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!! OMG, the Dolan Twins switch lives with Jeffree Star for a day !!

Brooooooo! Youtube thots The Dolan Twins switched lives with Jeffree Star for a day to see what it was like to live like a tracksuited My Little Pony on 5 Redbulls by 10am, and Jeffree put herself in their gym sneakers by working out and skateboarding and making her voice rise to straight theatrics. Check out the twins’ transformation above and find Jefferee’s transformation into a Dolan Twin after the jump!


!! OMG, this dad just built his bisexual daughter a ‘Bi Chair’ and the internet loves it !!

Some people fight hate with logic. Others use humor. But how many individuals do you know of that fight for equal rights by combining humor with their furniture building skills? One father built a ‘Bi-Chair’ for his bisexual daughter because she found the stereotype that people like her can’t sit ‘normally’ to be hilarious. The chair was designed by artist Má Matiazi and built by Israel Walker, according to whom it is meant “for people who can’t sit straight.” The satirical project went viral, as the internet thought it was incredibly creative.

Check out Isreal’s design for his daughter after the jump!


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