!! OMG, it’s cinéma vérité (in the bedroom): Campy gay potboiler ‘Enemies with Benefits’ !!

Enemies with Benefits gay movieThis post is sponsored by our friends at Mr. Man.

Hot movie nudity is one thing, but unsimulated, real gay sex is quite another. The insanely sexy (and NSFW, BTW and FYI) gay comedy Enemies with Benefits features way more than just the tip and you don’t have to wait long for the climax. As explicit as it is weird, director Steven Vasquez takes us on a surreal journey that thankfully has a lot of satisfying pitstops.

Needless to say, we had to share this gem with you all! Check out some of the most NSFW moments from Enemies with Benefits after the jump!

View all the unsimulated sex scenes here!

Grayson Lange and Edward Gutierrez in Enemies with Benefits

1. The playful Grayson Lange gets banged by Edward Gutierrez. You can see their full (almost four minutes long!) sex scene here.

2. Speaking of Grayson Lange, his curved monster deserves a place in the Twink Hall Of Fame!

3. And no one takes that perfect peen quite like the adorable horny bottom Chance Feandro. You can watch Lange let it go on Feandro’s face here.

John Edwards in Enemies with Benefits

4. We know that bushes (or lack thereof) can be a divisive topic, so here’s John Edward’s full bush. See him in action here.

Marshall Thomas in Enemies with Benefits

5. After having sex with each other, the model-gorgeous Marshall Thomas gets dressed while cutie Steven Bright stays in bed to finish himself off, leading to this climax. See the rest of their sex scene here.

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7 Comments on "OMG, it’s cinéma vérité (in the bedroom): Campy gay potboiler ‘Enemies with Benefits’"

  1. i saw the preview for this on vimeo. it’s just porn.

  2. This reminds me of the mid-1980’s when the one-channel subscription cable company would run mildly-more-than-soft-core porn beginning at 11PM, and you would have to watch through, like 90 minutes of really cheesy dialog before you ever caught sight of an erection or intercourse.

    At least in the age of DVR, you can fast-forward to the good stuff!

  3. So this is just another porn site now? Yawn.

  4. It’s really bad.

  5. It’s an hour long… you can find it pretty easily on Google to stream… and it was AWFUL. The plot was all over the place and way too random to try and fit in to an hour. I got what they were aiming for, but the execution was really bad. It was essentially just a few minor porn scenes surrounded by some really low-quality acting. Only real payoff is at the end, when the main character you’ve been listening to drone on and on for the past hour is finally shut up with a dick in his mouth. But, by that point, you just want it to be over.

  6. So….porn with slightly better dialogue? I bet the scenes come with fake commercial moaning, as well.

  7. I just got hard at work.

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