!! OMG, they really did that: Climactic performances !!

Yiannia Papadopoulos in Boy Eating the Bird's Food

Yiannia Papadopoulos in Boy Eating the Bird’s Food

Did you know that some of the hottest men in Hollywood have been so devoted to their roles that they finish themselves off on camera? Like, for real?

We’ve rounded up a very sexy set of GIFs showing these actors letting off some steam, and you can watch them over and over and over (as long as it takes) after the NSFW jump!

View all the real cum shot scenes HERE.

Artem Shcherbakov in Sun in My Mouth  
A daring (and baring) performance of the young actor stroking it until the scene… climaxes when Artem finally blows.

Yiannis Papadopoulos in Boy Eating the Bird’s Food
Yiannis dumps a load into his cupped hand, and then in a shocking turn of events, lifts it to his face and drinks it! If you want to see what happens next, you can see the whole clip HERE.
Matt Riddlehoover in Watch Out Matt Riddlehoover nude cum shot
Not to be outdone, sexy Matt Riddlehoover put his own unique spin on his real cum shot scene. Matt uses individual packets of butter as lube so that he can finger himself while jerking it.

Ryan Kwanten in Not Suitable For Children
Not Suitable For Children, indeed! We wanted to throw in a little extra hotness for your viewing pleasure. Ryan Kwanten might not have actually cum in this rom-com, but the True Blood heartthrob’s character does accidentally unleash his load all over a woman’s face during a hilarious, yet hot, sex scene.

Plus, there’s that ass. He always leaves us Kwanten more….Ryan Kwante nude climax

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4 Comments on "OMG, they really did that: Climactic performances"

  1. Hello-

    a sexy list but the use of the term *Hollywood* is not correct since
    no studio film as ever had a scene of an actor popping a load. these are
    either low budget American indies or foreign films.

  2. Joe swanberg did that too

  3. Richard Vestal | October 14, 2020 at 9:41 pm | Reply

    Love the cum shots and one where the guy is eating his own cum gave me a boner.

  4. Holy shit.. that’s better than porn. ;D

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