!! Japanese kid discusses penis size !!

Hiroshi is hilarious! Listen to him talk about being Japanese and the trials he goes through.

“God is so racist.”

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11 Comments on "Japanese kid discusses penis size"

  1. He’s cute. Come back in a few years when you’re legal and I’ll make the decision. 🙂

  2. lol very funny!
    i am asian!! and ummm…average penis size LOL!!

  3. Umm, OK how would you know he’s from Queens? And it is funny regardless of where he’s from. And who’s the racial expert saying he looks Filipino?

  4. That kid is hilarious, I don’t care where he lifted the material from, his delivery was good.

  5. agreed with Sanko. This kid is from Queens, not Tokyo. LAME.

  6. That’s so fake! He actually looks filipino, not Japanese. Plus, those lines are from a South Park episode about Chimpokimon.

  7. He’s cute, but he lifted a lot of his bit from an episode of South Park.

  8. I used to be rice queen and while some Japanese guys had small dicks, I did play with many of them that were nicely hung. And they always had banging bodies!

  9. He’s been watching Margaret Cho.

  10. Ok. Ummm… Genius!
    And more times than not, true.
    But if you’re Japanese and would like to prove to me that it’s wrong, I’m definitely game. 🙂

  11. That was funny for about 5 seconds when I thought he was for real.

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