!! OMG, have you heard? Dr. Oz won’t be a politician !!

Thank gooddess: Real, live human Crypt-keeper Dr. Oz will not be pursuing a career in politics after loss [lainey]

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian finalize divorce, West to pay $200,000 in monthly child support [socialites life]

The US Justice Department weighs new guidance on encrypted messaging apps [towleroad]

Out footballer Jake Daniels open up on coming out and being himself [instinct]

TMI! Jenna Bush wanted us to know she was sitting Jenna-Bush-OUT, NO PANNIES when he dined with King Charles before the Queen‘s passing [dlisted]

Quinta Brunson doesn’t like to talk about her husband, likes to keep that ‘sacred and safe’ [celebitchy]

50 viral tweets that would have made no sense 10 years ago [ruin my week]

Model Gharret Birka needs help pulling up his trowsers [boy culture]

Pics that make your eyes scream “FUCKERY!” [sad and useless]

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