18 Comments on "OMG, buldge-tastic! Lilly drummer and Miley’s new beau, Maxx Morando papped in his underwear and shritless"

  1. I find nothing attractive about that man. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but GROSS!

  2. Fruit of the Looms! (drops mike and walks away)

  3. What a pair of tryhards.

  4. They look like lesbian crackheads…

  5. She’s dating a rock band dude from 1974?

  6. Shritless? LOL
    How about an editor and send that dufus a pair of decent fitting underwear.

  7. They both look like they need to be defleaed and bathed.

  8. Miley seems to be back on the mandink permanently.

  9. He looks like he smells of farts. Hahahaha

  10. Was this a contest for the world’s flattest ass? He looks as skanky as she does.

  11. She gave up Liam Hemsworth for THAT????

    • Miley isn’t all that. Liam has upgraded big time.

    • She “gave up” Liam Hemsworth after he cheated on her with 10-15 other different women. He may be pretty but he’s still a worthless, lying piece of shit.

      Don’t be so incredibly superficial, looks aren’t everything. Never have been, never are, never will be. But lets see pics of all the men you’ve been with so we can all offer up our thoughts and opinions on how “hot & sexy” they supposedly are or are not.

  12. Uh…no.

  13. Oh! He’s adorbs!

  14. Pretty average bulge! Embarrassing underwear

  15. Scrawny, no ass and that bulge looks like its mostly balls. I guess Miley likes the drowned rat look.

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