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!! OMG, WATCH: Sexy, straight TikTokker Jake Barr is the head of the ‘Gay Friends Club’ !!

Not only does Jake Barr create a fresh batch of pannie soup for millions of TikTokkers every day by simply showing his face, but he also has no problem in telling his “hills-have-eyes” bigot fans where to shove it when it comes to their gay-hatred!

Check out his cutting and amazing rebuttal to a fan who was ‘disgusted’ by his LGBTQ+ support! Find the video after the jump!


!! OMG, CBC Gem teases potential new LGBTQ+ comedy series ‘I Hate People, People Hate Me’ !!

Perpetually disturbed by the world around them, two twenty-somethings navigate their lives as outliers in Toronto’s queer community.

“I Hate People, People Hate Me” is a potential upcoming CBC Gem original series. They’ve just shared a first look at the show starring comics Bobbi Summers and Lily Makowski and we are GAGGED! Head over to Youtube and drop a comment to let CBC you want more of this twisted, queer comedy YESTERDAY!

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