!! OMG, you know you want to: ‘hit it right’ by Quarterback Baby !!

Quarterback Baby has just released something sleazy for all of you voyeurs. Maybe you’re not supposed to see it, but we’re gonna show you anyway! This VHS-style “lost tape,” directed by Dylan Mitro, is getting us hot—A supercut ranging from glamour shots, trade-booty-calls, piggy-sex, mirror play, and lubed-up bodies…

It’s a visual feast to accompany Quarterback Baby’s truly beautiful vocal stylings—their angelic instrument a perfect counterpoint to the undeniably horny lyrics of this new song.

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!! OMG Stars: May 2024 Horoscopes !!

Queer astrologer Amelia Ehrhardt. Photo by Krystle Merrow

Photo by Krystle Merrow

This past April had some of the toughest astrology I’ve noticed in awhile, with the major themes being around both conflict and confusion. We saw a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, conjunctions in Pisces between both Saturn and Neptune with Mars, and of course a Mercury retrograde and that little old eclipse. This is astrology that speaks to sudden change, obfuscation of truth, confusing conflict, being told no, and attention where we might not want it. It doesn’t take an astrologer to tell you that.

May eases up quite a bit. We have a brief Neptune-Jupiter sextile between Pisces and Taurus, two signs that love creativity and romance, and both Mars and Venus in their home fields of Aries and Taurus respectively.

But as this month got started I noticed that many people close to me are reeling from April, and that many people are going through major life changes.

So while we head into more easeful astrology, it’s important to think about how this might be more a time of recovery than opportunity. Flowing astrology can be hard to notice, and I have to quote my astrology teacher once again who reminded me recently that the things we want are almost always stressful when they happen—a fact I regularly share with my clients who are applying to jobs and school when I see stressful transits in their future.

With Pluto still moving around the early edges of Aquarius, we are on the precipice of tremendous global change—again, it does not take an astrologer to tell you that. Change is usually really stressful, even if it’s not personally affecting you. However the most recent astrology had the distinction of being both globally stressful and interpersonally irritating. Minor irritations hit worse when it feels like everything is falling apart, and with the kind of intense situations I am watching many of my loved ones go through, they can be hardly bearable.

I do feel like much of this is stuff I repeat all the time, about how change is hard and the world is going through it and everyone’s annoyed. In general, as an astrologer I focus more on the past and the individual’s natal chart than I do on the future, so my horoscopes are always written from this perspective… and the not-so-recent past has largely been about change and people going through it.

So, with some astrology of relative calm, take a breather. It makes a lot of sense for the rest of Taurus season anyway.

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!! OMG, experts on skinty? Kelly and Sharon Osbourne weigh-in on Ozempic use !!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Kelly ‘Oh. No, that’s not–‘ Osbourne and mom Sharon. The two who haven’t shy-ed away from the needle in the past, have touted their embrace of weight-loss drug Ozempic.
Even Ozzy himself chimes in…
What’s your takeaway on the Ozempy craze, OMG? Did it give you surprised Ozempic-face, or did it help in some way? Check out what the trio have to say after the jump.


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