!! OMG, how salty: Hockey players necking on the ice !!

Boston Bruins left wing Brad Marchand got very intimate with Toronto Maple Leafs center Leo Komarov in an incident where Marchand claims Komarov was shadowing him too closely. His solution? Sensuously lick Komarov’s neck.

We wonder if this is some sexy new coaching strategy at work. Rest assured we will be watching hockey much more closely from now on and will report back. (Thanks to Mary for the tip!)

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!! OMG, quote of the day: Paris Hilton says she’s always been smarter than you think !!

“I wouldn’t get this far in life being a dumb blonde. Being in this industry for so many years, you build a character and can kind of hide behind that shield.” But in real life, Hilton says, she knows how to run a business meeting. “As soon as I walk in there, I just take over the room and people know who’s the boss.”

– Paris Hilton on a misconception people have about her VS the character she created. Hmmmm, still doesn’t explain how she voted for Trump though, if that’s the case. Was she in character?

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!! OMG, gossip: When Chloe from Smallville tried to woo Hermione Granger into a sex cult !!

Someone grab the Kryptonite! Allison Mack AKA Chloe from Smallville tried to lure Emma Watson into her sex cult [dlisted]

Kanye apparently still loves Trump? [celebitchy]

Damnnn! ScarJo‘s new nerdy SNL piece is FINE [lainey]

American Idol‘s drag star Ada Vox sings ‘I’m Not Going’ [towleroad]

Rep. Brian Sims gets called ‘a lying homosexual’ [instinct]

Alan Cumming‘s greatest buldge and butt shots! [gay fleshbot, nsfw]

20 ways to make your house sell for more, really. [domino]

Military leaders are speaking out about what it’s really like with trans soldiers in their units [gay pop buzz]

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