!! OMG, WATCH: Doja Cat play ‘Smash or Pass’ with looks from the past! !!

Doja Cat plays Smash or Pass with past red carpet looksIf any of the pop girls today are turning heads with their fashionz, it’s Doja Cat!

From her “hairy-ass-pussy” studded body suit moment, to channeling Willy Wonka and the Chicken Factory, to Victor Rolf-Anarchist, to sophisticated Schiaparelli geometric dress, Doja takes it all over the place. But she does it with confidence, and that can never look bad!!!

What is she going to wear to the Grammy’s this Sunday… could it be something brutalist? We don’t know! Keep an eye on it though!

Watch her critique her previous red carpet looks after the jump!


!! OMG, ever wonder how not to be terrible? !!

how to behave

The Cut has done us all the supreme solid of compiling this very au courant list of how to “text, tip, ghost, host, and generally exist in the world today.”

A few standouts that we are echoing here for the people in the back:

18. If you’re a dating adult, you should own lube. It doesn’t matter who you are having sex with.

36. Never ask anyone what their job is. It’s classist and boring.

Anything critical they missed?



!! OMG, don’t touch that dial: KNFW and the new season of Nymphowars !!

nymphowars banner

If you’re looking for some light-hearted chaos today (you are), why not listen to the newest episode of our favorite podcast NYMPHOWARS?

This season on the pod, hosts Macy Rodman and Theda Hammel have started their own talk radio channel KNFW, where they shoot the breeze and often get famous guests stopping by or even helping out (hi, Madonna!), plus shill some very special sponsors (you won’t discover Our Little Secret unless you listen).

In the latest episode, see what happens when Macy gets a little too high and starts tripping all over the room as Theda reads her news headlines, only to be interrupted by Matthew McConaughey himself! Listen to the episode on Apple, Spotify or your fav app.

If you really love KNFW, you can shop their super stupid merch.

KNFW Nymphowars sweatshirt

For more Macy, check out her OMG.BLOG Q&A.

!! OMG have you heard: Ben Aldridge on his coming out !!

ben aldridge

Everyone’s cool with Ben Aldridge having come out, including him! [boy culture]

Str8 peepo: they’re just like us. [towleroad]

Jessica Simpson has even more to say. [lainey gossip]

Taylor Lautner’s big regret. [dlisted]

Ellen and Portia: they’ve done it again. [instinct]

From filling to emptying, it’s a wild ride for faces. [celebitchy]

Two words: sleepy bees. [sad and useless]

A male model who is hot?! [socialitelife]

Remind me, why do people listen to this guy? [Ruin My Week]

!! OMG, ban it: Overhead lighting !!

no overheads

Trust me, Cookie fresh, Cookie tight, Cookie sweet, but what Cookie is most certainly NOT is happy about the LED pot lights in my hookup’s bedroom last night.

This is right up there with no wire hangers children! Repeat after me: No Overhead Lighting!

As the good people doing the work at @carljungmemes suggest, “embrace literally anything else.”

Trades, I’m looking to you—electricians I mean—to save us from this ghastly epidemic that has claimed far too many ambient, sensual moments.


!! OMG, a glimpse inside Michael Imperioli’s stunning New York home !!

Michael Imperiolis home

If, in addition to the theme song, you were digging the beautiful palazzos of White Lotus Season 2, then you’ll surely love Italian daddy—in character and in life—Michael Imperioli’s NYC suite, designed by interior and set designer Victoria Imperioli, who is conveniently also his wife.

Even though it’s jam-packed with antiques, and devoid of any modern art, the space still seems to feel so calming. Or do you find it perhaps a bit… molto?

Watch him look for books behind paintings in the video from Architectural Digest, after the jump.


!! OMG, fitting in or standing out? !!

1983 punks

The counter culture freak and the normie have always been at odds, but here, we won’t judge you for the music you listen to, or how you express yourself through fashion.

But the fact that we can’t help but be obsessed with the looks that these 1983 first-gen punks are bringing to the table will tell you in which direction we lean! Check out this archival footage to see how the kids used to do it in London town. Plus ça change?

Watch the video after the jump!


!! OMG, don't miss these !!