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Queer astrologer Amelia Ehrhardt. Photo by Krystle Merrow

Photo by Krystle Merrow

It’s been a minute (almost a year!) since I last wrote horoscopes for OMG.BLOG but I’m happy to be back for the summer! I’ll be sharing astro-thoughts (and being an astro thot) throughout these hot months.

This month, I’ll be focusing on Jupiter and his new move into Taurus. This transit technically started in May but is still in the very early degrees of Taurus throughout this month so it remains news.

Jupiter is about expansion, growth, opportunity. When Jupiter transits a sign I often describe it as being like a spotlight on those ideals; in your chart, it’s a spotlight on the house it sits in. Taurus is about the physical needs we have in our life—comfort, food, resources—and Jupiter in this sign speaks to a focus on these needs.

Uranus, planet of instability and chaos, has been in Taurus since 2018, bringing visibility to the inequality of resources resource distribution. Later in Jupiter’s transit through the sign, Jupiter and Uranus will form a conjunction and this instability will be front of mind worldwide—but now Jupiter is just getting reacquainted and none of those complexities are quite yet in play.

For this months’ horoscopes I’m writing about the impact of Jupiter in the part of your chart where Taurus lives. As always, horoscopes are written for your rising sign, but if you don’t know that, read for your sun sign and see what resonates.

Happy to be back,

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Horoscopes are written using whole house calculations and are meant as inspiration and affirmation of what you already know about yourself. Specific calculations are made for the rising signs, but if you don’t know your rising sign you can read for your sun. You can also read horoscopes  for your moon sign for extra emotional information. You can access your birth chart at astro.com or many other apps and websites using your birth date, time, and location. If you’re interested in getting a reading, you can book one with Amelia here


One of the snarky lessons from adults that most irritated me when I was a kid and a teenager was being caught on the use of the word “need”. “Do you need that or do you want that?” I remember being asked, much in the same tone that adults would respond with “I don’t know, can you?” When you ask if you can go to the bathroom or something.

May I suggest a need to seek the borders between your wants and needs. A want or desire might not be something you need in order to survive, but it’s likely to be something that makes life worth living. I need food and water and shelter, I want them to be delicious and fresh and comfortable, but things are not very lovely when they’re not.

Consider the volume of your desires and your necessities throughout this transit, Aries, and remember your natal skill in communicating your needs.


Naturally this transit is about you, Taurus. Jupiter in your sign is a stellar spotlight on things central to your identity. This may show up as a lot of attention and a lot of opportunity: when I counsel my clients in Jupiter transits such as this, I always advise that you be careful to discern which opportunities are the ones that make sense for you.

Which social occasion, which job offer, which new friendship is the one you want to put your energy into? Jupiter transits have the potential to be extremely overwhelming, so avoid burnout by being choosy with your choices.


It’s a bit of a cliché that getting to know yourself means getting to know all the parts of yourself, which usually means the parts we keep hidden and then usually means the parts we’re uncomfortable with. This transit, Gemini, brings a lot of attention to the parts of you that you keep invisible to yourself.

But think about them like your shadow: it’s hard to see your own shadow when the sun is facing you, but when the sun is at your back your shadow is in front. This transit is a bit like that: a bit like seeing the parts of yourself you don’t usually see, and seeing yourself from the perspective of others.

If this thought makes you cringe, remember that complexity and depth and even hypocrisy are qualities we all have, and they make socializing more interesting—there’s little you like more than something interesting.


The transit of Uranus through Taurus has been tough for the Cancerian bunch, sensitive souls with havoc wreaked in your social circles since 2018. Jupiter has the possibility to both amplify this and bring clarity.

When Jupiter and Uranus conjoin at the start of 2024 you might get some clarification on social calamities of the years past, but for now you just get a bit of opportunity in the social sphere. Make new friends, join new groups, seek out new communities – these are all great things to do while Jupiter is giving you the opportunity.

After the past several years we all need to expand our worlds a little bit, and the rest of this year is a great time for you to do so.


A dear friend of mine wrote a dissertation titled “To Hold the World Visible”. These words have floated in my mind when looking at your astrology with Jupiter in Taurus, because it highlights the ways that you are visible to the world. The way the world sees you in your largest and most visible self, the way you want to be seen and remembered, the way you want to be relied upon.

Jupiter spotlights this part of your life, and asks you to consider the difference between the small and the large in this sense. In practical terms, this can mean opportunity in your career but challenges in your social life, but put in metaphorical terms, let’s think about the various ways you hold yourself visible to others, and how those different ways serve you.


After several years of deep caution (and Virgo, who could be more cautious than you), Jupiter is inviting you to open up your world again. With this transit your next year has the opportunity to be about major growth and development, and I hope you can let it be joyful, Virgo.

Whether this looks like travel you’ve always wanted to undertake or investing in your own growth from wherever you are, Jupiter is giving you a chance grow to fit your world.

