!! OMG, gossip: Adam Rippon announces retirement !!

Adam Rippon announces his retirement from competitive skating [gay popbuzz]

But her EMAILS! Ivanka Trump Edition [towleroad]

Mel B says that there’s actually some secret place on the internet where male celebs show off their peens [dlisted]

Frankie Muniz‘s cat knocked a faucet on, destroyed his house by flooding all floors [celebitchy]

Cardi B buys her mom a home [evil beet]

Real World alum Danny Roberts comes out as HIV positive in order to help end stigma [instinct]

KJ Apa‘s gay kiss is here [gay fleshbot NSFW]

Guess which Love Island cast member streaked naked across a tennis court? [c&c]

[photo: Ryan Pfluger]

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!! OMG, he’s naked UHGAIN: Noah Centineo !!

Noah Centineo‘s star has risen fast lately with films like Can’t Take It Back, Swiped, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (based on the hit book series) and the new Charlie’s Angels heading to the box office. His fanbase continues to grow, especially on Tumblr, where it seems a series of hot animated GIFs keep popping up. See the latest after the NSFW jump!


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!! OMG, the podcast has become high art: NYMPHOWARS !!

Nymphowars by Macy Rodman and Theda Hammel
A new podcast by artists Macy Rodman and Theda Hammel explores all the relevant pop cultural happenings of our time through enlightened commentary, on-point impersonations (Lady Gaga, Caitlyn Jenner, Matthew McConaughey, and Felicity Huffman are recurring highlights), and a healthy dose of pee-pee humor.

Their most recent episode “Live from the 24th Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” is a surreal and genius take-down of the men behind the tanking underwear brand and their parade of supermodels. Also, make sure to listen to the NYMPHOWARS review of A Star Is Born, featuring analysis so cutting and complete that we don’t even feel the need to see the film.

Find NYMPHOWARS in your favorite podcast app and follow the ladies on Twitter @NYMPHOWARSxxx.

PLUS: Read our Q&A with Macy!

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!! OMG, don't miss these !!