!! OMG, Rupert Everett’s ’50 Shade of Gay’ LGBTQ+ historical doc is now available online to watch in full here !!

In this 2017 doc, now available in full online, actor Rupert Everett tours Britain to revisit the nation’s past when gay sex was criminalized in 50 Shades of Gay, a special program on the UK’s Channel 4.

It’s been 55 years since the legalization of homosexuality in the UK (the 1967 Sexual Offences Act was given royal assent on 27th July of that year) – a great leap forward for tolerance and equality. But while the country basks in self-congratulation, one gay man – Rupert Everett – wants to ask some uncomfortable questions about what was lost, as well as gained, when gay men and women could finally step out from the closet. In this documentary, Rupert is going to meet a cast of LGBT men and women to chart some of the changes that have taken place in gay life and gay culture over the last fifty years. From the men in their eighties who frequented the underground gay clubs of Soho and cottaged with palace guards, to young transgender people coming out as the ‘only trans in the village’ in rural Britain, the cast will exemplify something about the gay experience in the different eras of LGBTQ+ visibility, from gay-bashing to the AIDS crisis to the first ‘gaybies’.

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!! OMG, Ray J gets his sister Brandy’s face tattooed on his leg: ‘I had to start with my best friend’ !!

‘THE HOLY LEG!’- GONNA TAKE A MINUTE!!” he wrote. “But I got the best doing it !! STAY TUNED!!”

“FULL LEG TATT — I had to start with my best friend!! ❤️🤎🖤,”

Ray J added, referring to “The Boy Is Mine” singer, Brandy. Find the tatty in question after the jump! What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen or heard of a celebrity doing, OMG!?


!! OMG, WATCH: Wendy Williams back catalogue of shows removed from Youtube after bizarre TMZ interview !!

Wendy Williams seems like she was a little… not her usual self during an interview with TMZ this past week where she addressed the end of her TV show. Worrisome for sure. Hope it’s not prescription drugs. Maybe she’s just having a mental health moment? Maybe both. Whatever the situation, it seems that after the interview, all of Wendy’s backshows from her history in television were removed from her Youtube channel. Fans were clearly outraged! Check out the full Wendy interview on TMZ after the jump!


!! OMG, man from US takes to TikTok to speak publicly, educate people about how he caught Monkeypox: ‘It’s here!’ !!

@jmatthiasford sry the sound was too appropriate #monkeypox #monkeypoxvirus #monkeypoxoutbreak #monkeypoxvaccine #CDC #WHO #greenscreen #fyp #fypシ ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Ford, who is gay, told Buzzfeed, “On Friday, June 17 … I received a call from a friend in LA who informed me that he had tested positive for monkeypox and that I might have been exposed the weekend prior via skin-to-skin contact. Sure enough, I checked myself for spots and noticed a couple of lesions in the underwear zone.”

In his video, Ford goes on to show the spots on his face, arms, hands and torso. He says he’s counted more than 25 lesions: “They’re really not cute.”

He says he has some in more sensitive areas, which tend to be more painful. Because of this, he had to get painkillers from his doctor to help him get to sleep. As well as the spots, he had a cough, fever, sore throat and other flu-like symptoms. His infection was confirmed when swab samples were sent to the the LA County Department of Public Health.

He said he was making a video because he’d earlier posted a tweet revealing he had the infection, which had gone viral. He wanted people to know what it was actually like to have the virus.

Thanks to Matt for helping get the word out – this is serious shit people. Find a way to get your smallpox vaccinations (2 doses) ASAP!

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