!! Katherine Harris is unforgettable !!

As her U.S. Senate campaign is going down the toilet, we have to admire the campaign strategy of U.S. Congresswoman Katherine Harris, which is to buy some really big fake boobs and then spend millions of her own money to compete with her opponent Bill Nelson, a Democrat.
She’s going to lose, but at least she’s hot. Remember what she used to look like? Remind yourself after the jump.


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2 Comments on "Katherine Harris is unforgettable"

  1. Whatever all the red lefts say about her – she is a taff republican heroine and I am sure she will take the senate seat of florida – its the result in the end that matters: good luck katherine!

  2. “As her U.S. Senate campaign is going down the toilet”
    I guess the reality of her nomination yesterday blows your SHIT opinion right out of the water.

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