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!! OMG, get into it: ‘Model Boy’ web series !!

Model Boy by Jacob Brown

Fashion! New York City! Male models! Divas! Threesomes! All in a gorgeously shot new web series by director Jacob Mendel Brown starring Taylor Rosen, Stanley Simons, Victoria Beltran and Jae Ponder with cameos by NYC notables like nightlife legend Sophia Lamar, fashion editor Mickey Boardman and others.

Each six-minute episode is like a yummy piece of sour-sweet candy. You’re going to end up eating the whole bag.

Model Boy is a gritty drama exploring the lives of the wide-eyed young men lured into New York’s notoriously fickle high fashion modeling world. Sexually objectified, paid in little more than social prestige—which of these ‘male ingenues’ will parlay a moment of fleeting fame to achieve their dreams, and which will the industry chew up and spit out.

Model Boy by Jacob Brown

WATCH: Model Boy Episodes 1-4 and the new Episode 5 (just released today) after the jump!


!! OMG, dragging them forward: Mormon university valedictorian comes out in graduation speech !!

2019 Brigham Young University valedictorian Matt Easton used the platform of his graduation speech to come out. He said, “I am proud to be a gay son of god.” Watch the moment above!

BYU is owned by the slowly evolving Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which has recently stopped officially referring to its LGBTQ members as “apostates” and has lifted rules around blessing the children of same-sex parents.

!! OMG, gay couple photographed with Aaron Schock post an apology for posting a photo with him, say they don’t support his views !!

Will Rossi and Rob Masi
Will Rossi and Rob Masi, a gay couple photographed at Coachella last week with disgraced former Rep. Aaron Schock, released a statement on Instagram distancing themselves from the corrupt ex-congressman. Check out what they had to say after the jump!


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