!! OMG, YUM! IHOP is celebrating Halloween with a “dreadfully delicious” tie-in menu for ‘The Addams Family’ !!

Take all our money! After all, Halloween is almost upon us with only 45 days to go!

Unveiled by IHOP today, the full Addams Family menu for the Halloween season will include Wednesday’s Web-Cakes, Morticia’s Haunted Hot Chocolate, Gomez’s Green Chile Omelette, Uncle Fester’s Chocolate Ice Cream Shake and the Kooky Kids Kombo. The menu goes heavy on the “violet whipped topping,” a spooky purple-colored whipped cream.

The highlight here is easily Wednesday’s Web-Cakes, which will force the artisans over at IHOP to decorate your pancakes with a perfectly festive spider web made of chocolate syrup!

The menu is available now, and the film arrives in theaters on October 11th.

Check out the full bonus menu items after the jump!


!! OMG, Anna Nicole Smith’s now 13 year old daughter Danielynn talks her love of acting with Entertainment Tonight !!

Anna Nicole’s daughter lil baybay Dannielynn is all growned up and wanted to try her hand at acting! Hopefully she can’t top her mom’s iconic performance in 1996’s Skyscraper! Flying a helicopter in fire engine red acrylic press-on nails is not easy! Check out what ET has to say above!

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