This isn’t about big fish little pond stuff, Virgo, this is about the way that expanding your understanding of the world helps you grow alongside it—and taking pride in how that growth supports your relationships with the people you love most.


The last year of Jupiter in Aries saw Jupiter travelling through a very important part of the chart for you, Libra. Jupiter was putting a spotlight your one-on-one relationships, and Libras live their lives through these partnerships. As Jupiter moves through Taurus it will traverse the depths of those relationships, the challenges, the intimacy, the reality of being in relation.

This can be complicated but it’s also where stuff gets real. I ask you Librans of all kinds to not be frightened of intimacy and the complexity that comes along with it. I ask you to not back down from the difficulty because the rewards can be that much greater.

I ask you to stay with the trouble while you make your kin and bask in the afterglow of having moved through something.


I saw a Tiktok that’s making me think of you, Scorpio. It was of a little girl at Disneyland dressed as the Evil Queen from Snow White meeting the Evil Queen herself (henceforth EQ for brevity). The adult actor playing EQ did all the proper snarling and posturing, teaching the little girl how to look properly evil and pose for photos.

Adult EQ made a deal at the end of saying “I’m told some children like… a hug” and embraced the little girl. At the very end she put her hand on the girl’s face and said some things to her you can’t hear from the camera – presumably neither could her parents. This moment is so very Scorpio that I had to share it with you. Jupiter in Taurus brings attention to your closest relationships, Scorpio, and the way they reflect back to you.

I often talk about mirrors when I talk about this part of the chart, so the image of big EQ holding tiny EQ by the face and whispering something to her that no one can hear is one that I hope you will hold onto throughout these next twelve months.


Sagittarius is not a sign known for the mundane. Jupiter, your ruling planet, isn’t necessarily known for this either. Taurus, however, is absolutely the domain of the mundane, and the part of your chart he is travelling through is the precious and sacred mundanity of your everyday life. Jupiter brings his spotlight to this area of your life, so let’s look at this two possible ways: The first is that this can mean a lot of activity in your daily life, a lot going on, maybe some changes and opportunity.

The second, in the absence of the first, is a chance to examine your day to day life and the way that routines and consistency keep you grounded. These two words can be hard for Sag folks, so if you’re not the type for a constant everyday schedule, think about the long form schedules: what do you do every summer? What are the things that repeat for you on maybe not a daily basis, but monthly, yearly? What schedules do you have that you don’t even notice?

Think about how they support you, Sagittarius, as Jupiter brings your attention to them.


The summer is a bit of a ride for you as Pluto transits back into Capricorn during its retrograde cycle, but what else is new for Capricorns in the early 2020s? What a wild ride it’s been. To stick with Jupiter, this transit through Taurus comes through a part of the chart that, I am delighted to tell you, is all about pleasure.

Jupiter does particularly well in this area: other signs get a spotlight on work, finances, health, etc, and you get a spotlight on FUN! Take up dancing, make art, spend time with kids and/or pets, go partying, fall in love, fall in love again, spend a bunch of time this summer sitting on one of those pool floaties with a little drink that has an umbrella in it: It’s in the stars, I swear.


The past few months have been a lot on Aquarius, as Pluto revisits your sign for the first time in more than two centuries. He’ll return for a longer stint starting early next year, but we’ll get to that later: for now I’m going to talk about Jupiter, and his stay in Taurus cozying up your home life. You have some time this year to focus on what stability, home, and family mean to you.

This is great astrology for looking at your own childhood for ways that you learned about stability—both its absence and presence. This can be difficult work, but Jupiter’s presence means it’s well supported for you right now. It’s also a good time to bring this work into your future: what does family mean for you, and what does it mean to be a stable presence to the people who you count as family?

ow lovely to open this chapter in Pride month, Aquarius, because we as gay people, we get to choose etc etc etc.


I often think about the Piscean Problem of communication, and considering the anatomical rulerships of astrology helps me really think about it literally: Pisces, in medical astrology, rules the feet. Grounding you, moving you, but also, as far from the brain and mouth as possible. Communication for Piscean people can often feel like this.

The thoughts, the feelings, are so far away from how you need to say it, and much gets lost in translation. This next year gives you time to focus on what you say and how you say it. You get time to expand how these processes work for you, and increase your own understanding in general. Maybe you do this by taking a writing class, maybe you do this by working on your communication strategies, or maybe you just do this by thinking about doing it: all are effective.

Either way, Jupiter’s movement into Taurus spotlights your communication skills, and they way they can open your world if you let them.

OMG Stars is our astrology column written by queer astrologer Amelia Ehrhardt (@amelia.np.e). At the beginning of each new astrological season, Amelia interprets the upcoming astrology with a focus on how to navigate current events (astrological and global). Book an appointment with Amelia here.

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