!! OMG, why not wear it? Marine Serre’s upcycled hiking bag parka & other highlights from the Spring 2025 menswear shows !!

Marine Serre SS25 Menswear

A look from the Marine Serre SS25 menswear collection.

I have seen the future—and it has pockets.

The recent Spring 2025 menswear runways were a-flood with pocketed garments that have varying degrees of utility.

Let’s start with Marine Serre’s collection hits—particularly this “parka made out of hiking bags,” as featured on Serre’s Instagram:

Part of what the designer describes as “upcycled Couture pieces”, this jacket has an abundance of places to stash what you wish. It is the epitome of functional fashion with a bit of a Frankenstein’s Monster vibe.

This energy was also coursing through several of Craig Green’s designs. See them and more after the jump!

Craig Green SS25 Menswear

The jumble of leather elements in this jacket, produced by innovative Netherlands-based tannery Ecco Kollektive, gives dystopian chic meets biker… So, haute Mad Max?

Circling back to pockets, the J.W. Anderson show spotlighted this moment of sartorial splendour, a garment that sees ultra-pragmatic patch pockets met with a Frilled Lizard-like shoulder—genius.

The piece was worn with billowy trousers and outsized boots; another example of which we saw at the Charles Jeffrey Loverboy show in London.

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy SS25 Menswear

There’s a delicious tension found in the myriad playful-meets-practical details in Spring 2025’s menswear pieces, exemplified perfectly in this jaunty janitorial jumpsuit offering from the continued collaboration between Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons.

Prada SS25 Menswear

A Pepto pink zipper does an impeccable job of drawing one’s eye to the t-shirt brandishing a graphic of a painting by French artist Bernard Buffet beneath it. Important layering moment alert!

The apex of this joyful juxtaposition trend so far comes from the brand Denzil Patrick; its creative director, Daniel Gayle, sent a sheer cardigan, complete with see-through pockets, down the catwalk.

Denzil Patrick SS25 Menswear

As the menswear shows continue this week, with Dries Van Noten presenting his final collection before retirement on Saturday, June 22, we’ll undoubtedly see more evidence that designers today are looking to reimagine the mundane rather than reinvent the proverbial wheel.

Perhaps in part a reflection of our collective fatigue by over-stimulation, these gestures signal an attempt to address the potential in wardrobe staples and bring a bit of light-heartedness into our lives at the same time.

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  1. Why not wear it? Because my low standards are too high to wear such crap.

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