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!! OMG, how cute: Liquid cats !!


Why do cats love squeezing themselves into tight spaces? It’s a mystery we do not intend to solve today, only celebrate! Whether sleeping, sitting or surprised, these cats are in heaven.

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!! OMG, dad recreates lifelike drawings of child’s drawings of animals from the zoo, and the results are… well… !!

…the stuff of NIGHTMARES if we’re being polite. Check some Tim Burton shit this father transformed his kid’s drawings into. We love them. Find a full gallery after the jump and get Tom Curtis book called Things I Have Drawn: At The Zoo go have a copy of your own.


!! OMG, Oh my… DOG? Demi Moore submits her chihuahua Pilaf for Guinness World Records !!

File this under ‘Stuff you do when you’re retired.’: Hollywood icon Demi Moore thinks her tiny pet dog Pilaf could be a world record holder!

Just days after a two-year-old chihuahua named Pearl was crowned the World’s Shortest Living Dog by Guinness World Records, the actress, 60, said she’s considering submitting her own furry companion for the title.


!! OMG, woman uses Grindr to search for puss, is actually successful !!

Looking? For what exactly? Normally if you were on Grindr and someone was looking for puss, you’d tell them to go elsewhere, but in this case, one woman found success! When Erin Johansen‘s cat Ruby went missing, she called on the powerbottoms of Grindr for their empathy and hungry eye!

According to Johansen, who lives in the Elm Grove area of Brighton, UK, users started reporting sightings of Ruby after seeing her photo on the apps, despite the fact that her profile described her as a “chill, curious and goofy” 21-year-old with an “average body build” who enjoys “karaoke, movies and reading” and was “looking for dates.” Hey, it’s never too late to find love, or, in this case, be on the hunt for a discreet spot to meet, even if you’re a cat!

Johansen told the DailyMail: “There’s a huge LGBTQ+ community around Brighton and we were hoping to put the word out to as many people as possible. I thought we would get messages making fun, but everyone took it really seriously and were just looking to help.”

Eight people contacted Erin regarding Ruby, out of which three reached out through Grindr to report seeing the cat.

Eventually, Ruby was found in Erin’s neighbour’s garden, but that doesn’t change Erin’s experience of having the community be there for her when she was sad about her pussy! Ally reversal achieved!

[via queerty]

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