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!! OMG, WATCH: Nyle DiMarco gets a drag makeover from Mz. Cracker while chatting about living with disability !!

America’s Next Top Model Winner Nyle DiMarco gets a drag makeover by drag superstar Miz Cracker. The two open up to each other about what inspires their work, Nyle’s unique outlook on life coming from a multigenerational family, and his hopes to challenge more casting directors to cast actors with disabilities to play characters with disabilities. Nyle also shows Miz Cracker how to say modern phrases like “Netflix and Chill,” “Slide into My DMs,” and “I forgot my wallet…,” in sign language.

Seems like a great guy! He gives so much back to his own community and now MZ Cracker is about to give back by sharing some of her talents with him. Check out the duo above!

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