!! OMG, Nick Jonas, the warrior, covers the Autumn/Winter MAN ABOUT TOWN issue !!

The sky’s the limit when it comes to Nick Jonas. Proving his polymath powers, Jonas embraces fatherhood, being back on stage with his brothers and taking to the screen once more in Amazon’s ‘Foreign Relations’, an upcoming buddy comedy co-starring Glen Powell. “We were on the golf course, of all places, and came up with this idea together,” says Jonas. “It was so fun to build something with a friend. You work with people and it’s kind of an exchange, and this is truly fun for both of us.”

As the American actor, musician and business mogul gears up for another big year, Jonas stars on the Autumn/Winter 2022 cover of Man About Town, talking new music and not taking life too seriously.

Damn, we need a chest plate like this! We could eat as many Doritos as we like if we had that. Anyhoo, you can pre-order the Jonas issue here now. Find Nick after the jump!


!! OMG, happy Monday! Italian actor Luca Calvani and his partner Alessandro Franchini enjoy some rays !!

Recently, 48-year-old Italian star Luca Calvani recently revealed that for six years he has loved Alessandro Franchini, the Tuscan entrepreneur (with a promising football past). Pride month inspired the actor to come out publicly. Luca recently shared a manspreading speedo snap of his handsome partner on Insta. Oh, the perks of living authentically! 😍 Check them out after the jump!


!! OMG, have you heard? Demand for TELFAR bags spikes after Beyonce mentions brand in new song !!

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!! OMG, quote of the day: Rosie says she regrets making fun of Anne Heche before her deadly crash !!

“I can’t stop thinking about this Anne Heche accident and how horrifying the whole thing is and feeling bad that I made fun of her when she was talking to Barbara Walters about having a relationship with space aliens.”

If we have an honest discussion about drunk driving, we find out just how prevalent it is and that’s terrifying, isn’t it? I think it’s a miracle that she didn’t kill anyone … and I hope she survives. But wow, what a tragic tale. That car was on fire for a long time, they say.”

Rosie then urged fans to seek help for alcoholism if they needed to.

She said: “Try it before it’s too late. Try it before you’re at your lowest.”

– Rosie sharing her regrets for making fun of Anne Heche, while posting a video on TikTok following Anne’s deadly, fiery crash.

!! OMG, she’s Everywhere… even in the slammer! Michelle Branch booked on domestic assault charges !!

Pop singer Michelle Branch was arrested Thursday at around 2AM in Nashville for assaulting her husband Patrick Carney.

According to docs out of Nashville, obtained by TMZ, on Thursday at around 2 AM police were called to their home for a possible domestic disturbance. Michelle admitted she had slapped Patrick in the face “one to two times,” according to court docs.

Patrick did not have any visible injuries and Michelle was taken into custody. Her bail was set at $1,000 … and it appears she was released from custody early because she’s breastfeeding the couple’s 6-month-old.

Well it sounds as if Michelle reacted to her husband cheating on her poorly, but at least she got out soon and no babies went hungry!

FUN FACT: The red mark on her face in the picture is a birthmark. Who knew! The magic of entertainment.

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