!! ‘M’ is for marshmallow !!

Mariah Carey‘s boobs are competing for attention with the giant bottle of her new “M” by Mariah fragrance. Boobs or bottle… which will come out on top?
When talking about her new fragrance, Mariah is sure to mention the undertones of roasted marshmallows in “M,” but I’m waiting for the follow-up Krispy Kreme inspired scent before I splurge on my own jumbo sized bottle. (via Socialite’s Life)

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3 Comments on "‘M’ is for marshmallow"

  1. I was all for this bitches comeback, up until the point it was reported she still had her diva behaviour. This bitch was a nobody 6 years ago – She went crazy and released two albums that tanked. She got a second chance and she becomes a total bitch diva again. So undeserved. I thought maybe being a zero would humble someone, but apparently not this cow.
    PS, that shit totally smells like the barnyard she came from.

  2. What… a.. nice… bottle of perfume. LOL I cant get my eyes off her boobs!

  3. M is for Muff.

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