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!! OMG Stars: Cancer Season 2024 Horoscopes !!

Queer astrologer Amelia Ehrhardt. Photo by Krystle Merrow

Photo by Krystle Merrow

Every single time I start these horoscopes, it’s a struggle not to insert a gif of Alyssa Edwards walking into the workroom for AS2. I can no longer resist:

(I checked to see if there was anything relevant in Ms. Edwards’ astrology that would make me cave this time around: nothing stood out, but I can report that she’s a double Capricorn.)

I’m moving back into a monthly format with these horoscopes, and this time we are looking at what’s coming up in Cancer season.

Starting off with the summer solstice on the 20th and the full moon in Capricorn at its exact degree the following day, Cancer season begins with Venus and Mercury conjoined also in Cancer, starting off the season having just held hands for a few days. We’ve been in a place of alignment between our hearts and our mouths, but that passage is brief as Mercury speeds along and leaves Venus alone.

By the time we get into July, the major for the month kicks off: Mars briefly sextiles Saturn from the 5th to the 9th, and then conjoins Uranus from the 14th to the 18th. The first of these two is an opportunistic, if spicy, transit, bringing collective will and collective discipline together (a useful thing while these two planets are in rather lazy signs). Mars’ conjunction to Uranus is more overtly touchy, as Spicy Boy Mars shares a bed with Chaos King Uranus. Those final days of Cancer season will likely be hot in every sense of the word, so plan accordingly.

In the background of all this fast-moving astrology is a long-running sextile between Neptune and Pluto. Robert Hand writes of this combination that “the mysteries of life and death are not abstractions… anymore but are directly and immediately relevant.” These two furthest-out planets are the most hidden parts of our psyche: Neptune is mysticism, intuition, dreams, and confusion, while Pluto is power, passion, fear, and transformation. I’m finding their combination revelatory. Neptune is in his ruling sign of Pisces—also the sign of mysticism, intuition, dreams, and confusion—and Pluto is in the earliest degrees of Aquarius, the sign of freedom, knowledge, and chaos.

How does an expanded mind help teach you what it means to be free? How does it teach us all the ways that some of us are free and some of us are not? Why are we afraid of freedom? How does knowledge transform us? If we get in touch with our relationship to the unknown, does it help us come to clear understanding and knowledge?

These are the questions that this long and rumbling astrology leaves me with.

Wishing you all a beautiful solstice and a happy Pride,

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