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!! OMG, Etsy shop ‘ReadfulThings’ brings classic Horror VHS’ to life !!

Online Etsy shop ReadfulThings offers one-of-a-kind VHS and Betamax sculptures that turn classic horror tapes into eye-popping art!

The handmade, mixed media sculptures use polymer clay and other materials to breathe new life into old tapes, each one themed after the movie contained on the tape. Horror favorites The Thing, Critters, Creepshow and The Blob are currently available, selling for $80 apiece.

Check out a gallery of some of them after the jump! They also make custom action figures!


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!! OMG, gossip: K-Fed is coming straight for Brit Brit’s finances !!

“Time for an audit!” [ celebitchy]

Stop the fucking presses! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have chosen their wedding cake flavour [dlisted]

Paradise Lost? Hope for any of us? Gay adult film stars Brent Corrigan and J.J. Knight split [instinct]

Emma Stone is the new ginger face of LV [lainey]

Trump infuriated afte White House leak shows he congratulated Putin on recent rigged electoral win [towleroad]

Gay man acts real butch while pretending to carpentry, shows much crack [gay fleshbot, nsfw]

Things in nature that look like butts [sad and useless]

If you don’t want spoilers, stay off social media. Controversial idea? [now]

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!! OMG, don't miss these !!