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!! OMG, vote for us: Fleshbot Awards 2018 !!

Fleshbot Awards 2018
We’ve been nominated for a major award! A major award! The discerning folks at Fleshbot have included us in their category “Best Free Site That’s Not Fleshbot” for the 2018 edition of their annual awards.

We’re in very good company in the category, but obviously we think we deserve to win. If you agree, please vote for !! omg blog !! and win some cool prizes when you get to the end (note: the voting pages are NSFW).

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!! OMG, Cuba takes to the streets as it celebrates annual parade against homophobia and transphobia !!

Cenesex (National Center for Sex Education) celebrated its annual May campaign against homophobia and transphobia in Cuba this month, and as part of the program, the traditional conga parade was held on this occasion from the intersection of Linea and Paseo Avenues to 12th Street.

Check out the gallery of the events with images by the Havana Times after the jump!


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!! OMG, WATCH: Gay teen comedy ‘Alex Strangelove’ releases new trailer !!

High school senior Alex Truelove (Daniel Doheny) has it all – the grades, the girlfriend (Madeline Weinstein), and the motley crew of hilarious friends. Everything is smooth sailing until Alex shares that he’s decided to part ways with his virginity – and meets Elliott (Antonio Marziale), a sweet and confident gay boy who isn’t shy about his instant crush on Alex…who may or may not feel the same. Rocketed into a endearing and amusing journey of sexual and self-exploration, Alex ultimately learns that like so much of growing up, love can be confusing. And that’s okay.

Will it be a sexier Love, Simon? Is this a new gay teen coming-of-age sex comedy for the masses? Check out the trailer for ‘Alex Strangelove‘ above!

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