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!! OMG, woman spews homophobic slurs on livestream and outs closeted gay men, is found dead soon after !!

“And I OOP” is an understatement when it comes to this ripe new caper!

A woman who attempted to blackmail two apparently closeted gay men for $5,000 was murdered a short time later in Indianapolis, leading to speculation that they were somehow involved in her death.

Jane Waughfield, 40, recorded a Facebook Live video (below) on Monday after she said she discovered the two men having sex. She said she had gone to one of their homes because she had business with him, adding that she hooked up with him a few years ago.

In the Facebook live video, which is laced with homophobic rhetoric, she said she offered to keep the men’s sexuality secret if they sent her $5,000 through CashApp. She also said she feared for her life.

Waughfield was found dead after a shooting and motor-vehicle crash on Tuesday morning.

So sad from all angles. Sad that this woman felt the need to project such hate and homophobia, and sad that the shame of the two men could have led them to end a life. Discrimination and hate never end well.

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