!! OMG, Lady Gaga’s mystery guest for Variety’s Actors On Actors is Jake Gyllenhaal !!

It has been revealed that the mysterious guest who will appear on Variety’s Actors on Actors program alongside Lady Gaga is none other than Jake Gyllenhaal!

This ones for the gays, y’all! You just know Jakey-poo fancies himself a little monster. What questions do you hope they’ll ask eachother? Will they start dating? Place your bets, OMG!

!! OMG Playlist: January 2022 !!

OMG Playlist January 2022Those who follow astrology will know that the first half of January is Capricorn season. To commemorate her sun sign, high priestess of avant-garde pop FKA twigs has blessed us with a new mixtape Caprisongs, dropped right before her birthday!

Capricorns are often known for being self-serious, practical, and dedicated to their craft. Surprisingly, Caprisongs is more fun and less serious than any of twigs’ previous projects. For the first time ever, FKA twigs serves us ass-shaking electro-pop sounds. Perhaps it’s Twigs’ moon in Sagittarius, which she reveals in “Meta-Angel.”

If you need to brush up on astrology, make sure to read our monthly OMG Stars horoscopes!

Now let’s talk about one of the hottest shows right now: Euphoria! There are many reasons to love this show; some of us watch it for drama and the masterful cinematography. Some may watch it for the full frontal peen—most recently here, but also here, here, and here—while others are more ass people.

But considering this is a music post, we will turn to the impressive soundtrack, which varies across genres and decades. In the credits of episode 3, Lana Del Rey debuts her new song “Watercolour Eyes.” We couldn’t think of a better artist to sonically capture the themes of the show.

The January music doesn’t stop there! Enjoy new releases from The Weeknd, King Princess, Animal Collective, Miss Kittin and many more. Listen to the full OMG, it’s January 2022 Playlist above or on Spotify!

!! OMG, set aside some time: 12 queer OnlyFans to check out !!

Top 12 Queer OnlyFansThe pandemic has inspired a lot of folks to get entrepreneurial from their homes, and sites like OnlyFans are a popular option for those who don’t mind sharing in front of a camera.

We made a tutorial last year about how to start your own OnlyFans, and we partnered again with our friends at MyQueerFans to select some extra inspirational accounts that are doing it all just right:

MyQueerFans has reviewed our fair share of fan pages over the years (hundreds, in fact) and know good content when we see it. Sexy bodies, high quality camera work and good lighting landed these models in our list. Discover your newest crush in our lustworthy list and be sure to support their fan pages.

Check out the full list of reviews after the NSFW jump!


!! OMG, quote of the day: Janet Jackson says Michael called her ‘pig, horse, slut, hog, cow’ !!

“There were times when Mike used to tease me and call me names – pig, horse, slut, or hog, cow. He would laugh about it, and I’d laugh too,” she admits. “But then there was some­where down inside that it would hurt. When you have somebody say you’re too heavy, it affects you.”

Janet Jackson, the 55-year-old kid actress-turned-pop icon in her highly-anticipated documentary, Janet, which premieres Friday on A&E and Lifetime.

!! OMG, WATCH: Rafael Alencar talks about famous Hollywood celebs using a sex handler to hire him !!

Housewife Tamra Judge and Marc McNamara interviewed gay adult film star Rafael Alencar about having sex with celebs.

The actor confirmed he usually gets called by a sex handler and he doesn’t know which celeb he’s meeting until he’s at their home. He also signs an NDA — however, Alencar seems fast to bite his tongue and stop short when the topic of *ohn *ravolta allegedy not paying his male hires is brought up. Check him out after the jump!


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