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!! OMG, praise be for all the smart people out there! Mark Ronson says he defines his sexuality as Sapiosexual !!

Producer, DJ and singer Mark Ronson says he identifies as sapiosexual as he speaks on Good Morning Britain with Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard after hearing their segment on the sexuality which means he is attracted to intelligence. So it doesn’t matter what you’ve got between your legs for Mark, however, if you’re just a dumb bitch – then you’re shit out of luck! SAWRY!

!! OMG, this dad just built his bisexual daughter a ‘Bi Chair’ and the internet loves it !!

Some people fight hate with logic. Others use humor. But how many individuals do you know of that fight for equal rights by combining humor with their furniture building skills? One father built a ‘Bi-Chair’ for his bisexual daughter because she found the stereotype that people like her can’t sit ‘normally’ to be hilarious. The chair was designed by artist Má Matiazi and built by Israel Walker, according to whom it is meant “for people who can’t sit straight.” The satirical project went viral, as the internet thought it was incredibly creative.

Check out Isreal’s design for his daughter after the jump!


!! OMG, Joel Schumacher better WERK! Director guesses he’s had sex with between 10,000 or 20,000 men !!

Batman & Robin director Joel Schumacher let the straight world in on the reality of his sex life while chatting with The Vulture.

Asked if he’s ever guessed the number of sexual partners he’s had, Schumacher responded that “It would be in the double-digit thousands, but that is not unusual.”

Schumacher pinned it around 10,000 or 20,000, saying “It’s not [amazing] for a gay male, because it’s available.”

Schumacher said he had a number of “lost years” on Fire Island between 1965 and 1970 and shot liquid Methedrine, “the mother drug of meth.”

“You’re just starving for sex all the time,” said Schumacher. “Every drug, in my mind, was a pathway to sex. So was alcohol. There was an adventure going on, and sex would be the cherry on that sundae.”

Joel! Gurl! You have been LIVING! Now that gay-ass Batman and Robin movie makes so much more sense!

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