!! OMG, WOOF! Photographer built a special photobooth for dogs and captures their reactions !!

We love this! Photographer Lynn Terry invited puppers to pose in her custom-made photo booth.

“I had these old curtains that looked like old photo booth curtains [so] I tested the idea out while working on a calendar for the local rescue featuring their pit bulls,” Terry told Bored Panda. “I wasn’t sure it would work sort of boxing them in. So my first plan was to take the photos and apply a vintage look with some antique frames that I had.”

The first two pups who modeled for her were living together and were comfortable being in each other’s “dog space.” During the shoot, they spontaneously started kissing and it immediately rolled out into a sequence where Terry could see their little thought bubbles:

“First let’s look at the camera and smile, then let’s look at each other, ok, now quick, make out!”

The photographer absolutely loved it, so she kept playing around with the concept. Eventually, the images went viral and she even published a book called Tails from the Booth. Check out more of Lynn’s photos after the jump!


!! OMG, WATCH: Rescued kitty is fed spaghetti after being stuck in a tree for a week !!

A rescued kitty got a special treat after being rescued this week. According to People:

A Florida cat is safe and sound after spending a week in a tree in Pensacola, thanks to the firefighters who rescued it on Thursday night!

Authorities told WKRG that the rescue took over an hour, as the orange tabby cat kept moving out of the firefighters’ reach.

After three attempts, firefighters were able to use a ladder to get high enough to save the feline, WKRG reports.

Nearby business owners told the firefighters the cat had been in the tree for over a week, and why no one sought help earlier is anyone’s guess. (You: “This is where the Florida part comes in.“)

After the cat was safely on the ground, it enjoyed – WHAT ELSE? Spaghetti! Check out the video after the jump!


!! OMG, this rescued sheep gets 35kg of fleece shorn off after being found lost in a forest !!

Baarack the sheep received a long-overdue trim after he was found in a forest in Australia. It was not clear for how long he had gone without a shearing – but this animal shelter decided to help the little buddy out and get his under-weight body fed with some new friends by his side. Check out his journey above! Needles to say, it’s VERY satisfying watching him get his first haircut in a long while!

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