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!! OMG, the Towson house from John Waters’ ‘Serial Mom’ is for SALE! !!

The residence for sale in Towson has three bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms and a two-car garage on a half-acre lot near a golf course.

The house at 600 Lake Drive was used as the home of Beverly Sutphin, the knife-wielding homemaker portrayed by Kathleen Turner in the 1994 movie “Serial Mom,” written and directed by filmmaker John Waters.

The house appears in the opening scene and throughout the movie as other members of the Sutphin family go about their daily lives, oblivious to Serial Mom’s penchant for making obscene phone calls, devouring crime novels and killing people who get on her nerves. Now it’s ready for a new family.

The listing agent for the Serial Mom house is Alex Hodges of Cottage Street Realty in Northern Virginia and is priced at $630,000. What a killer deal!

!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Brit Brit releases PRIDE Remix of ‘Mood Ring’ !!

Britney caught some slack from fans when she Instagrammed that there was ‘Only 1 Queen B’ – to which fans filled her in that this name was, infact, already taken. But she means QUEEN BITCH. Not Bey-once, I guess. So let her have her moment AT the LGBTQ community above with the PRIDE REMIX of Mood Ring! Thoughts?

!! OMG, quote of the day: Reese Witherspoon had never heard of homosexuality until she moved to LA !!

That great experience of being able to look at a time that was actually 30 years ago and think: “I was a teenager then. What did my mom say about sexuality, race, class? What were the things that I was told that maybe were true or not true? How was I insensitive?” No one spoke to me about sexuality when I was a teenager. I didn’t understand what homosexuality was. My grandparents didn’t explain it. My parents didn’t explain it. I had to learn from somebody I met on an audition in Los Angeles.

Little Fires Everywhere star Reese, on learning about the gays a little later than most.

!! OMG, it’s our 2020 Pride Playlist !!

OMG.BLOG Spotify Pride 2020 Playlist

Toronto-based artist and writer Max Mohenu (@max_mohenu) writes about creating the OMG.BLOG 2020 Pride Playlist.

In the midst of a pandemic, battling police brutality, and the basic human rights of Queer people being contested, what does it mean to be proud in 2020? We’re all asking ourselves this question from home, thinking about our friends and loved ones in quarantine.

This year, we should take pride in the fact that we’re finally seeing the world change for Black and Indigenous people. People are protesting, rioting, and learning new ways to fight a corrupt system. We hear all the time that Pride started with revolutionary riots and we’re learning what it means to be resilient in the face of uncertainty.

It’s a very scary, yet powerful, moment in history. It’s a time to forget about partying and reflect on the society we’ve called “normal” for so long.

For Pride 2020, be proud of change, be proud of your ability to be uncomfortable and willing to learn, and be proud of the anti-racist work you’ve incorporated into your daily life.

Continue to grow, continue to love, continue to say Black Lives Matter from the pit of your chest!

This year’s OMG.BLOG Pride Playlist is dedicated to Black legends of house, disco, and soul.

Everything we have is because of them: the dancefloor anthems, the freedom, the culture. Queer nightlife would be nothing without these icons creating the soundtrack for the spaces we call home.

After the jump, you’ll find this year’s playlist and a list of organizations and resources we recommend you consider supporting!


!! OMG, Brit Brit records special Pride message for all her queers out there !!


Is this the first time we’ve heard Britney talk so openly about her gay fans? Maybe! We seem to remember her being much quieter than some other popstars over the years, but it looks like she’s ALL IN now! Check out her special pride message to the community above!

!! OMG, don't miss these !!