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!! OMG history time: the first gay kiss in film history !!

Today we’re blessed with a bottomless well of queer film to explore, emote with, and relate to. Hell, you probably couldn’t watch all the queer films in the world even if you made it your full-time job! But as we all know, there is a first time for everything.

One such groundbreaking moment occurred in the 1927 silent war film Wings, which featured the first-ever gay kiss in film history.

In the dazzling era of the 1920s, Wings soared onto the silver screen, capturing hearts and minds with its gripping war story. Directed by the  William A. Wellman, this film introduced us to two hunky World War I fighter pilots, Jack Powell (played by the dreamy Charles “Buddy” Rogers) and David Armstrong (portrayed by the dashing Richard Arlen).

The gay kiss in Wings may have been subtle, conveyed through gestures and expressions, but its impact was far-reaching. The scene’s significance lies in the recognition and interpretation of its subtext, offering a glimpse of same-sex affection that resonated deeply with audiences. So basically, if you knew, you knew.

Know your history, and check out the first homo smooch portrayed in a movie, after the jump!


!! OMG, Brandon Flynn is the face (and body) of CK Underwear’s 2023 Pride campaign !!

Out actor Brandon Flynn (Hellraiser, 13 Reasons Why) — is teaming up with Calvin Klein to be the face of their 2023 Pride campaign “Let It Out.”

In a brand-new (and very sexy) video shot for the campaign, Flynn is seen in various stages of undress as he rocks some of the brand’s new Pride-themed offerings, which include underwear, jock straps, tank tops, mesh shirts, and more.

Fellow out actor Amandla Stenberg is also one of the faces of the campaign, which “celebrates freedom of expression through vibrant pieces designed with versatility in mind,” according to a release. “Fluid pieces that can be styled with anything, by anyone, during Pride festivities and throughout the year”

Check out more of Brandon from the shoot after the jump!


!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Kylie Minogue drops HAWT new video ‘Padam Padam’ !!

Biiithhh! Summer is almost here, and what better to catapult us onto the beach than with a new tune from KOY-LEE! You know Kylie, dontcha m8?….yeah yew do! 😉

Check out Padam Padam after the jump! This is how you do it as a timeless popstar, hunnies. Kylie’s new album TENSION is available for Pre-Order HERE.


!! OMG, RuPaul shows off her Beverly Hills mansion to AD !!

Bitch, it’s the house that fracking built! Oh, and 15 seasons of Drag Race too, and changing the drag landscape and all that… helped too.RuPaul showed off her opulent(?) Beverley Hills address to Architectural Digest while looking like and lit like a supervillain.

Do we love Ru’s taste? Mmmm, it feels a little like a Russian contact bar that has specials blue lagoon martinis, a little Euro nightclub circa 2002 for our tastes – BUT what do we know! We just ate a can of beans for breakfast. Next, it’s catfood for lunch!

Check out the TRUE Interior Illusions lounge of CASH after the jump!


!! OMG, forget Tushie or your other high-end bottom-ready contraptions! Roto-wipe has you… covered? !!

Covered in spray, maybe! But you’ll never run out of TP again.

Made from high-quality materials, the Roto Wipe is designed to be durable and long-lasting: it comes with 5 year warranty or 10,000 flushes. It provides superior cleaning experience that you won’t find with regular toilet paper. Its compact size and ergonomic design make it easy to use and store, and you can take it with you on a vacation or to work. It’s like a car wash for your bum, what’s not to love? The only downside: 16 batteries that are required to power it are not included, so that’s a little extra cost you have to consider.

Sometimes you just need to scrape the barnacles off! Check out more options for the Roto-wiper after the jump or grab yours HERE!


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