!! OMG, Mia Goth accuser suing a24 has been arrested for fraud in the past, tweets transphobic remarks !!

James Hunter (the background extra who claims that Mia Goth kicked him on the set of MaXXXine and followed him to the bathroom to taunt him) was recently revealed to have been found guilty of fraud in the past

“having scammed many UCLA students out of cash by pretending to lease apartments on Craigslist”


He has also responded to someone who questioned him on Twitter with a transphobic remark and called someone else “a woke piece of shit”. Hmm. Pretty hard to empathize with this jerk even if he is telling the truth. Find his tweets after the jump!


!! OMG, WATCH: Miss Cleo FINALLY gets a Lifetime movie of her very own !!

We’ve been waiting for this biopic forever. We feel like Lifetime used to have a camp new boipic out every other week, but I guess they’ve been spending all their money on Christmas movies. Hopefully, there’s more to come like this:Miss Cleo: Her Rise and Fall chronicles the life of single mom Youree Harris, who finds herself desperate to take care of her family and takes a job at the Psychic Readers Network — only to become one of the network’s most beloved personalities, Miss Cleo.

But her challenges don’t end there and when the network faces allegations of fraud and deception, they turn their sights on Miss Cleo. For the first time ever, Miss Cleo’s side of the story will finally be told.

Time to shuffle them cards one more time n check out the brand new trailer after the jump!


!! OMG, OK Groomer! Enter the wild and crazy world of Professional Dog Grooming !!

What’s more American than picking from two dried-up old blubbering potatoes as options your president?:
Grooming your pet to look like every mascot from MacDonald’s, all at the same time.

But it doesn’t stop there! Check out a full gallery of some of the most bizarre dog-grooming concepts documented after the jump.


!! OMG, have you heard? Trump’s new VP pick JD Vance will be a nightmare for LGBTQ+ people !!

Rep. Robert Garcia on JD Vance: “There couldn’t be a more irresponsible pick” [Queerty]

Did Kim Kardashian slice off the tip of her finger in one of her stupid cybertrucks? [Celebitchy]

Armie Hammer on why he chose not to rely on his family’s oil fortune after being ‘canceled’: “What I would rather do is I would rather go get a job selling timeshares. I’d rather go get a job.” [Socialites Life]

The Emmy nominations are out already tomorrow [Lainey]

Ross Lynch sure loves his tight little Mykonos beach looks [Instinct]

Trump suddenly has huge bandage at new appearance, but was golfing without one [Boy Culture]

The funniest single-panel comics by Frank Cotham [Sad and Useless]

!! OMG, Frankie Grande recreates some of his sister Ariana’s most memorable images !!

It’s Monday, and you probably don’t need this in addition to everything else you’ve got on your plate – but here’s Frankie Grande recreating some of Ari’s sexy promo work. If you’re looking for a demon twink that is giving shades of pop diva, but in gay guy form, look no further! Check him out after the jump!


!! OMG, don't miss these !!