]

Trump attacks NYC mayor’s plans for ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural on Fifth Avenue, calls it ‘symbol of hate’ [towleroad]

HISTORY IS MADE: Billy Porter is the FIRST Black gay man to ever cover ESSENCE [instinct]

Dolph Lundgren, 62, got engaged to his 24 year old personal trainer [celebitchy]

NBA to have Black Lives Matter mural painted on courts in Orlando [bet]

TikTok SAVED Judi Dench‘s life during quarantine [socialite life]

Sweet love in transition: ‘How I fell in love with my trans partner’ [boy culture]

A bearded KJ Apa wishes us ‘Happy Pride’ [gay fleshbot NSFW]

!! OMG, quote of the day: August Alsina talks allegedly Will Smith-approved Jada Pinkett Smith affair !!

“I actually sat down with Will and had a conversation due to the transformation in their marriage to life partnership that they’ve spoken on several times and it not involving romanticism. He gave me his blessing and I told him and I totally gave myself to that relationship for years of my life. And I truly and really, really deeply loved and have a ton of love for her. I devoted myself to it. I gave my full self to it. So much so to the point that I can die right now and be okay with knowing that I truly gave myself to somebody. I really loved a person. I experienced that. I know what that feels like and some people never get that in this lifetime.”

– Singer August Alsina, who sat down for an interview with The Breakfast Club and shared that he received Will Smith‘s “blessing” to engage in a relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith. August revealed that Will and Jada are “life partners” who are no longer romantically involved.

[via BallerAlert]

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