!! OMG Stars: May 2022 Horoscopes !!

OMG Stars by Amelia EhrhardtMay 2022 Horoscopes

This is a busy month of astrology, in both amount of activity and characteristics of that activity.

Most of the beginning of 2022 has been marked by a lot going on in the very murky and mystical waters of Pisces. Just when I thought the emphasis on the fish was over, another lunation, another pileup, another aspect would happen and I’d be back to writing about this part of your natal charts. Writing horoscopes feels oddly repetitive as it is, and for the beginning of this year it felt almost psychedelic with how much I was repeating.

May is, blessedly, a break from this.

April ended with the entrance to eclipse season on the 30th: a new moon and solar eclipse in Taurus. New moons are beginning times, and eclipses are associated with endings/beginnings as well, so this turn feels extra good to me. Especially since it is followed by a bunch of planets moving into Aries: the sign of the new, of birth, of energy.

OMG Stars May 2022 HoroscopesAstrological events this month:

May 3: Venus ingress to Aries / May 4-7: Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus / May 10 – June 3: Mercury retrograde in Gemini / May 11: Jupiter ingress to Aries / May 14 – May 16: Sun in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius / May 16: Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in Scorpio / May 15 – 21: Mars in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces / May 18 – 21: Sun in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn / May 24: Mercury ingress back to Taurus / May 24 – 26: Venus in Aries sextile Saturn in Aquarius / May 27 – 28: Venus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn / May 25: Mars ingress to Aries / May 27 – 31: Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries / May 29: Venus ingress to Taurus

In May, Venus, Jupiter, and Mars all enter the sign of the ram. Aries announces himself boldly, comes in off the gate full of fire and encourages us to do the same. With these three planets moving into his sign, we get similar energy.

Mid-month, we get our second eclipse with a full moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio. I adore that the Scorpio full moon takes place in the springtime: showing us that even in our brightest and most hopeful moments, the depth is still there.

As a fun/irritating wrench in this mix on this astrology, Mercury will station retrograde for the second time this year in its home sign of Gemini. Mercury retrogrades are always associated with communication and technology problems, and since Gemini rules these areas as well, we can expect a particularly hectic tumble through the month.

The emphasis on Aries combined with the Mercury retrograde this month reminds me of the Knight of Swords:

The Knight of Swords by Pamela Colman Smith

A knight, bearing a message, comes careening onto the scene, something to say, sharp-witted and sharp-weaponed, perhaps not looking where he is going.

After months of incapacity, the shift into Aries, coupled with the eclipses, gives you an opportunity to start something. Whatever energy you’ve been looking for, astrologically this month will bring it. It might not be tidy and it might not go according to plan, but things this month are gonna start moving.

Wishing you the best of it,

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Aries Horoscope May 2022Aries rising

This is IT, Aries. All the energy you wanted to come during your season? This is the time, actually. Ironically Taurus season this year has all the aries action. This is never exactly hard for an Aries so it’s funny to say it but regardless: out yourself first right now, Aries. The eclipses this month both start and finish cycles in your life around your possessions and the way they’re entwined with other people, and the Mercury retrograde is likely to bring major miscommunication and possibly a sense of word jumble your way.

Thankfully, a whole stack of planets move into your first house this month, an energy that could feel right-at-home for Aries. Venus starts the trip, moving into Aries on May 3rd and bringing her pleasure and sense of aesthetics – this is great for your appearance and any changes you might want to make there. Jupiter joins on May 11th, bringing an inner an outer spotlight to your sense of self, and your ruling planet Mars enters his home turf on the 25th rounding out the pack and bringing the will to bring all this energy into action.

Remind yourself of who you are this month, and enjoy the ride.

Taurus Horoscope May 2022Taurus rising

The eclipses happening in your sign are an exciting time of shifting for all Taureans, but with all the erratic and energetic astrology this month I’m looking at May at a much more tumultuous Taurus season than we might associate with the sign. The eclipses take place in your 1st and 7th houses, along an axis of your chart concerning your identity and your relationships.

