!! OMG, it’s Monday! Hosted by Julia Fox’s leaf dress !!

Julia Fox likes to PLAY with fashion. We all know this! But what happens when nature obverlaps?? The fall foliage dress of course! Julia grabbed a rake and some hot glue guns and a couple chains from the dollar store and turned this shit out! Find a video of Julia talking all about her inspo and process after the jump! She’s kind of ABSASSED WITH UHT. Do you have any crafty festival looks for fall/winter, OMG?

@juliafox I present to you the FALL 2022 dress!!! Thank u @emmafujiko ♬ original sound – Julia fox

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4 Comments on "OMG, it’s Monday! Hosted by Julia Fox’s leaf dress"

  1. LMFAO who would wear that piece of shit

  2. She looks like a meth head.

  3. She is trash

  4. looks like a corpse found in the woods. I guess it’s a look the necrophiliacs can adore

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