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!! OMG, WATCH: Drag Race Canada announces its Season 2 Cast! !!

They’re herrrre, EH!? The Season 2 cast of Canada’s Drag Race has been announced! The show is also stacked with new judges this season as well as a set of new queens! NOW’s Kevin Ritchie has more:

The two cast members representing Toronto are Eve 6000, a 29-year-old trans and non-binary performer who is an illustrator and holder of the title Miss Angel City Continental Plus 2021; and Scarborough’s Kimora Amour, a 34-year-old carnival costume designer and a neuropathic, pain management procedural nurse, who “has been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to a press release.

The Vancouver queens set to appear on the series are 24-year-old Métis queen Beth, 29-year-old Gia Metric (who is originally from Toronto), 30-year-old Kendall Gender and 29-year-old Synthia Kiss.

Four queens will hold it down for la belle province: 29-year-old Adriana and 35-year-old Océane Aqua-Black, both from Quebec City; and 26-year-old Pythia and 27-year-old Suki Doll, both from Montreal.

Icesis Couture, a 34-year-old from Ottawa, and Stephanie Prince, a 24-year-old from Calgary, round out the cast.

The winner will receive $100,000 and, of course, the crown. Find the cast reveal teaser after the jump! The show premieres on Crave on October 14.


!! OMG, Drag Race Canada winner Priyanka continues her TASTE TEST journey with Lemon on ‘Come Through’ !!

“The 3rd music video off of my EP “Taste Test” for my single “Come Through” is HERE! My cinematic universe is really shaping up. I am on a mission to overturn the Social Injustice Nationals and my idiot boyfriend betrayed me. But when you get betrayed you have to call upon your best friend for REVENGE. Enjoy this labour of love…stay tuned for the next video!”

This bitch is really working her win OUT! Check out Pri‘s latest with Lemon above!

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