!! OMG, a video premiere: ‘Houston’ by Earth Clan !!

Earth Clan

“Houston” cover art by Samantha Blake

Montreal-based singer/songwriter Earth Clan is making a sexy, spacey debut with the video for his single “Houston,” directed by Antoine Lahaie (aka fellow Montreal avant-pop artist Antoine93).

”As the video begins, we witness Earth Clan fall to earth. While pining about betrayal and lost love, our main character crashes and takes his hurt on the road only to be beamed back up into space to rejoin the cosmos.”
Backed by warm electro beats created by Boha, “Houston” is charged with big doses of ennui and hope, a dichotomy that feels extra real these days.

Case in point: Just when you think all is lost, you get rescued by two hot aliens that slather you in extraterrestrial honey. See where that storyline goes and more after the jump!

Stream “Houston” on Spotify here.

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1 Comment on "OMG, a video premiere: ‘Houston’ by Earth Clan"

  1. talk about visually generic and blandly sonically dull; the guy has a decent enough voice and with better writing and a better idea to tell, might come up with something decent. but this isn’t that.

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