!! OMG, FENDI’s new ‘Touch of Fur’ shawl reminds us something that we just can’t put our finger in it… er… ON IT. !!

The “Touch of Fur” shawl by FENDI is a new part of this season’s womenswear collection, made from silk and wool, trimmed with fox fur.

I mean, if it weren’t for the fur, I feel like this would fit right in on stage at a Peaches show, or in a Janelle Monae video… Oh, and if anyone’s looking for it for Halloween – it’s only priced at a measly £750! Thoughts!?

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!! OMG, gossip: ‘The Connors’ debuts sans Roseanne !!

The Connors debuts without Roseanne. How will the ratings stack up!? [celebitchy]

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Aaron Hernandez’s gay boyfriend from football team steps forward [gay popbuzz]

This Freudian dream analyst gets specific on breakups, anxiety and transformation symbols [man repeller]

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