!! OMG, gossip: Egerton to become the Rocketman? !!

Taron Egerton is Elton John [lainey]

EDM star AVICII dead at 28 [towleroad]

Dad of man who says pills turned him gay says he was always at least bisexual [instinct]

Garrett Clayton rollerskates [gay fleshbot, nsfw]

Rachel Weisz is expecting a baby with James Bond [dlisted]

This could be the gayest math question ever [gpb]

Carrie Underwood describes accident which led to facial reconstruiction: ‘I was taking the dogs to pee, and I just tripped.’ [ celebitchy]

OMG, the most luxurious way to get your butt really, really clean! [awesome galore]

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!! OMG, it’s the 2018 LGBTQ reader survey !!

Shiba inu types
It’s that time of year again for the very, very important LGBTQ Perspectives Survey! It only takes about ten minutes to complete and provides vital information that allows us to keep the site going.

In addition, participating in the study helps open doors-and minds-around the world, and influences positive changes for our community. Previous surveys have yielded 45,000 respondents from 150 countries!


Everyone who completes the survey by April 30th, 2018 may enter into an optional drawing to win one of twenty US $50 cash prizes, or if you win, you can designate a charity to receive the $50.

We appreciate your participation and support of !! omg blog !!

The survey is conducted by LGBTQ research firm Community Marketing, Inc.

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!! OMG, don't miss these !!