!! Happy Simcoe Day! !!

Today everyone in Ontario gets the day off to celebrate something called “Civic Holiday.” In Toronto, we call it “Simcoe Day” in honor of that guy above, John Graves Simcoe, who was the first Lieutenant Governor of Ontario (then called Upper Canada) back in the 1790s. He was also the founder of York (which would become Toronto) and he abolished slavery in Upper Canada twenty years before it was abolished in Britain.
That’s all quite worth celebrating in my opinion, so I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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4 Comments on "Happy Simcoe Day!"

  1. I used to have a boss named Sheri Simko (spelled differently but pronounced the same) and she was a fucking bitch. You can bet I celebrated when I left that job!!

  2. Happy Simcoe Day!
    This has been the laziest day, ever!

  3. I didn’t know you were coming from Canada! Toronto and the Niagra Falls area are two of our favorite destinations!!
    Happy Day Off!

  4. Congratulations on your day!
    By the way, your blog is smashing!

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