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!! OMG, a Q&A with Buzzy Lee !!

Buzzy Lee Sasha Spielburg

Photography by Julia Brokaw

When I sat down with Buzzy Lee, she was in the middle of a typically gruelling press-filled day for an artist promoting a new record. Given the soul-sucking repetition of the scenario, I was surprised to find her enthusiastic and conversational. Perhaps because, or in spite of having (in typical LA fashion) found time for a rather intense sounding therapy session amidst all the hubbub!

This Friday, Buzzy — whose street name is Sasha Spielberg (yes, that Spielberg) — releases Spoiled Love, her first full-length record after a string of EPs, some of which she created with her brother before choosing to step out on her own. Her last EP, 2018’s Facepaint, featured production by composer Nicolas Jaar, and the pair continue their collaboration on this record.

Buzzy Lee Spoiled LoveWe talked to Sasha about the origins of Spoiled Love, the power of crying on the dancefloor, and the hazards of living where it’s sunny all year long. Oh, and a lot of gossip about ex-boyfriends…

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!! OMG, anti-LGBTQ Nigerian politician’s son comes out as gay !!

The son of a homophobic Nigerian politician has come out as gay in a dazzlingly defiant social media post.
Bolu Okupe, based in Paris, France, posted a very cute shirtless selfie with pride flag stating, “Yes I’m Gay AF.”

Speaking to Attitude today about the response, Bolu said: “I’ve had mixed reactions, many negative, as you can imagine, but also a whole deal of positive.

“I think it’s shined a light to issues that we have been avoiding in Nigeria. There are gay men there who exist and they deserve the same respect and treatment as everyone else.”

As you can imagine, this must take a lot of courage to do. We need more voices like Bolu in this world! I bet it’s a real thorn in his hateful father’s side and “cause”.

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