!! OMG, WATCH: Hilary Duff recreates her iconic and camp ‘That’s so gay’ PSA moment !!

The ‘Think Before You Speak’ PSA was shot to combat homophobic language in youths and starred Hilary Duff. But Hilary is no stranger to her past work being brought back for jokes on the internet. Just look at her GMA dance moves! She recreated that choreo as well. Now, the Duffster is taking the piss of the PSA with a couple gay pals. Check it out after the jump – and watch the original ad above!


!! OMG, have you heard? Drag Race Uk star Cherry Valentine has passed away !!

RIP RPDR UK star Cherry Valentine, taken from us far too soon [instinct]

Grandmaster chess champion Magnus Carlsen abruptly quit a game against rival Hans Niemann, who has been accused of cheating using anal beads [dlisted]

Sir Elton John was awarded National Humanities Medal by Joe Biden [towleroad]

HEADLINE OF THE YEAR: Lil Nas X and Madonna’s pre-gig catch-up interrupted by his nervous poop [socialites life]

Aaron Taylor Johnson… shirtless and blabbing. That is all. [boy culture]

Diego Luna shines in Andor [lainey]

Tom Hardy snuck into a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament and won gold! [celebitchy]

Artist redesigns modern logo as if they were to have existed in the Middle Ages [ruin my week]

Funny tweets about pyramid schemes [sad and useless]

!! OMG, why not wear it? Toga’s twisted shirting + other eye-catching moments from London Fashion Week !!

Toga Spring/Summer 2023 at London Fashion Week

A look from the Toga Spring/Summer 2023 collection

Not even the mourning period for a famous elderly racist could dampen the spirits of fashun lovers keeping tabs on London Fashion Week!

Despite the recent departure of the royal out-of-touch meemaw, the shows went on (for the most part) and wow, what a treat.

See our full LFW Spring/Summer 2023 round-up after the jump!


!! OMG, Craigslist ad placed by husband requests: ‘I need a gay friend for my wife’ !!

What do you do when you’re a straight dude who is exhausted by your extroverted wifey who wants to party all the time!? In one man’s case, you post a wanted ad… on Craigslist! Sometimes the girls wanna have fun, and you can’t keep up! Face it! You’ll need to call on the power of Grayson and Hunter from your local gay bar to meet her energy. Check out the ad that asked for just that after the jump!


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