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!! OMG, AMC knows whatsup, keeps Nicole Kidman as their spokesperson/beat poet for another year !!

“Somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this”

What has since become an iconic monologue (Or… er, poem? Sonnet?) Nicole Kidman’s iconic riff on WHY she loves going to the movie theatre so damn much, has now become SO popular that AMC has renewed her contract for a SEASON 2!

They want Nicole to beat-poet another commercial up for them again to drive up business! They know the gays are gagging! Maybe they can bring Kim Cattrall in on the stand-up bass to scat alongside her this time. That would be a beaaautiful duet!

Are you excited to have another emotional monologue to memorize for your acting classes, OMG!? Find the original ad after the jump!


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