!! OMG, have you heard? Marlon Wayans slams haters, celebrates Pride with transgender son !!

Marlon Wayans proudly defends LGBTQ+-forward photoshoot against all of the haters [Instinct]

Ian McKellen was hospitalized after he fell off stage during London performance [Socialites Life]

Justin Timberlake was arrested for driving while intoxicated in Sag Harbor [Celebitchy]

The Mets invited Grimace to throw out the first pitch, and now they can’t stop winning [Queerty]

REVIEW: The new Liza doc is truly terrific [Boy Culture]

Scooter Braun is stepping away from artists management [Lainey]

The strange portraits of artist Edu Montiero [Sad and Useless]

!! OMG, Gooning, rizzing and Grimmace shakes paint Elliot Cox’s cover of Lana Del Rey’s !!

@elliotcox01 Video Goons – Lana Del Rizz @Lana Del Rey #lanadelrey #videogames #skibidi #brainrot #cover #ohio #sigma #edging #fortnite ♬ original sound – Elliot Cox

He goons, he mews, but mostly goons… Let his angelic vocal stylings put that Gen-Z edge on a Lana Del Rizz classic! Check out Elliot Cox above! –Grammy nom?

!! OMG, do you want her hear her go off?! Delta talks TikTok slang and memory lane in this episode of VERY DELTA feat. Vanity Halston !!

An episode of very Delta is like sitting with a good cup of coffee with your very best gossipy aunt, or maybe an older friend who likes to rant and gossip, and you just sit there and listen — a rare comfort!

In this Episode, Delta talks TikTok slang and memory lane in this episode featuring long time friend Vanity Halston and touches on fat-shaming terminology and why those people need to get more creative and ‘say that shit with their chest’. Hold a space for her and her diet Pepsi, and check out Delta after the jump!


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