!! OMG, it’s Friday: Hosted by Cher showing off her hot new boyfriend in a thirst trap tweet !!

The Cougs are-a-COUGLIN! Recently, we may have shared that Cher, 76, has a new boyfriend. Yes, she’s become taken with a man 40 years her junior, Mr. Alexander Edwards, 36. ‘IF’ I Could Turn Back Time just become WHEN and HOW! Cher is showing us how to live in your late 70s.

Edwards, also known as “A.E.”, is a music producer and rapper from Oakland, California. He’s vice president of artists and repertoire at Def Jam, the long running hip-hop music label which has featured such notable artists as Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, Frank Ocean, LL Cool Jay, Lady Gaga and others.

We love this for her! Cher’s worked hard and has a younger spirit than half her contemporaries. Hey, you can be age-ist and moan all you want about the couple’s age difference, but they seem happy. And at least she’s not out there rapping with Diplo or doing poppers on TikTok Live (though… we kinda wish she would!?) Find the full thirst trap of A.E. after the jump!


!! OMG, Zac Efron continues his Wig ‘n’ Muscle’ era on the set of ‘The Iron Claw’ !!

Every biopic needs one thing, and one thing only! Truth? No. Permission from the person? For them to be ALIVE?Nope. Talent? NO! …every biopic needs a good WIG!!

Zac Efron stepped out of his trailer on the a24 film The Iron Claw which, based on the short-shorts alone, is screaming OSCAR!! Check out more of Zac on set after the jump!


!! OMG Playlist: November 2022 !!

OMG Playlist November 2022

Every month, our music editor ED curates a special selection of newly released music for the OMG Playlist on Spotify (follow us @omgblog).

November can be a little moody which is why Hyd’s “CLEARING” has been on repeat for us! This album is melancholic hyperpop shoegazey heaven! It pairs well with a brisk night walk where you think long and hard about your life—if you’re into that.

Some more to feed our moody spirits is “GO” from Lolahol aka Lourdes Leon aka Madonna’s daughter!!! Although that connection might be hard to escape, we want to honor Lourdes for her work individually, because her vision is solid and we love it: downbeat, atmospheric, sexy, and giving us a little Portishead.

Speaking of Madonna, The Blessed Madonna, the house DJ not the singer, also released a new song “Serotonin Moonbeams” and it sounds exactly like that. This is a catchy track that we hope to get us through the winter!!!

It doesn’t stop there! Check out the full playlist with releases from Patrick Cowley, Coco & Clair, Ladytron, Sega Bodega, Fever Ray, and many more.

Stream the entire playlist above or on Spotify.

!! OMG, have you heard? A new gay dating show about DILFS is coming to OutTV !!

For the Love of Dilfs is an 8-episode saga which will debut in early 2023 and will be hosted by Stormy Daniels [instinct]

Even more ENTANGLED: Jada Pinkett Smith‘s ex August Alsina seemingly comes out as he introduces new man [towleroad]

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Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are taking a break [socialites life]

Chris Hemsworth is taking a break from acting following Alzheimer’s genetic testing [celebitchy]

British man catches the biggest goldfish you’ve ever seen, innit!? [ruin my week]

Former Yeezy employees are spilling the beans about how fucked up it was working for Kanye [lainey]

Not shockingly, Twitter is supporting violent anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric [boy culture]

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!! OMG, his butt UHGAIN: Actor Michael Graceffa in ‘Chippendales: Hulu’s Limited Series’ !!

In the past, Instagram has held the key to the awe-inducing, voluptuos sight of ‘Fire Island’ and ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ actor Mikey Graceffa’s bare backside. We mentioned before that the actor is also a dancer, singer, artist and stylist! Well! Now, hi famous tushy has gone prime-time! Today we give “Thanks”. Check him out starring in Hulu’s Chippendales Limited Series after the NSFW jump!


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