Give yourself space to let the old fall away, Taurus, but with the energy of the month I suspect newness is on the docket. New relationships, perhaps, but also new ways of seeing yourself, new projects that feel affirming, and in general new ways of seeing what is already there. Mercury retrogrades are an excellent time to revise and revisit, so use the period starting May 10th to see what in your life could use a refresh.

It’s time to do some spring cleaning of any aspect of your life that needs it (though based on the retrograde placement, might I suggest your finances).

Gemini Horoscope May 2022Gemini rising

Whooo Gemini, this month is a big one for you. The move of planets into Aries loads your 11th house of community with activity, meaning your social calendar could become much more stacked than it’s been for the past little while. This is great for a frenetic Gemini! Meanwhile the eclipses are taking place in your 6th and 12th houses, signaling that the place to look for endings and beginnings are your day to day life and your dreams.

On the mundane level: do you have a new schedule starting? Is there a job you’re ready to quit? On the esoteric level: Do you feel ready to enter a spiritual shift? Are you shedding layers of subconscious skin? Normally I woudln’t feel like a Mercury retrograde is a *great* thing, but for you this month I think the time in revision could be useful.

Mercury will spend an extra long time in your 1st house of identity, letting you reflect on all that subconscious activity while feeling like the social centre of attention that Gemini typically loves to be.

Cancer Horoscope May 2022Cancer rising

Yours is the fourth sign in the zodiac, Cancer, and the first water sign we meet. You are cardinal water – early water, beginning water, life-giving water. Yours is the sign that speaks to the first connections we make in life – infant to parent – and to the vulnerability and depth of connection that follows us forever. Aries, Taurus, and Gemini—the signs that precede you – are the sites of the major astrology in the month of May, and I am left with the image of Cancer appropriately enough as a Mother with three young children in tow, all having their own emotional experience.

Your youngest child, Aries, is bringing energy and will to the part of your chart concerning career, with Martian motivation and pleasure-loving Jupiter and Venus. Taurus plods along through your 11th house of community, where the new moon and eclipses will bring new beginnings to your social sphere. Finally Gemini, the talkative youngster, is chatting up a storm in your 12th house of dreams and the subconscious, and with the Mercury retrograde in this sign, will have you going back over things from your past that you may not have remembered until now.

I very often say to Cancer that it’s critical to learn to parent the child inside of yourself: with this month’s activity and all this hyperactive astrology, parenting your inner child(ren) means giving it space to run around.

Leo Horoscope May 2022Leo rising

All the activity in Pisces of the months prior was weighing down a very weighty part of your chart, Leo rising, and I am happy to report the new energy of May lightens the load substantially, if temporarily. The shift of planets into Aries brings willful Mars and pleasure-loving Venus and Jupiter into your 9th house of growth, making this a wonderful time to take on new ventures that will help you recover a sense of adventure. What trips, what learning, what mentorship do you want to undertake that needs a good kick of energy to do so? Now’s a good time.

This is particularly nice given the eclipses happening in your 10th and 4th house axis, between Taurus and Scorpio, in your career and home life respectively. The new moon and eclipse in the tenth house on April 30th indicated new beginnings in your work life – something that a learning endeavor could help to progress—and the full moon and eclipse on the 16th speak to the closing of a cycle and transformation in your home and family life – something that mentorship could ease. Finally, Mercury’s retrograde in Gemini takes place in your 11th house of community.

This is great energy for calling up old friends, revisiting a group activity you’d forgotten, or re-starting an organizational membership. Take advantage of this high-octane astrology to move into the kind of light that Leo loves to bask in.

Virgo Horoscope May 2022Virgo rising

This month your ruling planet Mercury stations retrograde in its other home sign of Gemini, and I’m always interested in how Mercury retrograde affects Virgoan people. Gemini is so prototypically Mercurial – energetic, informative, chatty – and I always feel that Mercury retrogrades have something Virgo about them. Mercury retrograde wants to be sure of things, wants to double check, wants to go over details, and stop me when this starts sounding familiar.

