!! OMG, new music: ‘Sparkling Waves’ by JindaLee !!

Get into the deep introspective summer mood of “Sparkling Waves,” the first track from JindaLee‘s new album Vela, which sees the artist depart from her folk roots and put her gorgeous, ethereal vocals and visionary poetry to work against rich electronic soundscapes.

However you touch this music — floating on top or sinking below the surface — it’s a serene and nourishing ride.

Listen to Vela on your favorite platform here.

!! OMG, Elizabeth Smart’s dad comes out as gay, is leaving his wife and church !!

Ed Smart, dad of Elizabeth Smart, announced he is gay, divorcing his wife, and also leaving The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“It is with this same spirit that I wish to share the news that I have recently acknowledged to myself and my family that I am gay, the decision to be honest and truthful about my orientation comes with its own set of challenges, but at the same time it is a huge relief.”

Ed on leaving his church:

“As an openly gay man, the Church is not a place where I find solace any longer.Living with the pain and guilt I have for so many years, not willing to accept the truth about my orientation has at times brought me to the point where I questioned whether life was still worth living, I can no longer live trying to appease someone else’s idea of who I should be, and have come to the conclusion that it was never my Savior’s intent to change me from the way I was born.”

A challenging moment for the Smart family, but better late than never! It seems as if Ed has been through it in the closet. Glad to hear he’s living for himself now.

!! OMG, our girl Lorraine gets ‘CHOPPED’ in the latest from comedian Cole Escola !!

Oh, Lorraine! Who hasn’t needed to use the excuse that their TV was left on too loud at home and they had to go turn it down!? Check out her appearance on CHOPPED above! Thoughts?!

!! OMG, producer demo of Britney’s ‘Piece of Me’ leaks with ROBYN singing the original sample track !!

According to a 2008 B&A profile for ‘Cafe’, Britney had an unspoken rule about recording songs about her personal life, since she rejected ‘Sweet Dreams My LA Ex’ (which was a response to Justin Timberlake‘s ‘Cry Me A River’ eventually recorded by Rachel Stevens).

The duo wrote the song with Klas Åhlund, on a day when Britney Spears wasn’t able to make it into the studio due to the paparazzi chaos surrounding her. Even though it broke all of the rules set by Britney, they sent it to her and she loved it! She eventually showed up to the studio and knew all of the words, which she learned in the car on the way over. It turns out, the demo that she “loved” was sung by Robyn, whose backing vocals are still heard on the final album mix of the song.

Wow! Check out Robyn‘s version of Piece of Me above! Look like they killed the flute solo at the bridge!

!! OMG, gossip: Out gay rapper Lil Nas X is on the cover of TIME Magazine !!

A truly historical moment! [towleroad]

John Mayer granted restraining order against obsessed fan [socialite life]

Ashley Graham and her husband are expecting their first baby [dlisted]

Univision aired its first gay-led Telenovela [instinct]

Debra Messing and Megan Mullally unfollow eachother on Instagram [celebitchy]

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