!! OMG, gossip: Pope compares politicians who rage against gays to Hitler !!

Pope Francis has compared anti-gay rhetoric to Nazi propaganda [instinct]

Harry Styles killed it on SNL in some very gay moments [boy culture]

…including one about Sara Lee Baking, whose social media swamped with naughty comments after the skit aired [towleroad]

GOOP gets into the S&M biz with her holiday gift guide [dlisted]

Prince Andrew‘s Jeffery Epstein interview was a PR disaster [socialite life]

Tracee Ellis Ross says that the perfect time to have a party is from 2-7pm. Agree? [celebitchy]

Memes for BOTTOMS! [gay fleshbot NSFW]

!! OMG, Andy Cohen announces the newest Housewives franchise at BravoCon !!

“We’ve always tried to choose a city that has completely unique personalities and we also try to throw a little curveball now and then. Pick somewhere you weren’t expecting We are very excited to travel to Salt Lake City, Utah! You didn’t see it coming but I have to tell you, in Utah, you have the majesty of the mountains, the Mormon religion, an exclusive community of people who have very successful businesses who live in their own universe. It is gorgeous and I think you’re going to be really surprised and intrigued by the group of women we’ve found.”

There you have it! Salt Lake City, Utah! This should be interesting!

!! OMG, don't miss these !!