The retrograde takes place in your 10th house of career and activates  a pattern that I often describe for Virgo rising clients: in your work you are often meeting people, taking on projects, getting curious, doing more, and this Gemininian side of you moves at a pace that your Virgo side desperately wishes would slow down. It’s like that “inside of you are two wolves” meme, where one of the wolves is actually a very hyper chihuahua and the other is a weary old bloodhound and the chihuahua is making the calls at work.

This month and the retrograde gives you time to slow it down. Meanwhile, the movement of multiple planets into Aries brings a lot of attention to the part of your chart that is about intimacy and entanglement, so one the one hand this is super hot astrology for sexy times, but it also puts my astrologer spider sense on the lookout for tax issues—make sure those receipts are in order and try to focus on the former delineation of this transit 🔥.

Libra Horoscope May 2022Libra rising

I love the Libra-Aries opposition. Aries says “I am” and Libra says “I am with”. For Libra risings, Aries is in the part of your chart that is about your closest one-on-one connections – the 7th house, which is Libra territory. You have a streak of independence when it comes to these connections, and all these planets piling up here might activate it—but they could also very well activate the typically Libra quality of indecision. If you’re in a relationship, this could manifest as stay-or-go feelings, but I could just as easily see this as a time of feeling extra attached (and attracted) to your partner, so do with that what you will.

The eclipses this month activate your 2nd and 8th houses, parts of the chart about your possessions and your entanglements, respectively—in other words, whatever shit you’ve been carrying around for someone else, let it go! If it’s not serving you it’s time to shed. Finally, Mercury’s station retrograde sails through your 9th house of expansion, possibly bringing with it a lot of nostalgia for former travels you’ve taken.

Bust out the photo album and have a good old fashioned slide show if you want: this is the energy for it.

Scorpio Horoscope May 2022Scorpio rising

The eclipses are taking place partially in your sign right now, Scorpio, and will be there into 2023. During this time you have an opportunity to shed skin and start over. You can do this via appearance (particularly around events such as this month’s full moon and lunar eclipse in your sign on the 16th), or via relationships (possibly already happening after the new moon and solar eclipse on April 30th). Either way, it takes months to feel the effect of eclipses, so don’t expect (or provoke) any sudden changes.

Let things take course and use your archetypical capacity for the depths to notice. In more energetic news, shift of planets into Aries takes place in your 6th house of day to day life, bringing energy to your routines and workday. Use that energy as best you can, but be careful not to overexert yourself: Jupiter and Mars form a conjunction in Aries at the end of this month and those two together often spell burnout.

Finally, Mercury’s retrograde this month takes place in your 8th house of entanglement: it’s easy for a Scorpio rising to spend a lot of time overthinking the past, and you may feel particularly called to do so this month. I encourage you to avoid slipping too deep into old journals, social media posts, letters – anything that would drudge up feelings you don’t want to return to.

If you have the space and want to revisit them, this energy is good for that, but it could be a bit of a dark trip so approach with caution.

Sagittarius Horoscope May 2022Sagittarius rising

I’m happy for you, Sagittarius, with the shift into lots of energetic astrology this month. All the Piscean depths likely got tiresome for you, the archer who simply wants to run free. When your ruling planet Jupiter moves into Aries, joining Venus and later met by Mars, you have a chance at some energy and optimism in all areas of life, but particularly around the things that bring you joy.

This is a great time to start new creative projects or just get together with friends. The eclipses this month take place between your 12th and 6th houses of dreams and reality respectively, so give yourself lots of time to reflect on what’s coming up (particularly with the lunar eclipse and full moon on the 16th).

Finally, Mercury’s retrograde this month happens in your opposing sign of Gemini, and rattles up nostalgia in your one-on-one relationships. It could be a time of thinking back to past relationships, or simply reflecting deeply on any you are currently in.

