!! OMG, WATCH: Pamela Anderson to star opposite Liam Neeson in ‘Naked Gun’ remake !!

Pammy is set to star in the ‘Naked Gun’ remake opposite Liam Neeson in remake of the classic Naked Gun film centered on a clueless detective, played by Leslie Nielsen, (you can’t spell Liam Neeson without Leslie Nielsen!) who still somehow managed to solve the crime and save the day.

We need more dumb, slapstick comedy in this world! Not to mention Pam acting. Always welcome. Find the news via THR after the jump!


!! OMG, have you heard? Christina Applegate reveals why she turned down the opportunity to join the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills !!

“I wouldn’t have shown up for any dinners. I would’ve been in my sweatpants, and I would be laying in bed. What fun is that? None. I would be the worst Housewife anyway.” [Socialites Life]

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Tina Knowles works The Challengers red carpet [Lainey]

Minneapolis celebrates gay rights history [Boy Culture]

Bad Bunny in undies and a corset! [Instinct]

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AI thinks this is what a typical night at KFC looks like [Sad and Useless]

!! OMG, Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith show affection at Coachella, ‘bro-Twitter’ imoplodes !!

Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith were expressing their affection while enjoying themselves at Coachella this week (to each their own!) and a video appeared online of them hugging and kissing and bumping and grinding for a moment.

Not shockingly, that didn’t fit into the comfort-zone for so many bigots or people who fear seeing themselves in this moment, but could never reckon with it. It’s somehow seen as a threat.

The two were having a nice time and that’s all there is to it. Trust me. Bumping and grinding with Jaden is a better situation for Justin than hanging out with that older church preacher dude. Check out the clip after the jump! We need more friendship and love in the world.


!! OMG, Gay British-Mexican man jailed in Qatar for using Grindr pressured to ‘give names of sexual partners’, denied HIV meds !!

A dual British-Mexican citizen arrested in Qatar has been pressured to reveal names of men he’s had sex with as a condition of his release from jail. Manuel Guerrero fell victim to a police-led Grindr sting and was later denied his HIV meds. He is out of prison but now can’t leave Qatar. He still hasn’t named anyone he slept with.

This world we live in… People need to chill the fuck out. Periodt. So much unnecessary hatred and anger.
More on the full story after the jump and check out QatarFreeManuel for updates on how you can help!


!! OMG, Drag star Loosey LaDuca guest stars on ‘Very Delta’, chats horror and has a message for the CEO of Wal-Mart !!

It’s time to ‘let loose’ as the Queen of Thunder, Loosey LaDuca, joins Delta for a conversation about horror and whores! The two talk about the queer-horror community, Jason Voorhees tattoos and why Freddy Krueger is c*nt! Plus, Delta goes off about the inconsistencies of self checkout and has a message for the CEO of Walmart.

Check out Delta and Loosey above!

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