!! OMG, off-brand Willy Wonka exhibit is the new Fyre Festival, ends with police intervention !!

Well, at least they got the WONK part right!

Guests reportedly paid £35 (about $45) to get to the ‘WILLY WONKA EXHIBIT’, but once inside, there wasn’t much for them to enjoy. Photos from the event show a sparsely decorated room with almost nothing that was promised in the seemingly AI-generated advertisements, which even contained several misspellings.

Some of the costumes were seemingly just as disastrous as the experience itself. Paterson felt her costume was “really cheaply made” and “so inappropriate” for a children’s event, according to Vulture.

Find more on the farcical event, with images and a video tour from inside after the jump!


!! OMG, WATCH: Doc about one of the first gay American discos STUDIO ONE FOREVER gets a trailer !!

STUDIO ONE was more than just one of the first gay discos in America; it was a mecca for gay men looking for identity in a world that saw them as outcasts. Connected to the disco was The Backlot supper club, which merged the gay community with the Hollywood elite for the first time. From 1974-1993 it became the center of nightlife in West Hollywood and the staging ground for the rise of the LGBT rights movement and the fight against the AIDS crisis.

Check out the trailer above! Where can we watch this? Does it have distribution yet?

!! OMG, presenting our Halloween costume for 2024: ‘Spirited’ National Anthem Girl !!

This girl said ‘Fergie, hold my beer’ after having 12 beers and really got up there and did this beeg sleeiough on the National Anthem like that (deserving). Rebecca Black, have a seat.
You just know some pageant tiger mom is behind this.

And the flared arm detail on that gown! We love.

!! OMG, here is documentation of some of the most harrowing MASCOT costumes ever to haunt this Earth !!

This is the shit nightmares are made of! We can only guess as to how many of these cursed images were on the mood board for Five Nights At Freddy’s. Check out a full gallery of some of the most deranged, unsettling mascots you’ll wish you never laid eyes on after the jump!


!! OMG, have you heard? WHO warns about measles outbreak due to lapse in vaccinations !!

The lapse was due to backlog at hospitals over the COVID-19 pandemic [Celebitchy]

Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid come out as straight lovers [Lainey]

The Independent Spirit Awards 2024 Best Dressed List is here! [Socialites Life]

It must be so embarrassing to be Lindsey Graham right now [Queerty]

Marcello Hernandez‘s peach! [Boy Culture]

The internet went wild over Omar Apollo and ‘Elite’ actor Arón Piper‘s selfie [Instinct]

The Insta account that collects cursed images [Sad and Useless]

!! OMG, don't miss these !!