Try to think of this nostalgia as passing weather, Sag, instead of a permanent state. No rain, no rainbow!

Capricorn Horoscope May 2022Capricorn rising

A sign as much about order as Capricorn likely doesn’t enjoy the disorganized nature of a Mercury retrograde, and this one in Gemini takes place in your 6th house of daily routine meaning I suspect you will particularly dislike it. Be extra cautious of all your day-to-day affairs throughout this time, Capricorn, and be prepared for some schedule mix-ups. If the worst that happens is annoyance, then you’ve come out in the clear. This month’s movement of planets into Aries takes place in your 4th house of home and family, possibly motivating you to get some projects done around the house that have been put off for some time.

At the end of the month, Jupiter and Mars make a conjunction here which is great astrology for getting things done but also for burnout, so dont’ start any projects you can’t see yourself finishing. Finally the eclipses that were kicked off on April 30th take place between your 11th and 5th houses of community and creativity, respectively. The full moon on the 16th is in your 5th house, which is a beautiful place for a spooky Scorpio lunation.

Are there creative projects you can let go of? Any sources of joy that aren’t really that anymore? A lunar eclipse such as this is a great time for a big transformation, but remember that eclipses are slow: don’t expect sudden changes and don’t force them either, Capricorn.

Watch what happens and pay attention over the next few months.

Aquarius Horoscope May 2022Aquarius rising

This month several planets move into your complimentary sign of Aries, and enter the part of your chart that is about communication. This part – your 3rd house – speaks to the way you enter into communication with others. Aquarius risings love to get their point of view across, and with Mars, Venus, and Jupiter moving into your 3rd house this month, it’s likely you will both feel compelled and be asked to share your input. It’s coming at a complicated time, when Mercury—the planet of communication—stations retrograde in Gemini—the sign of communication.

There is an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (stay with me) where Dr. Crusher is the only person on the ship who remembers the whole crew, while crew members disappear before her at an increasing pace. At first it’s just a couple of characters we don’t know, but then it’s the senior staff and bridge crew until the ship is just her and the computer. During this time, everyone, particularly the captain, continues to believe her, and does not doubt that these people existed. In that there’s some kind of spatio-temporal anomaly or alien force or something that is making this illusion appear to her and the crew is restored.\

This month may feel this way to you, Aquarius. Like the only person who knows the truth, the only one who can speak while everyone else is fumbling over their words. Try to be patient with those around you and use the opportunity to double check your facts.

Pisces Horoscope May 2022Pisces rising

There’s been such a big emphasis on your sign for the past few months, Pisces, that I suspect for a sign as easily overwhelmed as PIsces is, it might be nice to get out of the limelight. The astrology in May is largely quite active, but takes place in private parts of your natal chart – concerning your resources, your thoughts and speech, and your home. Venus, Mars and Jupiter will move all three into your second house of possessions, making this a great time to do some organization of your personal affairs.

Jupiter and Mars will form a conjunction in this part of your chart at the end of the month, which is super energetic astrology, so do your best to use it towards starting a system that could really work for you and avoid taking on to much. The eclipses take place between your 3rd and 9th houses of communication and expansion respectively: this is good energy for investing in yourself and letting go of anything that isn’t serving your growth. Finally, the Mercury retrograde is taking place in your 4th house of home: you may become quite nostalgic about childhood and family affairs, which can be lovely and can be quite triggering, so give yourself space for anything that comes up.

Be sure to be cautious about anything that comes up around your home this month – it’s a bad time to move or make home repairs, so if you’re doing those things, double check everything before you start.

OMG Stars is our astrology column written by queer astrologer Amelia Ehrhardt (@soft_aspects). Each month, at the beginning of the new astrological season, Amelia interprets the upcoming astrology with a focus on how to navigate current events (astrological and global). Book an appointment with Amelia here.

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