!! OMG Stars: New Moon in Taurus (May, 2021) !!

OMG Stars by Amelia EhrhardtNew Moon in Taurus, May 11, 2021

On an recent episode of the podcast “What’s Your Sign?”, the three hosts go into a deep discussion about Taurus, in honor of this Taurus season. They dispel a lot of the mouths about the sign, and bring up some little-talked-about qualities. For example, they reject the idea that Taurus is lazy, and counter that the archetype is actually pretty active, given the Taurean love of the outdoors.

I’ll add to this with one of my favorite facts about Taurus: in my life outside of Astrology, I’m a dancer and choreographer, so a lot of my clients come from this field as well. Taurus is the sign I have noticed to be the most common among dancers. This is not to say that all dancers have important Taurus placements (I have none!) but rather that the large majority of working professional dancers I know have Taurus in an important part of the chart.

New Moon in Taurus, May 2021This makes a lot of sense to me: Taurus gets written off in meme astrology as pleasure-loving, obsessed with food and rest, but the reason Taurus loves those things is that Taurus is the sign most connected to the body. The sign most about the experience of being in a body, of feeling that body in contact with another surface. Dance as a practice ultimately is about being in a body and experiencing its sensations: of air against the skin, the floor underneath you, the proximity of other bodies.

This Taurus new moon is joined in the sign by Uranus, planet of innovation and upheaval, in a friendly sextile to Neptune, planet of spirit and confusion. While this is happening, Uranus is in a sextile of its own to Mars, the spicy boy. Although you may notice folks are a bit sensitive right now, and likely to be protective of themselves, it’s also likely to be a time to engage in some constructive rest and let yourself recharge.

This Taurus new moon, invite a renewal within your body. Slow down and notice sensations, and seek new experiences within them. The interior landscape alone can be thrilling.

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