!! OMG, fancy a sweet? A British candy round-up !!

Oliver Jackson-Cohen, and James McArdle in Man in the Orange Shirt

Oliver Jackson-Cohen and James McArdle in Man in the Orange Shirt

God bless these queens! We have the Brits to thank for some of the hottest gay scenes in movies and television, and we had a lot to choose from for this round-up, so we decided to get specific and keep it anal!

These are the hottest scenes featuring actors from the UK fully committing to the art of the bedroom scene. It’s honest work and we support it.

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!! OMG, a crop-topped Christopher Meloni chats about being a ‘Zaddy’ with Interview Magazine + new shoot !!

“I’ve been called that a lot, and who am I to argue with it? Sure, I’m a zaddy.”

– The ultimate ZADDY and Oz icon with the thick legs and big booty, Christopher Meloni, flexing for Interview Mag in the latest issue! Check out more pics from the sexy shoot after the jump!


!! OMG Stars: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini, June 2021 !!

OMG Stars by Amelia Ehrhardt

Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Gemini, June 10th, 2021

If you or someone around you has been asking, “WTF is going on right now?”, rest assured that, astrologically, something is TF going on.

I’ll put it all in astrological terms, then I’ll translate after.

Today’s solar eclipse and new moon takes place conjunct Mercury, currently retrograde at 10º of Gemini. The sun, moon, and Mercury are all in a square to Neptune, a square that Mercury has been in for more than a week now. Meanwhile Saturn and Uranus are in their square, the second of three this year, and still around one of the tightest orbs they’ll make this year.

We also just got out of an opposition between Mars and Pluto, in Cancer and Capricorn respectively, in late cardinal degrees that were badly hit last year.

To translate into English: Things are a bit messy. Mercury retrograde is what we know it to be: a time of revision but also of things going awry, plans not working out, misunderstandings possible. Square Neptune, planet of confusion and mystery, the chance for misunderstanding is not just possible but basically to be expected. Neptune is in Pisces bringing a deeply emotional element to these misunderstandings.

Horoscopes for New Moon and Solar Eclipse in GeminiEclipses, meanwhile, tend to precipitate crises or major changes: we’re currently in eclipse season, having just had a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius two weeks ago. We fear eclipses as we fear change, and we dislike Mercury retrogrades as we dislike unpredictability. This astrology is a bit like the feeling of encountering a minor irritation while you are in a major personal crisis. Usually a flat tire on your bike, a transit reroute, an email problem, would be annoying. When you’re in major crisis, these things can be the tipping point.

To bring Mars and Pluto into the mix, their major action is already passed: the opposition was strongest last weekend. But that opposition occurred in parts of Cancer and Capricorn that were very active last year, particularly last summer during some very challenging astrology (and times): I had wondered, and am now noticing that, this opposition is bringing back some energies and thematics of last summer.

Particularly since combined with Mercury retrograde, which tends to be a very nostalgic time, we’re being drawn back into some conversations we maybe hoped we were done with.

The eclipse is making space for the change we were not ready for last year. Give yourself the space you need to process it, be kind to the people around you, and be slow with your speech.

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