32 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Actor Tom Pelphrey in ‘A Man In Full’"

  1. They don’t bounce like that

  2. Prosthetic? Looks more like a proboscis!!!! (see: proboscis monkey)

  3. Either way, they made a beautiful cock! And the actor has to authorize so he either has a similar cock or wishes he had this beautiful cock!

  4. He admits that it’s a prosthetic. Sorry guys .

  5. Not sure what’s funnier – this prosthetic or the pearl clutching by those shocked by this scene?

  6. is it real?

  7. I don’t think there’s much of a debate, he’s spoken publicly about the prosthetic.

  8. Wait are we going to see full hard-ons in movies now? Please say yes.

  9. VARIETY article talks with Tom about how and why this prosthetic was used.

  10. Prosthetic

  11. ‘s a prosthetic.

  12. No debate here! That’s definitely a boner!

  13. unrepentant | May 18, 2024 at 1:26 pm | Reply

    he admitted that it’s a prosthetic as it would have been challenging to retain an erection for the duration of the filming of the scene. don’t know if it was to scale or not, though.

  14. Tom Pelphrey on filming that truly shocking ‘Man in Full’ ending scene

  15. thought so. it’s a prosthetic. actor admits it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9eOcnEd7iA

  16. Nope, that’s why the balls are huge, it’s where his actual genitals are hiding.

  17. So fake. His posture betrays it. He, as an actor is balancing the apparatus.

  18. According to a report from Today, Pelphrey said it isn’t really him.

  19. Not sure if I find more amusement in this hysterically mis-proportioned prosthetic or the pearl-clutching reactions to it.

  20. Today.com “Instead, Pelphrey wore “a well-designed and tested prosthetic,” which he says “served us well.””

  21. no chance thats his cock

  22. Man, that’s obviously a prosthetic.

  23. OBVIOUS prosthetic.

  24. what a beautiful erection… size, shape, cut = delicious

  25. Fake penis

  26. lol. Absolutely not. Plastic.

  27. As fake as Modi saying he supports Democracy and isn’t a dictator in India or Putin saying he loves the opposition.

  28. What debate? He’s already admitted it’s a prosthetic. Jeez, this site sucks.

    • I wouldn’t say this site sucks, because they have a bunch of non-fake nudes of celebrities on here.

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