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!! OMG, it’s Dami & Janet talking Felicity Huffman in prison !!

In the latest episode of lady reporter Damiana Garcia and her gal pal/building manager Janet Bouchard‘s talk show “Dami & Janet,” the ladies discuss Felicity Huffman’s recent 14-day jail sentencing in the college admissions scandal. The ladies share some very spirited (and not very helpful) commentary on the situation.

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!! OMG, artist Ed Harrington shows us the secret lives of our most beloved characters !!

Illustrator and cartoon artist Ed Harrington has been creating a series of images that can ruin some of your best childhood memories. Harrington takes our favorite pop culture characters and tries to guess what they do when they’re not working, revealing their secret private lives. Have you seen Ariel getting ready to eat Nemo? He-Man straightening his hair? Or Chewbacca shaving his legs? Well, you’re about to.

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