!! OMG, a webcomic: The Twink Rage Revue #05 | No. 1 Song In Heaven !!

Twink Rage Review Issue 05

We’re back with the fifth installment of The Twink Rage Revue, a monthly comic strip by Eric Kostiuk Williams (@kostiukwilliams). The series, exclusive to our site, explores music, art, politics, and queer culture through sensuous line work, colors to melt ya fair eyeballs, and a caring (if occasionally snarky) spirit.

See the newest installment of The Twink Rage Revue “No. 1 Song In Heaven” after the jump (and check out the first four installments if you missed ’em)!


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!! OMG, Dominos Pizza fixes America’s roads with PAVING FOR PEETZAAAA !!

Dominos Pizza may be known for clogging out artery ways with gooey mozzarella cheese and bread sticks, but few people know they are also a thoughtful company who wants to make Amurricas disasterous roadways a safer place to be by clogging the potholes out there with cement! ‘Paving For Pizza’ helps to pave roads in towns across the USA, so everyone could drive home with their pizzas safe! Check out more photos of how it all went down after the jump!


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!! OMG, a contest: Twin Shadow ‘CAER’ !!

Twin Shadow CAER cover art
Enter for a chance to win CAER, the new album from innovative pop artist Twin Shadow, featuring the singles “Too Many Colors” and “Sympathy,” and “Saturdays ft. HAIM.” The album is available now to stream or download.

THE CONTEST: George Lewis Jr. aka Twin Shadow once walked in a fashion show. Name the label!

THE RULES: Please email your contest entry along with your full name, North American shipping address, and telephone number to [email protected]. All personal information is collected in accordance with our privacy policy.

Three lucky winners will receive a CD copy of CAER! The winners will be announced in our Facebook page next week.

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!! OMG, educate yourself: Queercore !!

Queercore by Curran Nault
Curran Nault‘s new book on the history of the queercore movement explores an important part of our LGBTQ herstory: That magical time in the 1980s when queer punks were making art, music, film, and zines, and building community across national borders. Buy the book now and read up, folks.

There are a lot of echoes of the ’80s happening now, politically and socially, so it’s a perfect time to get in the DIY spirit and make some new connections.

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