!! OMG, WATCH: Giant Iceberg flips over on Arctic explorers — and they survive! !!

A group of explorers were sailing the open seas of Svalbard — an archipelago between Norway and the North Pole — when they came across this iceberg. The men who started scaling the huge chunk of ice last month are experienced climbers. Mike Horn, has been a famed explorer for more than 30 years. They obviously didn’t expect what happened moments after they started scaling it. Check it out above!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Love Island’s Noah Purvis is also Corbin Fisher’s “Ethan” !!

The reality star has been mysteriously missing from the US show since Sunday, September 20th. Hmmmm. Could biphobia be afoot?

He only lasted two days on the show, but Noah Purvis (a.k.a. Corbin Fisher’s Ethan) is now the most famous Love Island contestant of the summer.

The Corbin Fisher gay adult film star made his debut on the reality dating show last Thursday night, but over the weekend, CBS and Love Island scrubbed all mention of Purvis from their sites, and he was nowhere to be seen on the actual show Sunday night. Many speculated that CBS removed the hunky gay-for-pay performer due to his gay adult career—which was active as recent as two weeks ago, when he delivered one of the best cum facials of the year—and today, the network released a statement to Entertainment Tonight addressing Noah/Ethan’s removal.

“It has been brought to our attention that cast member Noah Purvis provided false information on his application to Love Island, which violates his contestant agreement,” CBS told ET. They added, “He has been removed from the show.”

While Purvis was undoubtedly removed because he didn’t reveal that he worked as a gay adult star, CBS could’ve forgiven the omission and milked his Corbin Fisher work to bring in more viewers and publicity. Instead, they succumbed to the antiquated notion of adult film being bad for mainstream business, which is incredibly ironic given the nature of Love Island, where having casual sex with multiple partners is the literal format of the entire slutty show.

Find the receipts after the NSFW jump! But also… who cares if the man is bisexual and has appeared on film? I guarantee some of the others likely have too! Kim Kardashian wouldn’t have a career if it weren’t for her tape! Maybe Noah needs his own show?


!! OMG, quote of the day: Actor Francois Arnaud, star of The Borgias, has come out as bisexual !!

“I’m sure many bisexual guys feel the same and end up doing as I did: letting other people’s assumptions of straightness stand uncorrected. Perhaps out of fear of oversharing. Under the guise of privacy, maybe. Probably because ‘masculinity’ is a most fragile currency, ready to nose-dive at the first sign of vulnerability or difference. And because it’s really f–king scary to give up your privilege. Without a doubt because stigmas of indecisiveness, infidelity, deception and trendiness are still clinging to bisexuality.

“But here’s the thing. Silence has the perverse effect of perpetuating those stereotypes, making bi guys invisible, and leading people to doubt that we even exist. No wonder it’s still a chore to acknowledge bisexuality without getting into lengthy explanations. So yes, labels are frustrating and words, imperfect. But I’ve always considered myself bisexual. Not confused or trying to look edgy. Not disloyal. Not ashamed. Not invisible. Happy #bivisibilityday this Wednesday.”

– Actor Francois Arnaud, star of The Borgias, on his bisexuality.

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