!! Britney remembers her cleavage !!

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Now that Britney Spears is BFFs with she who shall not be named, the thinning pop princess is apparently ready to let her boobs flop all over the place once more. Am I the only one who is relieved?

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6 Comments on "Britney remembers her cleavage"

  1. hey maybe a ‘video tape’ of paris and britney ‘gettin it on’ will surface in a few months lol ewww

  2. Uhh, and are they each wearing only one leg of pantyhose? What’s up with that? Just when you thought Britney might be pulling herself back up she takes a left turn to Paris.

  3. Kick ass. Hopefully they will make a sex tape with each other.

  4. Britney’s breasts aren’t real, you know. Implants plus breast milk are a terribly heavy combination.

  5. Whats with the one leg stockings? Looks horrible

  6. Disgusting.

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