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!! OMG, so quiche: Ja’mie King releases Ja’miezing: Season 2, Episode 2 ‘Manifesting Moves’ !!

Chris Liley is back with his Ja’miezing Podcast second season. In this episode, Ja’mie touches on “crossing the harbour bridge to inspect a potential apartment, has a massive fight with Mum and Dad, the hot postman / peg incident, gaslighting your non-quiche friends, culturally appropriate fashion, a night out in Double Bay and her new diversity friend group.” Check her out above!

!! OMG, and oooh, gurl! This 1997 throwback clip of RuPaul getting catty with Joy Behar gets HEATED !!

A heritage moment! When The View first began airing, RuPaul was actually one of the first guests to come on the show and end up getting into a fight with a co-host: Joy Behar! You can definitely sense the attitude shift towards drag that we have now after watching this. We’ve come a long way… granted Ru was being a little bit of a bitch!

Check out the clip after the jump!


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