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!! OMG, new music: Scott Hardware ‘Joy’ !!

Searching, euphoric, frantic, contemplative… That’s how Joy sounds, at least according to avant pop artist Scott Hardware in his new single, just released today.

The song begins:

And I dig my hands into the dirt and my hands to the centre of the earth in search of my joy. I raise both fists to the sky and keep offending every guy. Am I getting warmer?

What’s your answer? Feels very warm to us.

Listen to “Joy” on Spotify and Apple Music.

!! OMG, quote of the day: Erasure frontman Andy Bell turned down sex with aliens because he’s gay !!

Erasure frontman Andy Bell, 55, claims around 1,000 “hairy” drones visited him at his apartment and “one of the angels” asked him if he wanted to find out what it was like to hook up with an alien. He says he thought:

“No. I’m not quite ready for it yet, because they are all sexualities, all together, all mixed up, and they’ve got like one tentacle. The thing that stopped me from doing it,” he says, “is because I say that I’m gay and their sexual experience is neither gay nor straight, female nor male, it’s all mixed up together. I didn’t want to go with a woman. That’s just how I am.”

I guess bisexual humans are the future of alien relationships!

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