!! OMG, gossip: Garrett Clayton comes out, reveals gay relationship !!

Garrett Clayton comes out and reveals longtime boyfriend [instinct]

First male cheerleader in the NFL makes historic debut [towleroad]

The Clooneys host the Sussexes [lainey]

Nicki Minaj got extremely salty on Twitter after her album debuted at #2 on Billboard [dlisted]

Crazy Rich Asians rules the box office, beats out Marky Mark movie [celebitchy]

Ripped Adam Rippon returns to social media [gay fleshbot]

Liam Hemsworth‘s underwear snaps leave little to the imagination [gay pop buzz]

OMG, bunnies in sunglasses! [sad and useless]

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!! OMG, Sacha Baron Cohen tricked a food critic into raving over taste of human flesh !!

He’s the master of fooling awful people into revealing their true nature! Check out Sacha Baron Cohen posing as Rick Sherman, a gourmet chef who made his name training in the kitchen of a maximum security prison. His cuisine had some interesting touches, and international food critic Bill Jilla was all about trying it! YUM!

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!! OMG, time to get off my ass and get to the gym! Angela Bassett turns 60! !!

Happy Birthday to all my Leo brothers and sisters. Let’s eat cake!

A post shared by Angela Bassett (@im.angelabassett) on

Damnnn, Miss Angela Bassett could technically be a grandmother, but she’s lookin more like she should be on SPRING BREAK flauntingher bawdy-awdy-awdy on her 60th birthday this week! What do we need to do Angela!? What are u eating? Which blood of virgins are you feasting upon!?

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