!! LOL !!

!! OMG, its called FASHUN, look it up: The Lizard Haircut! !!

If you’re asking ‘What in Southland Tales-Hell is this shit?” –then you need to get with the progrhum!

Our world is controlled by Lizard People (obvi!) so why not play to their egos but openly honouring their grasp over us with a fun and fonky hairstyle!? It’s what’s hot for summer. Check out more examples to show your barber after the jump!


!! OMG, hide yo kids, hide yo eggs! These Easter Bunny costumes are truly the stuff of nightmares !!

As the blossoms of spring bring colour back to our world, it’s a time of joy, reflection, and, for many, a bit of nostalgia. Among the traditions associated with Easter, one stands out for its peculiar journey through time: the Easter Bunny.

The curious and often downright creepy retro Easter Bunny costumes that have scared our families and those who have come before! Check out a full gallery of the most terrifying after the jump (if you dare)!


!! OMG, off-brand Willy Wonka exhibit is the new Fyre Festival, ends with police intervention !!

Well, at least they got the WONK part right!

Guests reportedly paid £35 (about $45) to get to the ‘WILLY WONKA EXHIBIT’, but once inside, there wasn’t much for them to enjoy. Photos from the event show a sparsely decorated room with almost nothing that was promised in the seemingly AI-generated advertisements, which even contained several misspellings.

Some of the costumes were seemingly just as disastrous as the experience itself. Paterson felt her costume was “really cheaply made” and “so inappropriate” for a children’s event, according to Vulture.

Find more on the farcical event, with images and a video tour from inside after the jump!


!! OMG, presenting our Halloween costume for 2024: ‘Spirited’ National Anthem Girl !!

This girl said ‘Fergie, hold my beer’ after having 12 beers and really got up there and did this beeg sleeiough on the National Anthem like that (deserving). Rebecca Black, have a seat.
You just know some pageant tiger mom is behind this.

And the flared arm detail on that gown! We love.

!! OMG, don't miss these !!