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!! OMG, speak now or forever lipsync for your husband or wife: Drag prank turns wedding ceremony into pure laughter !!

Absolutely brilliant day at Peter Deaville and Peter McConnachie wedding from this start to finish………

#120kviews 3.7k shares think that has went viral even I am giddy!!!!

Posted by Graham Cole on Sunday, July 8, 2018

Husbands to-be Peter Deaville and Peter McConnachie got a big surprise at their wedding when the “Speak now, or forever hold your piece” part came around! Apparently one of the grooms’ mothers thought it was a real interruption when it started. Check out one Drag queen’s hilarious wedding gag above!

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!! OMG, a webcomic: The Twink Rage Revue #06 | Love Yourself !!

Twink Rage Review Issue 06

We’re back with the sixth installment of The Twink Rage Revue, a monthly comic strip by Eric Kostiuk Williams (@kostiukwilliams). The series, exclusive to our site, explores music, art, politics, and queer culture through sensuous line work, colors to melt ya fair eyeballs, and a caring (if occasionally snarky) spirit.

See the newest installment of The Twink Rage Revue “Love Yourself” after the jump (and check out the first five installments if you missed ’em)!


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!! OMG, reclaimin’ my time: Maxine Waters tells MAGA harassers, ‘If you shoot at me, you better shoot straight’ !!

Dats ryte bish! Don’t come for Congresswoman Maxine Waters (no relation to Crystal Waters, but just as fierce) who did not mince words on Saturday as she addressed the death threats she’s received since calling on Americans to harass Trump administration officials.

“If you shoot at me, you better shoot straight. There’s nothing like a wounded animal,” Waters told the crowd at a Los Angeles “Families Belong Together” rally. The demonstration was part of nationwide protest against Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Check out Maxine’s powerful speech above. She’s our hero!

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!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Drag Race’s Monét X Change hopes listeners will ‘Soak It Up’ in new track feat. Bob The Drag Queen !!

We are being bombarded with Drag Race personalities branching out into club tracks, and Monét X Change‘s Soak It Up feat. Bob The Drag Queen is one of the latest to hit the web. Check it out above! How do you think it fares in comparison to some of the other tracks from Aquaria, Adore and more out there?

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