!! OMG, historical candy: Dance of the 41 !!

Alfonso Herrera and Emiliano Zurita in Dance of the 41

More than a century after the real scandal on which it’s based rocked Mexico, the new Netflix film Dance of the 41 takes us inside a world where politics and gayness collided behind closed doors that were thrown open.

A closeted congressman moves up the political ladder when he marries the president’s daughter, becoming a superstar in the bargain. However, a police raid exposes the decadent life he was living behind closed doors, complete with orgies, skinny dipping, and more!

Starring Sense8 star Alfonso Herrera, this film takes a stylized look at this tumultuous moment in time.

See some of the very sexy scenes after the NSFW jump!

From hot springs to hot group things, Dance of the 41 paints a picture of elites connecting and living out their libertine fantasies.

Star Alfonso Herrera shows an impressive amount of skin with his bubble butt and burly boy moustache bringing the heat.


We also get some full frontal action from Carlos Oropeza during an orgy scene for the ages!  See all the scandalous historical action right here.

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3 Comments on "OMG, historical candy: Dance of the 41"

  1. Excellent film! Excellent! Sad! But excellent!

  2. This was such a beautiful film! The leads are so BEAUTIFUL and that orgy scene wow! One has to remember that it was never illegal in Mexico to be gay like in the UK or other countries. So much eye candy in this beautiful film, highly recommended!

  3. O to the good old days

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